Summer 2012 Trend

Spring is gone, depending where you are around the globe. I know in Malaysia, we get the sun always but let’s pick up some trends for inspiration and style. On the last Spring, it was all about pastels but this summer is all about the beautiful bright colors. We could see a transitioning color from Spring to Summer, the colors are getting much bolder. Let’s look into makeup to fashion.

Image Courtesy of Audrey

Using bright neon colors of eye shadow or eye liner to line your eyes. It goes great with or without winged out. Remember to lightly use a darker shade to line close to your lash line to add more definition to your eyes, other wise the eye makeup will look flat. I just tried this yesterday, met Maxime Poulin, Guerlain International Makeup Artist  and he loved it.

Image Courtesy of Makeup for Life

If you don’t like wearing the bold eye liner above, bright eye shadow works very well too. Compliment it with darker shades to add definition. Don’t be afraid to wear colors, you’ll be surprise how pretty they are. If you got it right, you’ll rock the look.

Image Courtesy of Style Mood Board

When you put all the bright colors together, see how it could uplift your mood and style? Bright colors for fashion goes great in color blocking or pairing with neutral colors. If you’re new to wearing bright colors, just try on one bright color and pair it with one darker shade.


What are the summer trends you’ve tried?


Traclyn Yeoh
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