It’s a great day for holiday. I was spending my day to the fullest, watching Prison Break, sleeping late and waking up in the afternoon, gaming and party. On the 17th which means yesterday, we have started to drink beer and meeting some new people at the third floor apartment because they look like they were having some party with the loud music that they started blasting from the fourth floor. It was a fun night, hanging around meeting new people.

Its 4:30 a.m. and I have not slept. Everyone went to bed except for Jowie and me. It was a silent night after the party. Suddenly the fire alarm from in and outside of the apartment broke the silence. It was scary when Jowie and I check at the corridor, it was smoky and people are just outside their door. No one really knows what to do as well as us. I went back to my room, I grabbed my two cell phones, my key card and a folder which contain most of my important documents with my passport inside. Later, I went checking at the corridor there is two girls trying to knock my apartment. They were trying to warn us. I wake Melissa and Florian. They just went to sleep but this is not the time to feel bad to wake them up. It’s emergency. It was so difficult to wake them up! At first I was knocking and I found myself banging at their room door because the alarm didn’t go off. Later all of us went out to check out what happen at the corridor, there is nothing but all just smoky and the carpet is powdered. For safety sake, we evacuate ourselves using the staircase. It was so dramatic that I actually found myself running with those things that I carried.

When we found an exit at the ground floor, we saw two fire brigades and a police patrol car. Most of the residents came out with their pyjamas, some brought their bag and some came down empty handed. Joel called and can’t bother to evacuate himself because he knows it’s definitely a false alarm. The residents who evacuated are complaining about their interrupted sleep. About 10 – 15 minutes later, we are allowed to enter the building safely. Now we have to queue to get into the lift and since many are from different floors, we have to stop each floor. Its 5:00 a.m. now, birds starting to chirp. Everything is back to normal. Everybody went back to their apartment. Today we were still talking about it and Joel knows who did it. It was his housemate’s friend who was drunk and wanted to play around. They really have nothing else to do, don’t they? He actually just pulled the pin out of the extinguisher and sprayed it for the fun of it. What? They have really done a BIG TIME trouble. Thank god, nobody was hurt. Pray to god this doesn’t happen again. HOPEFULLY!

Traclyn Yeoh

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