Surprise Me With Mivva Christmas 2013 Beauty Box!

A great kick start of the year 2014 especially when this surprise was sent to me and arrived on the first day of my work. I was expecting myself in blue at work after enjoying the stretch of holidays. Many have said that this is the January 2014 box but it’s actually the Mivva Christmas 2013 box specially for bloggers and what should I say, it’s quite a handful box!

Mivva Christmas 2013

If you have follow me in Instagram, I have posted the preview of this box when I have received it. If you haven’t, you could always look out in Instagram for me, @traclynyeoh. Why would I say this a handful box? This box is literally double of the usual Mivva box size! When I saw this box sitting on my table, I was so excited and thinking who could have been so thoughtful to send such a big package to me. It is all Kao’s product and what’s more exciting is that they all full size which makes this box so much more worthwhile!

Mivva January 2014 - Liese Bubble Hair Color in Milk Tea Brown

Liese Bubble Hair Color in Milk Tea Brown

This home hair coloring kit has been around for quite a while now and this is not your typical hair coloring kit because it dispense as foam for easier application. It has honey as moisturizng ingredient and hydrolyzed silk as hair protecting ingredient. Milk Tea Brown shade provides a golden brown hair shade and this does not provide gray coverage. Personally, I have not tried this although I’m an avid user of home hair coloring kit plus I’m always looking out for ashy shades.

Mivva January 2014 - Biore Makeup Remover Wipes

Biore Makeup Remover Wipes

I have heard that this is the new improved formula wipes and I remember I have promoted the first generation of this wipes in my previous videos of Classic Shanghai Night. I always wanted to have the one that comes in a box but often swayed to opt for something else. This new improved formula has hyaluronic acid  and moisturizing essence. The physical box looks more rounder than before and with lace pattern on the sides. It’s colorant-free, alcohol-free and allergy tested and it comes with 44 pieces of wipes.

Mivva January 2014 - Liese Smooth Hair Cocktail

Liese Smooth Hair Cocktail

This is a hair detangler that is meant for all hairstyles. It has moisture milk that helps to nourish and smoothen hair, and repairing water to instantly hydrates hair inside out. I have yet to use this also but I will definitely use it because my hair ends is dry and gets tangled easily. I begin to love the scent because it smells refreshing like a pineapple tropical fruit juice.

Mivva January 2014 - Biore Mild Cleansing Liquid

Biore Mild Cleansing Liquid

I believe this is fairly new on the shelves, this cleansing liquid helps to gently dissolve and removes makeup including waterproof mascara and foundation. This water-based makeup remover doesn’t require cotton pad at all, just rinsing will do. This is similar to their cleansing oil and this would be another choice for users who is not keen with oil-based makeup removers. It does seems promising, I will see how useful this could be.


I would say this is a total big surprise that they were able to provide four full size products and most of them can be used daily, at least for me I will. I would also say that this could give a new hair color makeover right before Chinese New Year and to ensure that hair and skin should be taken care well. Good job Mivva!

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My Rating: 4.9/5


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This beauty box was provided by Mivva for review purposes, kindly refer disclaimer.

Traclyn Yeoh

Unboxing Mivva November 2013, BFF Sleepover Kit!

After hiatus for a week, now I’m back! Vietnam was all fun although it was tiring, I am still exhausted till today. I have returned to my office on Monday and look what I found sitting on my desk! Mivva sent me a surprise with their November 2013 box and you probably know about this if you followed me in Instagram. I totally have no idea that they would be sending this to me.

Mivva November 2013 BFF Sleepover Kit

This month’s box is about having fun with your BFF, a kit that comprises skin care that you can share with your BFF for a great sleepover pampering session.

Mivva November 2013 BFF Sleepover Kit - Card

As I opened the box, I’m greeted with a card and this kit is great reason to share and mingle with my BFF! Speaking of it, I haven’t seen her in months. The card has a list of what’s inside the kit and I’m already very excited just by going through the list. Let’s see what’s inside!

Mivva November 2013 BFF Sleepover Kit 2

I saw something pink peaking before rummaging into the contents of the box. Poof! A loofah took over half of the space of the box and I saw some goodies that I’m eager to try.

Mivva November 2013 BFF Sleepover Kit - Loofah

This pink loofah is something I have least expected. It’s a bonus I would say especially when it is not stated in the card. I always love to use loofah when it comes to using shower liquids. They make shower liquids so much more economical.

