Surviving Acne Skin: Health

Maintaining health takes a proper and discipline lifestyle. When you’re healthy, your skin glows with you. It isn’t too difficult to keep yourself healthy,your diet and active lifestyle does play important role for this.

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Sleep is one of the most important activity to do! When you’re sleeping, you put your body to rest and this is the time where your body heals by itself even for your skin. Regulate your sleeping time will help to make your body to understand when you should be resting, try to sleep for at least 8 hours a day. Try to notice your skin if you didn’t catch enough sleep, it will look dull. Some say its best to sleep from 10pm because that’s when your body takes its charge for healing. Catch your beauty sleep!

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Try to exercise as often as you can. Exercising not only helps to burn calories but it helps to flush out toxins when you perspire. Exercise can be walking, dancing, swimming, basketball and etc for at least 20 minutes each session.  Choose your favourite sports or activities, otherwise you can always try going to sauna or steam bath to stimulate perspiration.

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Another daily routine that each individual should really do, visiting the toilet for big business! Passing out your stools everyday makes a healthier you as it also helps to flush out toxins. It’s like unclogging your pores but this is for your entire body system. This should be done daily, otherwise you’ll also invite sickness to yourself. If you have constipation problems, do look out for fruits or fiber drinks to overcome such matter.

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Catching up with the ongoing life, many has forgotten how to take their time off. Sometimes we need to sit back and relax. The definition of relax varies between individuals, common ones are like bubble baths, aromatherapy, massage, retail therapy, listening to music and more. Stress also contributes to acne, therefore we cannot neglect this afterall.

This is the second posting for the Surviving Acne Skin series and I hope you enjoyed the first posting. On the same day next week will be about skin care, stay tuned!


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