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There was once I purchased at Mr Lens using Groupon voucher but it wasn’t a very nice experience back then because the system failed to register me and more. However, I’m giving another chance since I’m the participant for Pretty Sexy Beautiful Eyes Blogging Contest. Here I’m going to guide how to shop at Mr Lens and each image is clickable for larger view.

This is how MrLens webpage looks like, very simple and easy to use. They are mainly reputable online contact lens reseller in Malaysia. There are loads of options to choose from with disposables, colored and astigmatism lenses.

You may browse as guest or if you wish to purchase with them, you could create an account. Click on ‘My Account’ on the top right of the website and register. The last time I tried registering with them, failed but this time it went on smoothly and once you registered, you will receive a welcome email from them.

For this contest, I was allowed to select any color of lens from Freshlook Colorblends but there are many other lenses to select from because they carry various brands. There are even lenses that are great for Halloween like partial white, cat eyes and etc. I’m eyeing on it but they are on the heavier side of the price because those special lenses are not as wearable daily.

Once you clicked on the preferred brand, it will bring you more in-depth details about the lens that you have selected. This is where you are given option to choose the diameter, base curve, power, color and quantity. Once you have selected your preferred selection, you will be able to ‘Add to Cart’.

This is what it looks like for the items that you have selected to be added into the cart. If you wish to add more items, you could click ‘Continue Shopping’  in the middle. If you with to remove it, click on the selection box on the left of your lens selected under remove then update which is on the left. If you like to make order for lenses, click on ‘Check out’. Once you check out you will be able to make your payment. Your order status will be updated from time to time and they will ship your order within a week.

Their package comes in a resealable bag where they included brochures, the lenses ordered and surprisingly, this time with a few of little packets of Fisherman’s Friend lozenges. That was pretty random because I never receive any from my last purchase. The staff from Mr Lens and I think his name is Jason, was very nice to call me in regards on the availability of my lenses, gave me the options if I would like to change and to assure when I should receive it. This shows their efficiency and how responsible are they. Me like!

The lenses I have selected is Amethyst and Gray. I was very happy for all their service until their dispatch boy called me because he was at my home to deliver the lenses when I have requested to deliver to my office. I told him to come over because my office is not very far from my home yet he asked if he could just chuck the lenses into my mail box. After failing to do so, he then decided to sent it to my office. Other than this matter, every thing went smoothly. Stay tune for the review of these lenses on how it looks on me and every other thing about it!


Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. awesome, I love your photos 🙂

    however what happened to the delivery, how come can deliver to your house address

    • I have no clue, the despatch boy tried to deliver without me signing the received document.

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