Mivva November 2013 BFF Sleepover Kit - Antipodes Joyful Hand & Body Cream

Antipodes Joyful Hand & Body Cream (30ml)

Glorious summer berry flirts with South Pacific hibiscus flower to enchant the trials of everyday life with moments of fragrant joy. Nutrient-rich avocado oil delivers an immediate boost of abundant skin nutrients to dry, tired and stressed skin. This captivating and velvety cream will leave your skin dewy and fragrant, and free from oily residue.

This is the first time I came across hand cream sample that comes in a pump bottle. The scent is really addictive, it smells like sweet dried rose. The cream is velvety, it does hydrate my skin but it feels slightly tacky even after its all absorbed into my skin.

Full price: MYR149.00 (120ml)

Mivva November 2013 BFF Sleepover Kit - Stage Nail Polish

Stage Nail Colour

Go vampy with dark nail polish, or natural and sweet with a French manicure. With so many colors to choose from, you’d wish you had more fingers! The one-coat formula dries quickly to a glossy, salon-perfect finish.

This is definitely a full sized  nail polish and the shade that I have here is called Innocent. Its a pearl-like shade where the consistency seems to be a little thin that I’m worried if this nail polish isn’t opaque enough. I can imagine using this nail polish with my BFF painting our nails and toe nails.

Price: MYR35.00 (11ml)

Mivva November 2013 BFF Sleepover Kit - Neula 8 in 1 Tea Tree BB Cream

Neula 8 in 1 Tea Tree BB Cream SPF30 PA+++ (30ml)

Do not let yourself down by feeling greasy! Try experiencing all day oil gree with the new 8 in 1 Tea Tree BB Cream, a beauty product that you will sure fall in love with after the first try. With result such as anti-pimple, oil control, revitalization, UV protection, anti-ageing, soothing, light on skin , even skin tone help you appear fresh and natural with bare makeup.

I was very excited when I screened through the card and noticed one of the three Neula will be offered into the box. Deep down I was hoping for the BB cream because I wanted to find something that leaves my skin glowingly healthy with great oil controlling property without leaving my skin looking gray. This is a full sized BB cream and it fits to my skin type and need. It does look dark when I squeezed a tiny amount and it doesn’t have much scent to it. Once it is blended, it became slightly lighter that it see,s neutral during the swatch and it finishes off with bit of dewiness. I will definitely try this!

Price: MYR23.90

Mivva November 2013 BFF Sleepover Kit - UGB Facial Essence Collagen Mask

UGB Facial Essence Collagen Mask (1 piece)

With Hyaluronic Acid and various Botanical extracts in the mask, your skin is ensured to be moisturized for a long time. Collagen, main constituent of skin tissue makes your skin elastic and healthy.

I have yet to come across this Korean brand. As much as I love sheet masks, I would envision having this mask on with my BFF but since there is only one, the sharing would be incomplete.

Full sized: MYR198.00 (15grams)

Mivva November 2013 BFF Sleepover Kit - Dermost

ONL Dermost Moistay Cream 

Spring water cream for a balanced adjustment of oil and water. Hydrating and calming cream with a soft touch for intensive moisturizing and adjustment of the oil/water balance.

Full Sized Price: MYR144.90 (60ml)

ONL Dermost Moistay Fresh Gel Cream

Pure hydration for skin with much sebum. Gel Cream contains 100% spring water in its base!

Full Sized Price : MYR144.90 (60ml)

They both comes in sample sachet which their weight was not stated. I’m assuming the cream is meant for normal to dry skin as it was not stated clearly in the card. Since the Fresh Gel Cream helps with controlling skin sebum, I’m think this is suitable for normal to oily skin.

Mivva November 2013 BFF Sleepover Kit - Voucher

This kit also comes with Antipodes MYR20.00 gift voucher to shop at Skinlab store!


When this actually comes with the BB cream that I might be looking for the longest time, I totally had it. It gives me so much more excitement to share this with my BFF. The plus bonus is that it comes with a full sized nail polish which I could imagine those girly moments painting our nails together. I would say this is quite a worthy box (especially the BB cream) and again, ONL comes as the smallest sample as how it was on the previous box.

Monthly Subscription Price: MYR38

My Rating: 4.5/5

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This beauty box has been provided by Mivva, kindly refer disclaimer.

Traclyn Yeoh

Unboxing MIVVA October 2013 – A Fair & Flawless Complexion, Snow White

I have seen what was in Mivva September 2013 and it was pretty exciting because it comes with a pair of contact lens, brushes and a few promising items! I was given a chance to review this month’s box and this will be my first review on Mivva box.

