Chamelon Double Ended Eye Shadow & Angled Brush Review

Chapter 176 – Quick Review

I really like double ended brushes although they cannot be stood up like the ordinary  make-up brushes. I lay it flat in drawers so that they are protected from dust and their bristles stay the way it is. This is a synthetic brush where one end comes with a normal eyeshadow brush and the other end is a soft angled eyeshadow brush. The bristles are soft, not scratchy and doesn’t hurt my eye at all.

I really love this brush although it has served me for just a while. It had never fail to to impress me but just once. When I was doing some make-up and the normal eyeshadow brush came off!

It has been a very good brush and I didn’t want to give up using it. So it stick it back together using superglue. It picks up eyeshadows very well either dry or wet. It doesn’t bleed and shed at all. I know it may sound almost perfect but I’m honestly telling you the truth. I have use them in my Kawaii Manga Tutorial. You may judge it yourself there. I bought this from Chamelon for only RM8.90. Chamelon is very limited in Kuala Lumpur. I only know that they are available in Sungei Wang Plaza, Pavillion Kuala Lumpur and KLCC. This brush don’t really have a name. Since it came from Chamelon, I named it just by the store name.


Soft, Non-scratchy, Gentle on skin
Picks eyeshadow well either dry or wet
No bleed and shed
Affordable (RM8.90)

Normal eyeshadow brush came off
Available only in Chamelon, not sure if it’s around anywhere else

My rating: 4.5/5

Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. hi dear! you are so adventurous when it comes to trying out lesser known products! kudos to you babe. and i’m a lil late, but i gotta say, your hair looks fantastic in your Sunsilk post, i love the angled cut and the color really works for you. 😀

  2. that’s one good finding! well as long as it still can do the work well, sticking it back won’t be much of a problem, aye? 😀

  3. @yahui – Haha, its because I still can’t afford those branded ones yet. Maybe a little later until I work. Thanks for the compliment. The angled cut is no longer with me, chopped off last week.

    @Shuu – Yeap! Agree, maybe some would think that I’m a cheap*ss but if you never try you’ll never know.

  4. Seriously that  good? I am amazed ! It’s so cheap and the  best thing is it looks expensive ! Haiya.. you should blog it earlier, then I could have own this brush since I was in KLCC a few days ago. Never mind, I am going to check out on this soon since you gave it a good rating. 

  5. Too bad it broke. I just hate brushes that falls off like that. -_- Eh, but seriously, if you can get ELF brushes, they are much better. And not so heartache (wont fall off).

  6. @jeanjean – I love it so much.Sorry ya dear, I a little slow on reviews. I will try to do more reviews okay?

    @Sue – Yeah but it will be a waste if I throw it away. So, stick it back with glue. I ordered two E.L.F’s brush. It should be coming to my way soon.

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