Sparkling City That Never Sleeps Nails

Last week I have just discovered the new nail polishes from Essence. They came out with a new range of makeup called Circus Circus inclusive of eye liner, eye shadow, nail polish and perfume (shared it in my Facebook, here) and I hauled some of their nail polish which I have shared in my Instagram, here. With what I have hauled, I created this simple nail design that  creates so much glam for my nails.

Essence Nail Colour 3 in Midnight Date

On the color base of the nail, I have used Essence Nail Colour 3 in Midnight Date. After that add a layer of purplish blue glitters then allow it to dry completely. Using this nail polish is really easy to use, once applied it dries pretty fast. Approximately 2-3 minutes?

Essence Circus Circus in Sparkling Acrobat

Using Essence Circus Circus in My Sparkling Acrobat, I use the gold glitters to top it over which gave so much more shine to the design. The larger gold chunks reflects light crazily and I love staring at my nails after I have done this.

Fun City That Never Sleeps Nails

Top it off with top coat and done! I have used the Gel-like Top Coat by Essence which explains why it looks thick here but it lost its shine after a while. This is so easy to do and I highly recommend getting these nail polishes!


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  1. Oh, does this mean that the Gel-Like Topcoat isn’t so good? I’m looking for an alternative to seche vite

    • It’s not as shiny as I expected it to be but it has the ability to create volume like how gel nails does. Other than Seche Vite, I have tried The Face Shop top coat (blue) gives the best shine by far.

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