More on Window Shopping For Now…

My money is almost out or drying I should say but I still have the desire to shop, it can never stop eh? It’s so difficult to cut this addiction out, hahaha! I’m looking for a job now, so don’t worry. When I’m working, I’ll be busy. So when I’m busy, I won’t be shopping! Only during the weekends and I think I might be like a hooligan aftering for the things that I want. Let’s see what did I window shopped around…

This is me and my bestie walking from Pavilion after getting my brows done at Benefit Brow Bar. For those who did not follow my blog, I did a post on my Benefit Brow Bar Experience.

This is us camwhoring by the bridge that connects Lot 10 and Sungei Wang. Although we had our lunch in our own house, we were hungry for snacks! Let’s see what we’ve grabbed…

Yummy waffle with chocolate and penut butter fillings! It’s my favourite filling and same goes to my bestie! Does the waffle look appetizing and delicious? It is to me, love waffles! A little more cam-whoring while waiting…

That’s Fyda, my bestie…

I hope everyone recognize this face, it’s me! and when suddenly unexpected things happen…

Like this, we had a GREAT LAUGH! The filling from the waffle spilled all over around my bestie’s mouth…HAHAHAHAHA! She was messy, even her camera has some.

Shopping time at an ALL RM10 shop. Look at how my bestie ponders around for it.

I was keeping myself from purchasing anything at all, I’m broke! *sigh* I was saving the money for the L’oreal Warehouse Sales that I’ve been. This window shopping is the day before the warehouse sales.

She’s still holding onto her items. I was bored, trying to hold on to my itchy hands and played around with her camera…

Finalizing what she wanted and pay for it. Haha, I bet all girls does the same right? I do too, always contemplate on what I want to buy

We end our shopping day out with a lovely evening scenery, I was testing on my bestie’s photographing skills since she’s has a SONY SLR Camera. We share this same hobby other than shopping . She posted on her hauls, here. Hope everyone enjoy their weekend!

p/s: My mini contest will start tomorrow! So stay tune…

Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. lol so hard to shop and  not buy anything… congrats on that discipline. haha. dang that waffle look soo good ;[

  2. i am so clumsy la. hahah! oh no wonder u’re holding ursev up. nk g warehouse sale rupenye. hehe. so when nk post up the things u’v bought? can’t wait!

  3. @feedDuh – Hahaha, but I didn’t really buy too much. Just bought a couple of stuff, some of the items I wanted wasn’t there. I will post up in a couple of days. Be patient ya…

  4. That’s a lie…I should know. When I’m busy, I shop ONLINE!!! LMAO…the worst thing I ever did was learn how to do that as a kid. You’re too tired to go out, so you buy it all at home. It’s not too bad though. Alot of stores have online exclusive sales so if I can get a better deal online, I get it there. That’s how I scored on my Twilight box set!! I LOVE that movie!!! For $29.99 I got the movie, store exclusive interviews & postercards & since i got it early, I saved $10 & got cheap 2 day shipping, so tomorrow I’m stalking the FedEx man. Haha!

    Do you have Dots over there? They sell pretty good clothes for under $20. I used to live in there!! My store has good clothes too but I dont think Kohl’s is international. If it is, let me know. I’ll gladly move to Malaysia to work there. I’m so stick of Florida. I wanna move so bad. There’s other good, cheap clothing stores for us broke people but I’m too tired to think now..LOL. Sorry! If I think of more, I’ll PM you!


  5. @kouki_monster – If you read carefully, I was refraining myself from buying anything from this outing. Not much of make-ups anyways. I will get to your site, when I’m free alright?

    @Shinbi_Belldandy – Haha, when I have a job (soon I hope), I’ll probably do the same. Sometimes it isn’t too bad to purchase items online especially when they are  giving free shipping and the items you hardly get from your own place. Dots is not around here at all. They probably will have good rivals from our local stores around but in quality wise, Dots might be better.

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