Snowflake: Taiwanese Dessert Secrets

Most Malaysian especially who stays or visited Kuala Lumpur, they probably know that this is one of the famous dessert house, Snowflake that you can find and this is definitely one of my favorite stops for its awesome taro balls!

They serve 100% natural goodness of Taiwanese desserts with no artificial flavoring and preservatives. They promise that everything is handmade and made fresh daily, providing the best service and ensure customers be able to enjoy their desserts in an enjoyable and clean environment. They use the best, natural and freshest ingredients to make the desserts. At the moment, they have not been certified halal but they only use beans, fruits, jellies,  nuts, seed, sugar and vegetables for their dessert.

They have a few outlets in Kuala Lumpur which located in Subang Jaya, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, Kota Damansara, Kuchai Lama, Sungei Wang and Mid Valley City. I was in Pavilion! I went the with my Lover and one of my peeps before I got mobbed just recently.

I like this so much! It’s called the “Beeping UFO”, you’ll be given one after you ordered and paid. Click on the image to see what it says, its some alienation Taiwan technology! Freaky~ 😛

Dish #1: Sea Amber Jelly

A mount of shredded ice covered with amber-colored jelly and topped with pearls. This dessert look awesomely beautiful eh? It’s too beautiful that I didn’t know where to start. I felt so bad that I had to crush the jelly to mix around for the flavor. Make sure if you have this, you want to mix the entirely properly because the sugar was all the way at the base of the bowl. I didn’t know and I had only mix half way deep into the bowl. When my Lover  figured out that all the sugar was at the bottom, I have already ate half. It was a little too sweet on the final half but I thought it tasted good enough on the first half. It’s quite refreshing and thirst quenching. The dessert isn’t too plain because I get to munch on those pearls.

Price: MYR6.90

Dish #2: Pearl Tohua

My peep ordered this and it comes with slices of soybean custard, bits of shredded ice and pearls. There was heaps of pearls given! Very generous~ however my peep said that the outlet from Subang ones are better because of the iced soybean custard, the one he is having here isn’t.

Price: MYR6.90

Dish #3: Best Seller (Cold)

The first time I ate in Snowflake is this best seller and it never fail to make me to crave more. The first impression makes it so memorable. The best seller has grass jelly, grass jelly ice,  taro balls and creamer. I remember on the first time eating it, I was in love with the taro balls especially the orange ones. Its gummy and a tinge taste of sweetness, kinda like a sweet potato. The entire dessert was cold but the taro balls was warm. The presentation of the food was different too, earlier the taro balls was hidden underneath but now was all over the top. It makes the dessert quite a refreshing yet warm and cozy feeling, I really like that feeling. However for this time, the taro balls are still as good as they were but it was cold. Adding the creamer makes the dessert slightly creamier but not overwhelming. The combinations just complements everything.

Price: MYR6.90

I definitely recommend this dessert house although there is a wee bit of areas of improvement. It’s one of the best thing to have since we are in the scorching heat of Kuala Lumpur. Since it’s the month of Ramadan, it’s a great place to hang out after breaking fast!

Find out what else they have in the menu! Visit Snowflake – Taiwanese Dessert Secret’s website.

If you have questions or wants to catch up on their updates, keep yourself updated at Snowflake – Taiwanese Dessert Secret’s Facebook Page.

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