Wednesday November 26, 2008

Cha pter 71 – You Style It: Androgyny

After the party last week which I was invited but I did not attend. I’m very sorry Joyce. It was very lovely of you. Anyways I’m still joining the contest. Tongue in Chic is having the You Style It contest, where I have won an LG phone myself last week. This week’s theme is pretty interesting. It’s androgyny. I find it rather interesting because I do believe that in every woman there’s a man in them, spiritually and the other way round for men. That is why I adore, Agyness Deyn and Rihanna. They still look fabulous. Anyways, another few photo shoot of me for the contest.

Guess which that I have submitted? I choose one that looks rather simple. I ask for Jowie his opinion and he gave me two choices, but I love both. In the end, I have chosen just one which I’m not sure if this could be the best one. Hrmph…

Traclyn Yeoh