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I found this wonderful skincare book and I think it should be share with everyone. Its filled with great skincare tips and of course, the details and recommendation to use Za skincare product. I share with everyone on the general information on skincare tips, we skip the Za skincare products alright?

Whitening Ingredient: Fresh Vitamin C inhibits melanin production. It even works on melanin that’s already been produced, making dark spots and acne scar less visible.

Beware of the Damaging Effects of Oxidized Skin Oils!

Unpleasant, oily skin; acne; make-up smudges. These aren’t the only detrimental effects excess sebum has on your skin. Just as a peeled apple will turn brown. or a nail will turn rusty, sebum, when left untreated, will oxidize on contact with the air and “rust” your skin. This cause damage to both the skin surface and the skin’s deep layers, leading to premature aging. That’s why you should deal with problem sebum at an early stage.

Wave Goodbye to Adult Acne – Characteristics and Solutions You Should Know


  • Stress, hormonal imbalances, UV rays and dryness can wreak havoc on skin turnover, causing keratin to harden, pores to clog and pimples to form.
  • There it is, popping up alone, in your U-zone cheeks, chin or mouth area.
  • A slower metabolism means acne scars heals more slowly and are more likely to remain.


  • For acne that is already there, the most effective approach is to reduce inflammation, disinfect and remove excess sebum.
  • To prevent breakouts from recurring, keep the horny layer supple and prevent pores from clogging.
  • It’s also important to keep your skin properly hydrated, supplementing your skin’s barrier function and stopping it from drying out.


Dark spots, freckles, dullness, wrinkles, sagging and more…
The two most prominent causes of these various skin problems are dehydration and UV exposure. Daily skincare is essential to ensure your skin is always invigorated.

The Real Power of a Lotion: Stopping Dryness in its Tracks
You use plenty of emulsions and creams, yet your skin suffers from roughness? That’s because your skin is in need of “moisture retention”. First, use plenty of lotion to replenish moisture and improve your skin natural capacity for moisture retention.

Recommendation: The Cotton Pack

Soak cotton pads in plenty of lotion and leave pads on dry areas of your face for 10 to 15 minutes. The moisture pack will deliver water deep into the horny layer.

Next, Emulsion to Maintain Moisture Retention!

After infusing your skin with lotion, apply emulsion to fine-tune the aqueous and lipid balance. This will further enhance your skin’s capacity for moisture retention, for a perceivable, moist texture that last for ages!

Take Anti-UV Measures to Defy Accelerated Skin Aging
UV rays causes various form of pigmentation, including dark spots and dullness. They are able to penetrate into the dermis, a deeper layer of the skin, destroying collagen and elastin that are the basis of the skin’s elasticity. The result are accelerated signs of aging, such a wrinkles and sagging.

To protect the skin fromskin problems and aging, it is essential to use a sunscreen and foundation throughout the year and completely block the harsh attack of UV rays. It is also recommended to adopt whitening care designed to reverse UV damage.

Making a Habit of Performing Proper Cleansing Every Day

Make sure you use a cleanser in the morning as well as to remove sweat and sebum produced while you were sleeping. Restoring your bare skin to a fresh, clean state means the effect of the skincare products that follow will be enhanced. Unclean hands may result in poor lathering or ineffective removal of impurities. Clean your hands before cleansing.

Thorough Rinsing Is the Key to Beautiful Skin

Hot water deprives the skin of its essential moisture. This may become the cause of dryness or roughness. So, it is recommended that you use cold or lukewarm water. It is also important that you use clean running water, rather than water collected in a washbowl.


  • Vitamin A Derivative – Reduce dryness and fine lines to achieve vibrant eyes.
  • Vitamin B Group – Activates cells to achieve vigorous skin.
  • Vitamin B5 – Activats cells at the base of the skin and improves cell turnover, achieving firmier, more resilient skin.
  • Vitamin C Derivative -Works on collagen production, achieving resilient skin.
  • Vitamin C Group – It purifies the inside of the skin, which has become stagnant as a result of oxidation or poor microcirculation. It promotes microcirculation and leaves the skin dullness-free.
  • Vitamin E Derivative – Promotes micro-circulation for a dullness-free face.
  • Calcium and Magnesium Ions – Boosts the moisture retention capabilities for a dewy skin
  • Minerals – Reinforce, with the power of moisture, intercellular lipids and the horny layer that have lost their tone due to dehydration. Boost the deteriorated barrier function and raise the skin’s ability to preserve moisture.
  • Clarity Enhancer – Optimizes cell turnover cycle to enhance translucent look.


Step One: Lift up the corners of your mouth into a smile

Step Two: Lightly purse your mouth

Step Three: Puff out your cheeks

Step Four: Suck in your cheeks

Step Five: Smile again – and you’re done.

I hope this enlighten everyone on their skincare knowledge. Once again I would like to remind everyone that I extract this from the book itself. I did amend some of it to make it as a general knowledge because it is way to related to their products.

My dear Malaysian readers, The Za New York Skincare Book can be obtained from your Za Skincare counters for free. More information on Za skincare products, please visit their website.

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