Have Fun on Halloween! Last Look for Halloween 2010

Last night I had so much fun with my BF and friends in Euphoria by MOS for Halloween Eve. I was rushing when I leave my house, so I end up just using my Casual Rocker for Halloween. Of many clubs, I like to go to Euphoria because smoking it’s not allowed inside. Makes me breathe easy (plus point smoke-free for my skin!) and I don’t leave the club smelling like some cigarette butts. Unlike other club wasn’t too strict with this rules, actually generally and by law, we are not allowed to smoke in air-conditioned places but people are being ignorant. Boo them!

You can never believe how many interesting characters me and my friends saw last night. It was fascinating, I’ll keep you updated with those characters I’ve met and seen. I’ve got to get pictures from my friend first, I didn’t bring my camera to the party. sad

Today is Halloween, I’m pretty sure some are still going to home or outdoor parties. Here is my last look for Halloween 2010. Please enjoy as I wanted to expose more on my culture, so I stick with Asian cultures & mythology to create a character.

I left the club happily with my BF and friends and I enjoyed dancing so much! Oh, I bump into Chris outside of it. This is the first time meeting her after knowing her from her blog and chats. She look so pretty and I was all sweaty and exhausted. It was nice meeting her and wasn’t thinking twice I hugged her when I saw her. hope she doesn’t mind silly.

How’s everyone’s Halloween like? I hope everyone had fun!

Happy Halloween!

Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. @Shinbi_Belldandy – I did! Haha, some drunk people could be happy people. Take it easy alright? If they aren’t your friends, just ignore them & walk away from them. If they are your friends, take care of them.

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