Surviving Acne Skin: Diet

Your diet plays an important role to your overall health. What you eat is what you are, so you got to watch what you eat  to keep everything in balance for health and beautiful skin. This doesn’t only apply to acne skin but normal skin types as well to keep your skin healthy glowing.

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Some healthy food can be your skin enemy and it could be anything. Many says that acne skin types cannot eat chocolate or fried food. Chocolate is rich in antioxidant which helps to reverse ageing progress. Dark chocolate are the best because they contain the least sugar and no milk. If you notice, you can also find chocolate skin care and makeup products in the market now. What about fried food? You still eat them but control your intake.

Identifying what causes your acne to flare up will help you in future to avoid it.I found one which is alcoholic beverages, it flares up one or two the next day and if I didn’t have enough sleep to go with that, it’ll be a mess for my skin.

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Taking green tea daily will help to sooth your acne away. Green tea is one of the best tea with multi-benefits especially for detoxing. It helps to drain away the toxins where you cluttered from stress, diet, environment and more. Best to take brewed ones where its the purest. I take this at least five times a week. Plus, its great to keep your body in shape too. Don’t forget your daily water intake to regulate your body fluid.

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Wheat grass is another super food and best detoxifier. Highly nutritious and rich with vitamins and proteins, it helps to eliminate and flush away toxins. You can always take in by its own or drinks its juice. Personally, I’m drinking this in alternate days, a few hours before bed time. To keep its nutrition, enzyme and plant compound, try not to use any hot water with it because if you do, you’ll destroy all of it.

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Fruit is always important in our daily diet. Try to have them everyday if possible. You know the benefits, its loaded with different vitamins and antioxidants. The fibers from fruits helps to pass out your stools better, you don’t want to hold it for few days because those are toxins. It also helps to regulate your visit to the toilet. Juices like coconut and mangosteen helps to relief body ‘heatiness’, I recommend to take this weekly. I find that sometimes being heaty also contributes to acne.

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If all of the above doesn’t help, you might want to consider visiting a dermatologist or skin specialist. Accutane, Ro-accutane or Oratane are prescribed acne medication to be taken orally. Bare in mind, some of these medication gives side effects to different individuals. These drugs are not recommended for pregnant women. During my Oratane medication, I was lucky not to have any enormous side effect but dry lips. There are some cases where they lost quite an amount of hair.

I hope this tips will help to guide you into better skin. Next on Surviving Acne Skin will be about health on this same day next week. Stay tuned!


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  1. For me, changing my diet to help with acne was a 2 step process. First, to stop eating the bad foods that make it worse (fast food, etc). And the much harder 2nd step, of finding foods that actually help skin, like the wheat grass and stuff you mention. the 2nd step may be too much for some, but everyone can at least do the 1st step.
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