Mivva Beauty Box October 2013 Snow White 2

If you haven’t knew about Mivva yet, they are one of the beauty box subscriptions available in Malaysia and not long ago, they have adopted a brand new box design. The box is mostly shaded in black is very exclusive and elegant. With silver polka dots, it adds cuteness and glam to the box. Let’s get into the box!

Mivva Beauty Box October 2013 Snow White - Card

Once open, I was greeted with card that includes the means of this month’s box as well as the products included in the box.  For the October 2013 box is all about achieving the fair and flawless complexion.

Mivva Beauty Box October 2013 Snow White - Inside

Before revealing all of the goodies, they are protected with a black sheet of paper with Mivva’s sticker on it. Once I removed the sticker, tadaaaa! This is Mivva October 2013 box and let’s go through each item carefully.

Mivva Beauty Box October 2013 Snow White - Unico Pearl Scar Cream

Unico Pearl Scar Cream (7grams/ 0.24oz)

The unique re-whitening formula contains strong combination of active ingredients and technology that designed to reveal a true luminous complexion along with distinct attention to correct existing dark spots and prevents new ones from forming. Your pearl-perfect complexion looks smooth and radiant all day long.

This comes in a decent amount to sample upon but I have yet to come across this brand, a local brand based in Johor. It’s also something I would try as I do have open pores and post acne spots. Its cream textured and tinted which through the swatch I think it doesn’t leave any white cast but if you have darker skin tone, this tint may not be suitable for you. After blending it, it does feel very rich but once absorbed, it has that light powdery finish. Since this is tinted, my concern is whether it is advisable to use it at night because there isn’t any information on such.

Full Sized Price: MYR 198.00 (15 grams)

Mivva Beauty Box October 2013 Snow White - Hydra 24 Cracked Heel Cream

Hydra 24 Cracked Heel Cream (10grams)

Hydra 24 offers 100% plant-derived elements to ensure instant and long lasting hydration. It provides a healing system that works both on and under the surface of your skin. It also enriched moisture-reservoir seals in the application  all day long. It is bio-based natural moisturizer with light, non-oily formula with proven anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant ingredients.

Its been a while since I use cracked heel cream and I used to have such problem before. My heels are no longer getting cracked but they are still dry. This cream is really thick and the consistency is similar to balm textures. After blending in, it does feel hydrated and has slight stickiness. Although it contains fragrance, I couldn’t smell any scent.

Full Sized Price: MYR 23.90 (50grams)Mivva Beauty Box October 2013 Snow White - ONL Oceaniq 3D Antiwrinkle Total Solution CC & Ecopure White Balance Skin Toner & Emulsion

ONL Oceaniq 3D Antiwrinkle Total Solution CC SPF30/PA++ 

Sticky liposome technology for 3D colume elastic care. Energetic volume color control cream to immediately solve skin care + make-up problems and brighten, clean and purify skin. Toner + essence + lotion + primer + BB at once!

This is something new to me, its like an on-the-go product especially during the day when you need to just slam on something on your face real quick to get every benefit from the skin care products. My concern is if this cream would be too nourishing that could result in excess oiliness.

Full Sized Price: MYR 149.90 for 35ml

ONL Ecopure White Balance Skin Toner & Emulsion

Pure natural recipe for mild yet powerful hydrating and glossy care. The products contains nopal cactus and aqua-holder complex open the moisture pathways of the skin as well as brighten and whiten it. It is suitable for people who want a brightening moisture skin full of grain nutrients.

They came in very cute bottles and each is 5ml. The toner does has that slight alcohol scent while the emulsion smells just lovely with refreshing flower scent. This is also promising and great to use it at night  since the ONL Oceaniq 3D Antiwrinkle Total Solution CC SPF30/PA++ does all the job during the day.

Full Sized Price for both MYR 89.90 (120ml)

Mivva Beauty Box October 2013 Snow White - Secretleaf Argan Hydrating Cleanser

Secretleaf Argan Hydrating Cleanser (95ml)

An innovative gentle facial cleanser that deeply cleanses and moisturizes with the luxurious organic argan oil and marine seaweed extract for protection against external environmental  pollutants to give clean, fresh and healthy skin. Formulated sulphate-free, paraben-free.PEG-free and without artifical colorant, it is suitable for all skin types and non-irritating with similar pH to our skin to maintain skin’s natural lipid structure without damaging it.

Argan oil is very well known for its benefit especially to retain and provide moisture to our skin. I have not known this product and this is also a local brand, this cleanser is made in Malaysia. Considering that this contains the key ingredient of organic Argan oil, this cleanser is very affordable. Also, this is a full sized product that came into this box! It has that refreshing scent like many typical cleanser does.

