T3 Acne Scar Serum Review

T3 Acne Scar Serum claims that it helps to treat acne, preventing and minimizing acne scar formation.

Directions: Apply directly onto affected areas after cleansing with T3 Facial Cleanser. For the best result, apply 2-3 times daily. I just apply on my entire face without any spot treating.

It came in a very small spray bottle of 15 grams which is handy for traveling. It is so weird because when I first saw that it came in a spray bottle, I was expecting something runny. It turn out to be gel-based serum. I think it should be in a pump bottle because the spray bottle always shot somewhere else on my finger from where I targeted.

It is in a semi-transparent clear gel. Most important thing I hate about this product is it has strong alcohol smell, which is such a turn off. I couldn’t check on the ingredients because I have already threw the box packaging and the bottle doesn’t include ingredients listing. It sad enough that it has strong alcohol smell, I don’t think that it even treat and prevent acne. When I’m using it, I still get breakouts and pimples seems to heal even slower than before.

Does it minimize acne scar formation? Bah~ not really too. It seems like the scars are much permanent. I’m not trying to scare you but it just doesn’t seem to work as it claims at all. I don’t like wasting so I decided to finish it. Now I’m done with it and I’ll be happy to throw it away.

I do not recommend this product at all especially anyone who has sensitive skin. It’s available it many of our local drugstore and supermarket for RM20+ (definitely not worth the money). I can’t remember exactly how much is it.


  • Bottle size handy for traveling


  • It should come in a pump bottle
  • Strong alcohol smell
  • Doesn’t work from what it claims to be
  • Not worth the money

My rating: 0.5/5


Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. the body version works wonders if you have bacne.
    i occasionally get some because i like to scratch the whiteheads off my back thus exposing the pores to dirt and bacteria and whatever not
    spray it for a day to three days and it reduces, almost gone!
    but it comes back since i cant keep my fingers off those pesky whiteheads! 🙁

  2. If it smells like alcohol, it has a high content of it. If I had to guess, they thought because alcohol tries the skin, it would help acne. WRONG! That’s why I HATED acne treatments as a teenager, the alcohol smells is yucky & dried out my skin. I mean the smell fades fast but the harm to your face isnt worth it. I didnt have super bad acne anyway so I just dealt with it until it healed. The best acne treatment is a good skin regiment. Clean & clear is good I heard. I havent used the whole line but I use the spot treatment for my pimples & it’s awesome. Cheaper than proactiv.

    Microdermabrasion & skin peels are good for acne scars too. They sound expensive but you can do it at home now. It’s not cheap but not super expensive depending on what you get. Just make sure you get a formula good for your skin. I do it because I have dry skin & it dulls my skin tone & it can get flaky. Since I switched to Olay, that’s much improved, I dont have it anymore but I still use exfoliation to get rid of dead cells & promote blood flow. 

    ::HUG:: Glad to see you’re back Traclyn! I look forward to more posts! I’ll be away much of April so if you post & dont see me, dont think I quit Xanga. I’ll comment spam when I return! =D

  3. @LyNn G – I read the review of yours on their body spray. Currently I’m loving my papaya soap that work so well on my bache. My bache disappear so much even my BF realized it. I should really review on the papaya soap. Love it so much.

    @Shinbi_Belldandy – I only love Clean & Clear Acne Treatment gel. Their scrub and cleansers are apparently too strong for me. Just by two days of using it, my skin will start to peel. I do exfoliate at least once a week and try to keep the routine of applying mask every night to boost skin renewal. Olay’s micro dermabrasion products are not available here at all~ Where you going for this month? I’d wish I could see some cherry blossoms at Japan now…

    @Lisa J. – No worries. It’s good to share because you’ll never know who you helped. Hope this information is useful for you.

  4. @Shinbi_Belldandy – That’s great. I could only dream to go to NY. After watching Sex and The City, New York seems to be a nice place to visit. What you’re going to do in NY? You remembered my birthday? Thank you so much dear. Don’t really have plans because everyone is busy working. Maybe going out for a great meal during the weekends.

  5. @voguefemme – That happens with me too. My birthday is the day before July 4th so people are usually busy working or sometimes my grandparents had my birthday with the 4th of July barbecue. Now that mom is retired, it’s a little easier to celebrate. I might be in school so I’ll probably go out to eat too as well….& shop! XD Have fun when you go out though! And be sure to take pictures!

    I’m here relaxing & hanging out with my friends. I havent gone anywhere since a friend’s wedding in 2008 & I got sick not long after, so it’s good to be here resting. I found out my allergies are definitely regional. I’m breathing better & I sound better too. Florida is killing me I tell you! When I go back, I need to tell my allergist so I can get some medicine.

    When you do come to New York, they have a Sex & the City tour that shows highlighted spots from the TV show! I bet you’ll enjoy it, Traclyn! Oh & make sure you see Central Park & the Statue of Liberty. Lots of history in those places.

  6. @voguefemme – I saw my friend today & she uses proactive too so I asked her if she used Clear & Clear & she said her skin felt like sandpaper. Apparently if you have sensitive skin, you cant use it. I wonder why…acne prone skin IS sensitive. Hmm…

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