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Image Courtesy of Sigma Beauty

Sigma Beauty has just came out with a special edition Clean and Polishing Tool. When I saw this, it instantly reminded me of Clarisonic Mia. They both have almost the same function to say good bye to uneven and dull skin tone. I love how the entire packaging, its much more convenient this way that its more organize and the risk of misplacing the brush heads are much lesser. It seems pretty handy for travelling too.

Image Courtesy of Sigma Beauty

It comes with three brush head of soft, medium and hard bristles. Soft brush head is suitable for daily cleansing. The main function of this brush is to remove excess makeup prior to cleansing with facial cotton or wipes. I always believe in using electrical facial brush to deep cleanse skin because the bristle be able to reach deep into the pores and removes excess oil, dirt and dead skin cells.  Electrical brush is much more consistent than those manual facial brush. I have one but it isn’t Sigma, it’s just a home brand of my local drugstore, Watsons electrical facial brush.

For the medium and hard brush head, it s suitable to use it for deep exfoliation and polishing weekly and I believe you could use it on other parts of your body too. Its not too difficult to use, just add your facial cleanser on the brush and work it out on damp skin. Here’s a demo from their channel.


Just remember to tone and moisturize your skin right after the cleansing. Your skin still requires care after cleansing. This could possibly be the dupe of Clarisonic Mia but I can’t really confirm it because I have not use any of these. I’m just excited that Sigma came out with this because its far more affordable than Clarisonic Mia. This brush is for USD39.00 and Clarisonic Mia is for USD149.00, huge difference yea? It’s also water resistant and uses two of AA batteries which is not included in the package. If you purchase more than USD30, you are entitled to get a free gift. Just click on the banner below to make your purchase.

If you have tried using this brush, share with me your story!


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