Full Sized Price: MYR 21.90 (95ml)

Mivva Beauty Box October 2013 Snow White - Beautymate Birdnests & Lilium Candidum Firming Rejuvenate Nano Mask

Beautymate Bird Nests & Lilium Candidum Firming Rejuvenate Nano Mask

This mask using Thai bird’s nest can trully restore and nourish skin. It can also revitalize dull skin and accelerate ccell metabolism resulting in younger looking skin. Swiftlet Nest Extract and Soluble Collagen can effectively tighten the skin and maintain its elasticity. Together with Sodium Hyaluronate, it further moisturises your skin while refining and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. You will experience a reversal  of the aging process and improve your skin texture and elasticity. Suitable for all skin types, especially dull and dry skin.

Beautymate does provide decent masks and if you have follow me long enough, I always love sheet masks! They are convenient and easy to use.  Best of all, this mask is alcohol and paraben-free. I’m definitely going to put this in use.

Full Sized Price: MYR 49.90 (7 pieces)


I would say this is quite a handful box but ONL products came slightly smaller than the rest. Best of all is to be able to receive a full sized product which is the Secretleaf Argan Hydrating Cleanser. With my skin concern of acne and oiliness, I would still use most of the products in this box because whitening is my second priority in my skin concern. Considering that the price of the subscription isn’t too hefty, I think this is quite worthy!

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Price: MYR38 monthly

My Rating: 4.5/5


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This beauty box has been provided by Mivva, kindly refer disclaimer.

Traclyn Yeoh

Balik Kampung & Remember To Bring Vanity Trove Exclusive SaSa Hari Raya With You

RAYA RAYA RAYA!!! It’s the festive and holiday season, share the cheers and laughter by visiting your family and friends’ house or even neighbors. Let’s all be happy and jolly! To this festive season, I would like to share with you and its Vanity Trove Exclusive Sasa Hari Raya box! They are heavy, handful and comes in full sized! Plus they are also great skincare essentials when you’re going back to your hometown.

Balik Kampung & Bring Vanity Trove Exclusive SaSa Hari Raya 2

Here it is and take a glance of it. This is a brand exclusive trove with Sasa Malaysia and you may find these products from Sasa too. What they have to offer in this trove, is mainly skincare products, afterall the foundation of physical beauty begins with skin.

Balik Kampung & Bring Vanity Trove Exclusive SaSa Hari Raya - Card

The card of all the products information, I would also say this box accommodates to many skin types either normal, dry, combination to oily skin types.

Balik Kampung & Bring Vanity Trove Exclusive SaSa Hari Raya - Cyber Colors Cleansing Oil

Cyber Colors Cleansing Oil in Lavender,(200ml)

‘…is a moisturizing and soothing oil that can thoroughly dissolves all makeup and impurities. it helps to retain moisture of your skin and leave skin smooth. With dry hands, dispense an ample amount (2-3 pumps) onto palms. Apply cleansing oil all oveer the face. Emulsify by cold water and massage thoroughly onto skin. Rinse thoroughly with cold water.’

The scent of the lavender is just so soothing and relaxing plus they have my favourite, which is green tea. By all means the scent of this cleansing oil is the first scent that I could smell when I first open the box. Best of all that it comes in full size, yes I’m not kidding at all! I did a short test on it with my most stubborn mascara and it cleanse most of it, only leaving two tiny spot unclean. Impressive and for 200ml, cleansing oil like this can last really long.

Price: MYR 53.90

Balik Kampung & Bring Vanity Trove Exclusive SaSa Hari Raya - Neogence Amino Acid Cleansing Mousse

Neogence Amino Acid Cleansing Mousse, 50ml

‘…is a silky foam cleanser that cleans skin thoroughly without any tight effect. Its natural active ingredient, Amino Acid has a mild acidity of pH5.5, which is nonstimulating, and suitable for all skin types. Besides deep cleansing, it also moisturizes, increase skin metabolism and helps to soften dead skin. Pump 2-3 times on palm, gently massage on wet face. Rinse and apply toner/routine skincare.’

The mousse bubbles are not as fine as I expected but I love the sweet citrus scent. Once pumped, it spreads around quite fast as you can see from the image above on left, the bottom of the bubbles had liquefy slightly. I like the fact that it doesn’t dry out my skin and the full size is at an affordable price too. For this as a deluxe travel size, great for me to bring it around while I travelling or outdoor sports.

