Sunset Love Makeup Tutorial

Sunsets are beautiful, romantic, warm and cozy. One of the best place to watch the sun to set is by the beach where you could see as though the sun sinks into the ocean and the light shines on sea water that reflects it beautifully. It doesn’t matter who you spent time with to watch the sunset, its always worth it just to watch it for 5 minutes.

I was very inspired to create this look after raving on Sleek Makeup Acid i-Divine Palette. Sunset color varies, I choose fiery shades such as orange, yellow and magenta.


The eye makeup is bright but its still wearable. I didn’t want it to be too dramatic hence no eyeliners on waterline.

The look is very soft despite of the bright colors, the key to achieve great eye makeup is blending. When you blend it right, it should look good too.

It’s nothing too overwhelming from far either, totally wearable in many occasions.


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Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. gorgeous.. but i doubt i will wear that out.. i always lazy about eye makeup, the best I have tried is purple up-liner + green down-liner, without eyeshadow. LOL I quite like that makeup i did though, maybe I shud keep trying on different makeup when go out with u girls~ =D
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    • I think depends on what you’re wearing and for which occasion. Purple and green, quite a special combination. Put up the look, I would love to see!

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