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About a week or two ago, I was being approached by a lady in Sungei Wang when I was walking around with my dad. This lady speaks so fast and I hardly able to catch what she was saying, the only thing that I heard is she just needed five minutes from me. Clearly, she’s a sales person. When you being approached in a shopping complex, it should be sales people or people who lost their direction in the mall. I was annoyed at first because I don’t really like sales person, sometimes they are like buzzing bees kept bugging you. This is pretty different to me. I’m surprise that this lady has enlighten me with loads of knowledge. She has bring my awareness to my wellness.

Alright the nice lady’s name is Angel. I have learn that she is from Hong Kong. What she told me to do is just write my age and height and I had to stand on  a weighing scale which is multi-functional because it gives a lot of information just by standing onto it for a few minutes. The evaluation came out like this.

She showed me this and I was like what’s with all the numbers??? She did explain to me later on. Let me go through with you what she has explained it to me. Basic information is that I’m 22 (turning on 23 this April, I’m getting old ), my height is at 165cm and weighing at 49.1kg. Wait a minute, I weigh myself at the clinic a couple of days before this evaluation, it was 48kg. I doubt on the accuracy of the multi-functional weighing scale. I was 50kg when I came back from Melbourne. I lost weight and it’s weird because I have no intention to lose weight and eating all I want. You can see it from those food outlets that I have in previous posts. The third column from the left is the percentage of body fat in me and it’s 21.9%. Let’s see what does 21.9% means…

So let’s see, I’m definitely a woman and my percentage is basically at the blue dash on the first two columns from the left. It’s between excellent and good. I get a tick for that which means its perfectly good. The next column from my evaluation is percentage of body water range which shows I have 57.1%. Let us see again what does this mean…

The 57.1% is a little over the average. What Angel told me is body water range percentage is the water retention in our body. Therefore when the percentage is higher, it means that we have less water in our body. She said my percentage is alright but I still have to drink more water to get a balance of it. However, women, men and children’s body water range average percentage is different. The next column of the evaluation is muscle mass at 36.1kg with physique rating at 4. We will see what does it mean…

I’m under exercised! Well basically I hardly exercise, the ritual exercise I do is walking (from shopping in hours ), other than that I hardly do exercise. If I exercise I’ll probably left with bones and skin. There’s a note on why is it important to monitor our muscle mass. Let me re-type it for the ease of reading from the picture.

Why is monitoring Muscle Mass important?

For every extra KG(kilogram) of muscle gained the body uses approximately 100 extra calories a day. Everybody who experiences a change in the muscle mass should monitor and adapt the calorie intake accordingly. Because muscle is denser than fat, monitoring muscle mass gives a more accurate understanding of a person’s overall compositions and changes in their total body weight.

What is physique rating?

Offers you the opportunity to set a desired Physique Rating from which you can tailor your health/fitness programme accordingly.

Why is monitoring Physique Rating important?

When a person increases their activity their weight may not change but their balance of body fat and muscle may alter which will change the overall physique or body shape. The physique rating helps accurately guide though a diet and fitess programme.

I’ll talk about Basal Metabolic Rate Indicator and Metabolic Age rating later in this post. Next we move to see my bone mass which showed at 2.2kg. This means…

According to Angel my bone mass is still alright. It’s basically indicates how heavy is my bone in my body. That’s quite light right? Maybe because I have small bones. I can hold my wrist with my index finger and thumboverlapping, that explains it all I think.

Now let’s look at the Basal Metabolic Rate Indicator. What is Basal Metabolic Rate Indicator?

The Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) is the number of calories the body needs when at rest.

Why is monitoring the BMR important?

Undertanding the BMR allow you to monitor the number of calories your body requires according to their physique and lifestyle. the more muscle or general activity you take the more calories rquire. The BMR level also decreases ad the body age.

My BMR shows I’m burning 1162 calories at rest. That sounds pretty high ain’t it. Wait this is not all. The BMR leads to Metabolic Age Rating.

What is Metabolic Age Rating?

The BMR starts to decrease after the age of 16/17 years old and the Metabolic Age Rating indicates what age level your body is currently rated at.

Why is the Metabolism Age Rating important?

If the age indicated is higher than your actual age then you need to improve your BMR. Increasing exercise levels will build healthier muscle tissue which burn more calories consequently improving your metabolic age rating.

My Metabolic Age Rating is at 17! I have a 17 year old body in me, hahaha! No wonder I hardly gain weight. It was difficult for me.

Angel was actually promoting the Herbalife Morning Breakfast Drink and I have tested two flavors. I like it because it wasn’t too sweet. Lastly she showed me how healthy many people around her after taking the drink and does their healthy ritual according to their evaluation. She has also given me her business card.

Do have a visit at their website at She is giving free Body Fat Analysis. Give her a call and say that you know this from me and I think she’ll figure who is it. She’ll probably be more than just happy because I’m promoting it. Well I have learn a lot from this evaluation. I’m meeting her tomorrow for more samples testing and she’ll probably pester me to purchase something from her. I can’t even get enough with beauty products yet and I’m getting broke. Anyways, have you learn about your body like me lately?

Update: I have went to her office yesterday and I have decided not to go on with this Herbalife thing. She is just another same sales person who uses different approach of selling the products. I’ll give it a thumbs down now. I apologize to offer to tell all of you to contact her freely. So sorry…

Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. Herbalife is not healthy. It’s anything but healthy.

    The only way to be healthy is to have a balance diet and exercise alot.

    Not take meal replacements!

  2. haha, I stood on one of those scales before.  Well, it only told fat% and BMR.

    I have a really good metabolism apparently.

    17.5% fat and 2200kcal bmr O.o

    Must be why I’m always hungry haha

  3. @anonymous – haha thanks. I’m just being approached and just listen because she offered to do an evaluation on me. It was something I learn about my body anyway. What I think I can do is just drink more water and exercise only.

    @babjengi – Wow you must be in good shape. I was surprise that my body metabolism rate at the age of 17. Up until now I still doubt on the scale accuracy.

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