 Price: MYR39.00 (180ml)

Balik Kampung & Bring Vanity Trove Exclusive SaSa Hari Raya - Haruhada Yuzu Pore Cleanser (for Nose)

Haruhada Yuzu Pore Cleansing Gel, 50grams

‘Contains several citrus extracts. With the warming effect, it helps to eliminate blackheads and remove dirt skin and to control oil secretion. Leaving your skin with an oil-free and refreshing sensation.’

I have not came across this brand before and indeed its an eye opener. I didn’t expect that the gel to be black  but it’s that type of color that fades once you rub the gel on the skin and doesn’t stain. What’s special about this gel that it is meant specifically for nose area to reduce and remove blackheads and other impurities. I love how the warm sensation comes in when I rub the gel at the back of my hand but no worries because it doesn’t burn. The warm sensation is really gentle. I can’t wait to try this, I have tons of gunks on my nose and chin. This is a full size!

Price: MYR34.90 (50grams)

Balik Kampung & Bring Vanity Trove Exclusive SaSa Hari Raya - NUXE Multi-purpose Dry Oil Face Body Hair

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Purpose Dry Oil, 10ml

‘As best-seller of for the brand, this dry oil nourishes, repairs and protects the face, body and hair with its unique concentration of Precious Plant Oils (30%) and Vitamin E. It enhances the skin and eaves the hair with a radiant shine in just one step. Many women also use this special oil in replacement of regular fragrance! It does not contain any preservative.’

I love oils, the fact that they provide and holds up moisture better than cream most of the time. This dry oil looks really light in texture and once applied it doesn’t feel oily either which is definitely a plus point. It leaves the skin smooth and moisturized. The turn off is that it has intense jasmine scent that becomes lighter once blended, maybe its just me. I’m not too comfortable with this scent.

Price: MYR 148 (100ml), exclusively at Sasa

Balik Kampung & Bring Vanity Trove Exclusive SaSa Hari Raya - BRTC Jasmine Moist Powder

BRTC Jasmine 3D Moist Powder, 5 grams

‘…comprises of jasmine extract wrapped powder capsules that mellts into skin like velvet cream upon application. It creates a moist, radiant skin look along with a cooling texture as the moisturizing capsule helps endow liveliness to rough, dull skin. It can control the secretion of excess face sebum, moisturize, cover imperfections and provide a brightening and soothing effect. After foundation or BB Cream application, gently tap appropriate amount on entire face.’

Clearly when its mentioned jasmine, it does have jasmine scent but not as strong as I expected. The scent is much more acceptable. Although this is a mini sized, it is still comes in a sifting jar which the full size product is too. Also, it comes with a puff which I could foresee that I will hardly use it, I always prefer to use brush. The powder texture is really fine and finishes off matte.

Price: MYR 55 (25grams)

Balik Kampung & Bring Vanity Trove Exclusive SaSa Hari Raya - Cure Natural Aqua Gel

Natural Aqua Gel by Cure,(3grams x 10)

‘Japan’s No.1 skin exfoliation product, Cure! Cure contained with 90% Hydrogen Water which helps to remove dead skin and dirt to support the natural skin regeneration process. It is preservative free, coloring free, fragrance free also mineral oil free and alcohol free! This Cure is the safest and most gentle exfoliation to your skin! Apply Cure on Face and gentle massage. Gently rise off with lukewarm water. Moisturize your skin follow with lotion or emulsion.’

I have came to known this brand from other blogger friends for their launch but I have not tried it before.  This seems like a promising product from Japan. They came in sample cards with 2 sachet in each. I will see if I will like this.

Price: MYR 115 (250grams), exclusively at Sasa

Balik Kampung & Bring Vanity Trove Exclusive SaSa Hari Raya - Voucher

This trove also comes with MYR10 discount voucher when shopping at their store. Now this is keeping me thinking what to purchase there!


Although this brand exclusive trove with Sasa is priced higher which is MYR70, I think it’s still worth every penny considering the worth of products  in there especially with 2 full size products. Cyber Colors  Cleansing Oil is not any tiny sized product but 200ml. It’s a great discovery of products too especially the Haruhada Yuzu Pore Cleansing Gel, I wouldn’t have known about it until today. However, the shipping took about almost a week to arrive and it’s most probably because of the Raya season where tons of parcel to be sent out at the same time. I was worried that the package would have gone missing but it did arrived to me safely.

My Rating: 4.8/5

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This beauty box has been provided by Vanity Trove for review purposes, kindly refer disclaimer.