Halloween Makeup

Halloween is not too far away and vampire is one of those common themes that we may go around with it. In my opinion, Halloween is all about the scary, gory, and anything that you may relate to horror. So, it’s okay to even look like a zombie and it’s just a made up for Halloween. Anyways, vampires usually look beautiful with pale flawless skin. With what I have in mind how vampires look like and I have created this look.

Items Used:

  1. The Face Shop Real Secret Perfect Contour Kit
  2. Daiso Dial Concealer in Green Stripe
  3. Daiso Everbilena Duo Cream Concealer
  4. Maybelline WhiteStay UV Mousse Foundation SPF 24 PA++ in Cream Natural
  5. Sam Fong Press Powder in White
  6. L.A Colors Flip Top in PE225 Chocolate


  1. Daiso Auto Eye Brow Pencil in Brown
  2. Sera Cosmetic Eyeshadow in 18 [Black]
  3. Daiso Jewel Eye Color in Red
  4. L.A. Colors 12 Eyeshadow Palette
  5. L’elan Vital Extreme Wear Gel Eyeliner in Black
  6. Rimmel London Extreme Definition Two Tone Eye Definer in 009 Pink Princess
  7. Daiso High Curling Mascara in Black


  1. MAC Lipstick in Dubonnet Amplified A56


  1. ELF Blending Eye Brush
  2. Fangs

Enjoy and have fun for this coming Halloween~

Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. @Yiu_Kwok – Yeah it does but since it’s an interest, it’s not too much of it.

    @Anonymous – Hahaha, I know who you are and I will suck you out of your life!

    @LyNn – I like many horror stories but I hardly get into Twilight and I don’t know why. Just not into it.

  2. hehe love this, ok now I know eyeliner apply after eyeshadow.. always backwards no wonder it look not nice for me. 🙂

    oh yeah you do this video using camera or phone?

  3. @topremier – Usually eyeliner will be applied after eyeshadow unless if you have other preference or technique then it may be different. I’m just using a camera. This version of music is a little louder eventhough I have adjusted the volume.

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