Shopping with Credit Card Privilege? Forget No More!

Ever come across when you try to remember so hard on your credit card privileges before heading out? …and when you come back home, start smacking yourself for forgetting the privileges. Don’t worry, its pretty common since there is so much distraction when you’re outside.

I found an app that I would like to share which is Rewards2Go, a credit card privilege directory app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch (version iOS4.2 and above ) users.

Its like your organizer but its all about your own credit card privilege, easy to use, versatile and you could even do a favor for your friend to search for them. This app is totally free, just search in your iTunes for ‘Rewards2Go’ and you should be able to look out for it. Otherwise, you could check from the site itself here.

Once you’ve downloaded and open the app, it comes to the term of use and agree to proceed using this app.

Before I go into further details, just have a quick look on the bottom for the tool bar where you can see Hot Deals, Search, Favourites, My Cards and Info. On the Favourites, you may bookmark on your favourite offer to be viewed later (just so you don’t lose track on it) and your basic credit card details can be included in My Cards. Info is just a display of what’s this app all about (shown above) and on Hot Deals and Search, let’s scroll down to find out what it is.

Once you’ve agreed to the Terms of Use, it will bring you directly to Hot Deals where offers from various brands from eatery, clothing, beauty, travel and etc with respective banks. Cool huh?

Just tap on which offer you’re interested and you’ll be shown to the the offer details. See the heart shape beside the word ‘Offer Details’? That’s for you to add to your favourites to bookmark!

On the search, there is two options to select either by bank or merchant and I will explain both of them because they are very easy to use.

Let’s start with the bank first. Once you selected it, it will bring you to a few selections of banks. The number of banks seems limited but this app will be constantly updated for their offers, additional banks and privileges. After you select your bank, just select the type of your card and it will bring you to a variety of category. Just select the category you’re interested with and you’ll be able to view the offer!

On the Search Merchant, you should be able to search any brands that you’re interested. I was ridiculous that I type beauty instead of the merchant’s name but the app still gives me an accurate result.

I would say if you’re the type that look for the best deals in town, go for this app.  I find that its easy to use and it is an on-the-go app where you could check it immediately without your credit card catalogue or if you’ve spotted the privileges from magazines or newspaper.You’re not going to use anything (maybe some of your time and space) when its FREE, just give it a try on the app. It doesn’t bite, view more information of the app here.


Traclyn Yeoh
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