L.A. Colors Shimmering Loose Eye Shadow with Brush Review

I was really excited when I first saw this. It looks almost exactly like the micro eyepowder in plum from Daiso, their color is almost the same. The net weight of this product is 2.8grams. I have this from Vonnie’s Contest.

This is the swatches and I can say it’s really pigmented and shimmery. High shimmer I would say and it has very fine glitters in it too. I don’t really recommend this if you’re not into glitters. It’s definitely easy to blend but it didn’t really last long, unless you put on primers or using the wet method.

However, what upsets me is the brush that came with it. Look at the crazy bristles. It was totally a mess for it. The ingredients listing sticker adherence gave in when I reviewing this. It starting to come off entirely. I just stick it back twice in 10 minutes. Anyways, good thing that it doesn’t irritate and non-scented.

High shimmer with glitter
Doesn’t irritate

Brush that came along was crappy
Information sticker coming off
Doesn’t last long

My rating: 3.5/5

Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. That is such a cute pink color!! Wow! Hmm…do you have any cream eyeshadow? Glitter sticks better when it has a stick base, so if you have another pink eyshadow you can layer it with, it may work. Or even silver! Go nuts! =D

    And alas, the brushes with things usually suck. If you want to scratch up your face, you can use the broom or car cleaning brush! That’s what they feel like to me! When I get bare minerals samples, I save the mini brush that comes with it. They’re so fluffy & good quality. If I go get the full sized foundation of the sample, I get a free baby buki brush. I’m thinking about it. That’ll save me a good $15 & I wont have to buy a new brush!


  2. Ohh, that looks like the N.Y.C Sparkling Eye Dusts. Don’t you just hate it when the brushes that come along with the products aren’t even worth using? That color looks like when you use the foiling method with it!

  3. @Shinbi_Belldandy – I do have some random cream shadows and ordered from ELF too. It’s with my friend now. Will meet her like next week after her exams. Can’t wait. Yeah brush was crappy. Haha you really save a lot for the brushes. I’m looking for some inexpensive kabuki.

    @Dee – Yeah, you see what I meant when I posted the comment in your post? I hate it so much that the brush was in bad shape. So dissapointing.

    @prettybeautiful – Which palette did you have ya?

  4. is this worst than the daiso one?
    i feel like getting the daiso one in peach
    but im afraid the colour will come out pale and shimmery 🙁

  5. @LyNn – Personally I think Daiso’s one is better because the glitter from this one will tend to drop off. To choose Daiso’s micro eyepowder, it can be 1-2shades lighter than you see from the outside. That’s very shimmery but the color is there.

  6. @voguefemme – Brushes always seem to be the most expensive part of make up!!! You can find great drugstore make up & not spend alot but brushes are crazy expensive. Tools SHOULD be good but not outrageous. I hate when I buy a brush & the hair is all over my face. The best drugstore brush I got was a travel kabuki brush for about $13 & I love it. It’s from Target.

    If you want, I can check around for some cheap brushes & get back to you. I’m always looking too.

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