Surviving Acne Skin: Makeup

People always say makeup is bad for your skin but not until you found the right one. With the technology that we have right now, the ingredients in makeups has been refined and improved.  For acne skin, you’ll need to be careful in selecting the right makeup because there are makeups that is suitable and care for such skin types.

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I couldn’t stress more about how important it is to remove your makeup in the previous post of this series. For acne skin types, your skin tend to clog easier than the rest of the skin types.  If you leave the makeup long enough, you got to say hi to breakout soon. Remember to keep your skin clear with skin cares if makeup is unnecessary at the point of time. Give your skin a break!

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When you apply makeup, no matter face, eye or lips always remind yourself the quote above.  This quote is very useful and only add more when you need to. If its too much, you maybe ended up with makeup wastage, getting cakey or overly done.

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It is fairly important to look for the word ‘dermatologist tested’ and ‘non-comedogenic’. When it is labelled as dermatologist tested, it shows that the products has been tested by dermatologist where the product is safe to use on skin. For non-comedogenic, its a term which describes that the product shouldn’t clog pores. Along with this subject, it is also important to find out the ingredients that you’re allergic to. This way, you’ll need to pay attention to the ingredients listing of the product to avoid those ingredients. Some makeup comes with ingredients that treats acne, you might want to opt for those.

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If you have fair skin and needs to use makeup, we have BB creams. BB creams are in between skin care and makeup. These multi-purpose product is good for your skin yet gives you the coverage that you need like concealing redness, spots and acne. You just need to find the right shade and properties.

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This maybe out of the makeup story but I’ll just fit in here. Styling products does amazing job either to keep our hair glossy, smooth or holds, be sure to keep it away from your face because they do contribute to your acne.

I hope this is a good guide for you and please stay tune for the last post of this series next week on the same day!


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