Daiso Peach Powder Spray Review

This is a facial spray from Daiso. It’s only for RM5 for the net weight of 30 grams. I can’t really tell much from it’s description because mostly is printed in Japanese, it’s made in Japan.  It has a very mild peach smell but it has that aerosol smell as well that I didn’t really like. However the aerosol smell doesn’t last as well as the peach smell. There’s only peach and non-fragrance for this spray.

I tried using it to set my make-up which doesn’t really help at all. I was expecting a powdery finish after spraying on my skin but it almost has no powder at all. If you look at my picture, it looks like there’s no difference but look a little fresh. I like the cool feeling that the product gives when sprayed on my skin. It felt really refreshing, it’s like giving a wake up call for my skin. It dries almost immediately after spraying and leaving my skin smooth. It doesn’t give me any irritation, non-oily or clog my pores. It’s totally non-sticky, leaves skin well-moistured and soft. It does the job just as basic facial spray, not more than that.

Cheap (RM5 from Daiso)
Dries fast, non-sticky, non-oily
No irritation
Doesn’t clog pores
Leave skin smooth, soft and well-moistured
Available in countries that have Daiso

Aerosol smell came along
Doesn’t set make-up
No powdery finish
Not available in certain countries

My rating: 3/5

Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. Hmm seems like you buy many of daiso makeups…
    Yesterday I went to Jusco (same as Daiso I guess) saw the same concealer that you review, the one stink your skin. lols..and I saw a one eyeshadow palette that exactly looks like the one sells in SASA, only cheaper…I bought it in SASA and paid much more expensive
    I wanted to try the duo concealer from Daiso but I can’t find it…:(

    Btw, you have an Award waiting on my blog! :))

  2. @LyNn – Well since it’s printed, I would at least see some powder finish. At least, touch up would be easier.

    @Vonnie – Oh really? Try going to Daiso in Hong Kong. They have heaps of store in HK. Thanks dear for being so sweet! Appreciate it so much!

  3. well, your so called facial spray is not what u think it is… it’s an Anti-perspirant Deodorant which can be used for feet as well ~~~ don’t u ready chinese? the word 汗 on the bottle is sweat…. imagine spraying rexona on your face! hahahahah!!!!!

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