33rd Bon Odori 2009

This event was about two – three weeks ago held at National Sports Complex in Shah Alam. I had heaps of fun that day. It’s full with Japanese food stalls and there’s a main stage where some people would dance on it. The variety of food there was heaps, mainly by some of the Japanese brands that are available in Malaysia. There are not only Malaysian there but some Japanese too.

Some Japanese families are very cute together. Many where trying to grab a picture of them so much. On the food wise, it can be expensive than the local food. I think it applies to almost everywhere, once the food is imported to somewhere it’s always more expensive.

Let’s see what food I had the other day, of course I’m sharing it with my BF. We had chicken karaage in sticks, onigiri with tuna fillings (I didn’t really like it because it was cold. I had warm ones before and they taste amazingly good) and Japanese Curry Rice (Katsu Curry Rice). Love the rice and chicken karaage because they both taste good together too. I miss the Japanese food that I had in Melbourne, always eat it during the weekends.

The best part of this event is, you get to follow the dance on the stage and many does it. If  you intend to do so, in the future do come early and everyone get to learn how to dance. I had so much fun that night and even practiced the steps till a few days later. For those who went and did not join the dance, I can tell that they missed every inch of fun-ness going on there. When you come to this sort of event, you must always try the new things there.

Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. I agree, I like onigiri when it’s warm too, haha. You guys look like you had a blast! Too bad that festivals like that aren’t here. That little girl looks so cute!

  2. @Dee – Yeap, they taste so much better isn’t it? I enjoyed it so much. Massive crowd dancing on the field. That is why I took her picture. I was like ‘here, here let’s take picture’ and SNAP. That’s what she pose for me. Hehe…

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