Great Ocean Road (GOR)

Remember I said that we were going on a trip on my last post? Yeah, the Great Ocean Roap trip. We rented a Kia Carnival car to drive to the place, with the help of our navigator, Kartik. We reached GOR about two hours of driving. The night before we bought some food and drinks with us, there are a slab of beer, two packs of goon, chips, bread and bacon. What else? I couldn’t really remember. Everyone was pretty hyper when we started our journey even laughing our Tekken’s driving skills when there is signboard directing us to GOR and he kept asking ‘Where? Where?’ and made every one of us to actually laughed and sigh on him at the same time. While we are on our way, all of us starting to get hungry and we took some bacon that we cooked to go along with bread.

There are so many beautiful places, the beach and everything looks so beautiful! As we all took turns to drive except for me (I didn’t have my license with me anyways), we stop wherever we think we want to see. We did our sightseeing till evening and drove to Lorne to have our dinner. At night, we took our beer and drank it by the seaside. It was really cold but we could all bear it with our jackets except for Kartik running around with his jacket, blanket, and a balaclava on his head. It was really hilarious. Tim and I even made our version of apostles. I found something which look like a leaf but it was too dark. I burned that thing using the tea lights where Tekken had sponsored and said to light it by the beach side. Finally later at night, we found that it was really getting cold and we decided to head back to the car. Before we start settling down in the car, the boys start brushing their teeth by the street side. It was hilarious when there is no one there and the public washroom was closed.

Since everyone was in budget, we decided to sleep in the car for the night. Tekken drove to somewhere quiet and stopped and camp in the car. It wasn’t really comfortable for me as I was having backache and headache the next day. There were six of us in the not-to-big of a car. The morning was turning cold even six of us felt really cold in the car while everyone tried to get some sleep. I think Kartik had the best sleep for the night since he said so. Most of us hardly sleep but Joel did sleep for some time where he was snoring so loud. His snore was with three different tones! Hahaha! Many of us were having some laugh just to talk about his snore. We woke up about 6:30 a.m. We chatted for some time and later decided to check if the washroom is open since everyone needs to use the bathroom. Thank god the washroom has opened. My hair and face was oily but there wasn’t any shower in the public washroom. All I can do is to wash my face and brush my teeth. The worse thing is the morning was cold and there wasn’t any warm water in the washroom. When I’m done, I was freezing cold! Since I didn’t get enough sleep, I get grumpy easily. No one really wants to speak with me except for Jowie, who was trying to calm me down. We all had our breakfast at the pastries nearby. I had hot chocolate, donut and garlic bread shared with Jowie. The donut was good because instead of using only sugar for flavoring, it’s a mixture of sugar and cinnamon. It makes the donut with better fragrant. Delicious! Jowie didn’t have enough, he went to the car and made himself a strawberry jam bread. Poor Jowie didn’t get to fill his tummy full. We continued our journey after that.

We still see many beautiful beaches but this time we can’t walk near it. This time the views are from cliffs. So, obviously we can’t jump down. The cliffs are all very high. We took lots of pictures. We finally came to the Twelve Apostles, one of the famous places to visit when it comes to GOR. It was a real beauty. There are description written along the place how it the Apostles being formed. It’s really interesting. We manage to visit more places along the way. Some places we went through, we saw many cows and sheep by the farm. Too bad we didn’t to see any kangaroo or koala or even wallaby. We took the Princess highway from Warnambool to get back to Melbourne because most of us didn’t want to use those curvy roads which is sickening and giving us headaches. It was a really tiring journey but the beautiful place made it worth while. Jowie and I slept well during the journey back home. We had our dinner at Kew (which is KFC, and usually we had it when we are tipsy, surprisingly we are not this time!). I came back and had a hot warm shower, put on mask and didn’t want to do anything else and grab the magazine that I purposely bought for the journey in case it is boring which it not at all.

P/S: More pictures are available in my facebook.

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