L.A. Colors Moisturizing Glossy Lips Sheer Lip Gloss Review

A moisturizing glossy lip gloss in 10ml, it has a cherry scent that came along in the lip gloss. It’s not disturbing at all, it smelled yummy.

The applicator that came with it is slanted brush-like tip. Just squeeze the tube and it will come out from it. It’s very convenient but it can be unhygienic to some people but lip brush is always a good option for it. Using the applicator is not troublesome, it’s gentle enough on my lips and evens out the lip gloss easily.

The lip gloss is very sheer as how it claims. From the tube, it looked very dolly pink but from the swatch, it looked almost clear. I prefer it to be more pigmented.

It’s shimmery, making my lips had some pearly effect from this lip gloss.

For as long as I used it up until now, I did not get any irritations from it. It’s really moisturizing and not too sticky. That’s what I like about lip gloss without being too sticky.

Cherry scent (yummy!)
Convenient slanted brush-like applicator
Shimmery, pearl-effect
Not too sticky

Very sheer

My rating: 4/5

Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. I love glosses but I hate when they’re so sheer, you get no color at all just about. But this looks like it’ll work well over lipstick or if you just want to highlight your natural lip color!


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