September Hauls!

September was a slow start for me, as I neglected this space for a week until I started updating again. Some of you might think that I’m nuts to update almost everyday but hey it’s my share for you to let you know what’s new.  You might notice that my featured articles in Korea Cosmetics, yes I have became their official beauty blogger. YAY! Do check out what I’ve wrote, the articles is all about beauty from taking care skin to makeup.

I’ll be starting with haul entries again as I asked around if I should do such in my Facebook page and many positive feedback in return. If you haven’t ‘Like’ my page in Facebook, please click the button below for any short updates.

Here it is my September haul, nothing too expensive. Just some necessities, I spend more on food and personal events.

1. Alzara Natural Dead Sea Beauty Salt, from Cosway for MYR15.90

It is said to help on acne skin. I use it almost everyday on the first week I have it but doesn’t seem to do much.

2. Garden of Eden Scar Serum, from Guardian for MYR 23.90

After reading Isabel’s review on this serum, I made my purchase a day or two later. My  acne scars doesn’t seem to go away long time. This serums seems to help, been using for more than a week now and I’m seeing results.

3. Mentholatum Lip Ice Lip Balm Sunscreen SPF 15 in Lemon, from Watsons for MYR7.50

Going around without lip balm can be disastrous for me especially when I’m in the office. I always try to select lip balm in stick and with SPF to prevent free radicals!

6. Optrex Eye Lotion, from Watsons for MYR13.95

It happened earlier last month, I had a sharp pain on my eyes after wearing on contact lens in just mere seconds. Previously, I had it soaked in eye lubricant because I didn’t have any solution with me, probably that’s the cause of it. My eyes were aching and redden for a couple of hours, my vision was blurred for a while. My Lover has to tell me the story of where one lost his sight because his eyes  was infected with worms after wearing contact lens. After a day of aching, I felt a great pain at the back of my eye a few days later which I do not know if it’s related. I was horrified and gotten this, I still don’t know if there’s anything in my eye. After washing with Optrex everything was better.

7. Mentholatum Rohto Cube, from Caring for MYR10.90

This is raved by Michelle Phan in one of her videos, I started to carry eye drops whenever I wore my lenses. I expected more from this but nothing too great, it doesn’t really do incredible job. It does relief dryness but it doesn’t last long. To instantly relief eye redness? Mehhh….it didn’t work on me.

8. Nail Patch, from Magic Boo for MYR3.00 -4.00

Minx nails have been a great rave for its easy apply-on nail stickers. We do not have Minx here but we definitely manage to catch the trend. I found this lovelies when I was scouting nail falsies with my colleague in one of our local beauty wholesaler. I saw some in Sephora and it cost at about MYR30.00? I haven’t try them yet but this is definitely a STEAL compared to the ones from Sephora!

9. Criss cross False Eyelashes, from Daiso for MYR5.00

I’ve started wearing falsies now (I try but sometimes I do get lazy too) whenever I’m attending events but I never want anything too dramatic and I like to wear half instead a full length lashes. This way it makes people wonder if I’m really wearing any. I cut one full length falsies into half, wear them on the outer corners of my eyes and these falsies goes on pretty natural.

10. ‘X’ Studded Belt, from Sungai Wang for MYR9.90

I thought this would look classy rock but not too overwhelming, maybe the rhinestones on the buckle might be.  It adds glam to it.

11. Red Studded Braided Belt, from Berjaya Times Square for MYR10.00

I never really have other colors of belt other than black or brown and I found a casual dress to match with it.

12. One -Sided Earring, from Berjaya Times Square for MYR 3.90

I love unique earring or I should say anything that look nice but unique. It only comes with one. The comb like with cubes of rhinestones hides behind your ear, that’s how different it is.

14. Hoyu Bigen Prominous Color Milky in Ash Brown, from Watsons for MYR22.40

If you look at my current photos, my hair is all dark again. I hadn’t colored my hair since 4 months ago. I wanted it look dark because it looks healthier that way but you know what? I’m tempted to go for a lighter brown or red now.

13. Peach dress, from Sungai Wang for MYR30.00

This dress screams glamorous, its great for formal dinner or cocktail party. It’s simple yet create softness to the look, the beads and pearls on the shoulder adds more shine to the dress but bad side is the cloth material is a little sheer.

15. Blue Skirt, from Berjaya Times Square for MYR25.00

This awesome sauce is great for work and casual outing, the layers gives more pattern and edginess.

16. Wedges, from Neva Shoes (Sungai Wang) for MYR39.00

I gave up on wearing heels to work after my office moved to a new location. Can you believe I was wearing a pair of slippers to work? I know it doesn’t sound appropriate but my boss hadn’t say anything, I somehow found the right pair and I look all classy for work or else I’ll stay looking so messed up.

I need to meet up my BFF more often for fashion scouting. LOL! This isn’t any expensive or grand shopping but more of a STEAL shopping.


What was your STEAL last month that you did not let go? Share with me in the comment section below!


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