Surviving Acne Skin: Massage

Massaging your face plays an important role in many ways. You know how it feels like to have a great massage after a tiring day? Yeah, your face needs that kind of relaxation too. You might not notice but your expressions, environment and gravity contributes to what’s going on for your face.

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The benefit of skin care products lies within the properties that contains in it. Selecting the right skincare for the right skin type is crucial. To add a plus point for using skin care, always massage it gently until it absorbs into your skin. Massage it outwards to your lymph nodes to flush out toxins.

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Massaging also helps to activate your skin. One of the best oil to massage for acne skin is jojoba oil. It is said that the compound of jojoba oil is similar to human skin oil  and when you use them, your skin thinks that it produces enough oil for your skin. As a result jojoba helps to regulate sebum production. It moisturises, easily absorb and non-comedogenic.

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We have lymphatic drainage around our face which is why we are always recommended to massage outwards on our face for any treatments or during skincare application. Once you massage it outwards, you’ll need to massage it downwards to your neck to flush the toxins away from your face.

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When toxins has been flush away, skin is healthier and has better ability to absorb. When your skin is healthy, your skincare products could penetrate deeper. Of course, we want the maximum benefit of the skincare right? Healthy skin with the right skincare equals to clear glowing skin.

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Frequent massaging will fight against ageing because it’s keeping your facial muscles active which results in supple skin.  Expression line like nasolabial fold, crows feet and even sagging skin will be less visible and youthful. Don’t you want that ‘boing’ effect for your skin?

This would be the last post on Surviving Acne Skin series and I hope you enjoy and learn something from this and previous post. I’m definitely no expert but I’m sharing this for I am an acne skin sufferer and through experience I gained all these knowledge. I also hope that you’ll find these series to be useful.


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