Stuff 7th Anniversary Party

Image Courtesy of Catcha Media

Its the Stuff Magazine 7th Anniversary! I would like to take this opportunity to wish them


One of my peeps was invited and he got us into the VIP list. There was twelve of us, quite a huge bunch eh? Upon arrival, we were given a handful of goody bag each.

The placement of the stage reminds me of one of my big night here. It was awesome.

Rudy and Jeremy from Red FM were the emcee for the night. Its been a while and I think Rudy look a little slimmer here.

There were numerous of games on stage and  game stations. I tried two of the game stations but it wasn’t my luck. Hey, at least I tried *wink* rather than standing around only snapping photos, having my boost and watch throughout the party. Participants who scored the highest get prizes! Guess who is the top two scorers?

There were three of top scorers but the top two is my peeps and I’m so proud of them!  I did told my peeps to try their best to nab some prizes that night and yeah they did! 😛

We had so much fun cheering for our peeps for their winning, free flow booze and dancing. Thank you so much Stuff, your party was awesomely awesome.

Credits to the photographer from Red FM for spotting my friend and I. This is lovely and thank you!

Until then cheers~

Traclyn Yeoh
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