Qinyu Powder Cake

Qinyu Powder Cake is probably one of the cheapest option around me. It comes with three different tone in one pan and a facial sponge. I’ve have thrown away the packaging so I don’t have the ingredients listing to show, sorry! When I first saw this, I suggest to it to my bestie that she may use it as a bronzing kit and later, she tempted me to get this. I gotten the shade in 5 which is pretty dark and the shades are limited when I saw them. It comes with shades from light to dark which is 1-6 with the net weight of 1.7 grams.

It’s just like many other face powders but I have never use it as face powder. Too dark for my skintone. I use it many way, as eyeshadow, blusher, contouring and highlighting. It has become multipurpose before you even know it. The smell is like baby powder but stronger but it doesn’t bother me because when I apply onto my face, the smells goes off. So no biggie. I never use the facial sponge that comes with it. It’s some thin sponge that may tear off one day. Also, this factor doesn’t bother me because most of the time I make use of my brushes.

These are the swatches, it’s matte and non shimmer which I like about this powder the most. The best using it as contouring is very useful as it comes with three different tones and you have the choice how dark you want the contouring to be.

Here, I let you look at the difference. It also made my face look more healthier too. In the above picture, I use it as blusher and contouring my nose. It doesn’t give me any irritation at all and it can be easily remove by using make-up remover. It cost me only for RM5 from Hot Market and I think it’s made in China. I think this powder is not bad, quite a decent product.

Matte and non shimmer
Cheap (RM5 only)

Not available globally
Strong baby powder smell (not everyone would like it)
Low quality facial sponge
Unknown brand

My rating: 4/5

Traclyn Yeoh
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