Clinique Moisture Surve Extended Thirst Relief Review

Product Claim: Enjoy rapid refreshment and a full 12 hours of soothing moisture with an addictive by-a-waterfall feel. Advanced hydration boosters and a new botanical blend hold skin’s moisture in balance through stressful shifts in humidity, indoors and out. Product info and picture from here.

I had this in a sample form of 7ml. I’m sorry that there’s no ingredient listing provided. The texture is like gel-cream form. This is a very good moisturizer. Although I have severely oily skin and after applying this doesn’t feel oily at all even if I over-used it sometimes. As I apply this product onto my face, it felt refreshing and absorbs quite fast. It leaves my skin felt so soft, supple and very moistured. It’s a great skin hydration booster. It doesn’t give any irritation as it felt gentle on my skin. It has a mild weird smell that I couldn’t find the right word to describe it. The smell does stay on my face for a while and a few minutes later its gone. It doesn’t have any SPF, so I usually use it at night. It doesn’t clog pores too. I highly recommend this to all skin types. I’m not sure about the price, I’ll bet that it would be a little pricey.

Non-oily or clogging
Refreshing and absorb into skin fast
Leaves skin soft, supple and very well-moistured
Great skin hydration booster.
No irritation

Smells weird

My rating: 4.5/5

Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. I’ve used the original Moisture Surge for over a year, and then the Extended Relief one for about a month now, and I love them both. The original one has been discontinued, making way for the Extended Relief. The Extended Relief is more emollient, and works better for those with combination skin in dry weather. I’m using it this winter, and so far so good 🙂 

  2. I tried this & for some reason it WONT work on me….more proof Mina is weird…I got a free sample too & I tried it & it irritated my skin in some areas & the others felt fine. It’s usually good for others though. I read one review from a woman living in Brazil (I’ve never been there but I know South America is HOT!!!) & she said it’s awesome.

    The price over here is over $30 & the jar is NOT big at all. It can fit inside my hand, but if it’s good it’s worth the money. Do they sell Neutrogena over there? It’s good for oily skin & it’s not expensive. The make up I didnt like but the skincare line is good. I use their face lotion that had AHA in it for faster cell turn over & it was good but I was an ass & didnt read that it will sting a bit the first few times. So I rub it on my cheeks & start yelping. XD!! Yeah after a few days it stopped but man that was a shock…


  3. @Tine – I was quite impressed that it wasn’t oily even with the weather like Malaysia and oily skin like me.

    @Shinbi_Belldandy – Really? You’re not weird, maybe there’s an ingredient that you’re allergic to. Malaysia is hot all year round, about 30-36 degrees. Sometimes the extreme was 38-40 degrees. So I’m very particular on oil-free products.

    We have Neutrogena but not as many choices as what in States have. We don’t have the anti-acne range, make-up removers, and cosmetics but we have the basic skincare range and whitening ones.

  4. @voguefemme – Possibly. I didnt like the smell too much. I’m careful with scented things because the perfume or whatever can annoy my skin. Yeah you dont want to look like your face was mauled. When I had Scarlet fever, I looked like a pimpled cherry. Not fun.

    Why is everything so limited over there? My friend from HK said that foreign brands are popular in Asia.

  5. @Shinbi_Belldandy – It depends on what kind of products and brands that distributors wants to bring in. Sometimes what we have here others don’t have. I believe HK, Taiwan and Singapore has more choices than we do.

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