Experience Berjaya Times Square Nerve Wrecking Unlock in 60 Seconds!

Berjaya Times Square made it again to the Malaysia Book of Records to first build a vault in a shopping mall with the title ‘The First Gamer’s Vault’. Unleash the inner secret agent in you and unlock the vault! Feel the thrill and suspense while stand a chance to win cash prize that snowballs daily until it is retrieved.

Berjaya Times Square Unlock in 60 seconds

Located at the Ground Floor Central (in front of main entrance)  The vault was build to replicate some of the most sophiscated and modern bank vaults in the world. It is build in with timer that counts at 60 seconds, as well as LED panel which displays the total prize to be won of the day.

Berjaya Times Square Unlock in 60 seconds 2

In conjunction of 1 Malaysia Mega Sale Carnical 2014, Berjaya Times Square once again rewarding their loyal customers with such thrilling experience when they spend MYR200 in no more than 2 receipts of the ame day to redeem an entry for 60 seconds in the vault. Begin with the cash prize of MYR200 where it snowballs every day till it is retrived and once the prize money is won, the cash prize will then reset to MYR200 for the next day and shoppers who qualify for the redemption of the same day will receive mystery gift as a token of appreciation. Don’t believe that this could be thrilling? Let me share with you my experience!

Berjaya Times Square Unlock in 60 seconds Brief

Upon entering before the door of the vault, I was given a short brief of how the challenge work and what will happen. There are 6 boxes by both sides of the glass wall which filled with colorful keys. Only a few of the key will be able to unlock the vault.

Berjaya Times Square Unlock in 60 seconds Brief 2

After grabbing the keys, unlock the vault by the door and once unlock, I should also make a full turn on the dial. There is a timer which displays at the corner.

Berjaya Times Square Unlock in 60 seconds Challenge

Once you are ready to challenge, the timer begins and other shoppers on the outside will be able to witness your participation to the challenge. The music in the chamber was loud and full of suspense.

Berjaya Times Square Unlock in 60 seconds Challenge 1

I took my first chance over the box on my left since I have saw many tried over the right boxes. What I did was to just nabbed all the keys inside and head towards the door. Yes, that’s the BF taking my photo and accidentally knocked him when I hurriedly took the keys. Sorry!

Berjaya Times Square Unlock in 60 seconds Challenge 2

At the very first, I was keeping the keys that I have tried in my hands. Later on, I was told that I could just throw the keys on the floor. The keys of two boxes on my left didn’t help and finally, made my way to the box on my right at my very last 10 seconds. The background music is just loud and makes it so nerve wrecking. I was shaking my head because I have tried more than 10 keys and none could unlock it.

Berjaya Times Square Unlock in 60 seconds Challenge 3

It was so close and I managed to unlock the vault at the very last second. I thought I wouldn’t be able to make it but luck had sided me to make it happen and the very last key was the one.

Berjaya Times Square Unlock in 60 seconds Challenge 4

The door of the vault opens and behind it where it sits a huge stack of specimen cash awaits.

Berjaya Times Square Unlock in 60 seconds Challenge Win

Yes, I WON MYR200! Finally, I could take a breather from the suspense and I was drained with sweat.

Berjaya Times Square Unlock in 60 seconds Challenge Prize

Shoppers who won the prize will be provided with cheque and here is mine!

Berjaya Rasa Utara

As I was invited as a media, we were then treated with lunch at Rasa Utara, a northen Malaysian cuisine that is frequented by our former Prime Minister, Tun Dr Mahathir. The brand has underwent a thorough revamp in 2011 to keep it up-to-date.

Berjaya Rasa Utara 2

Here was the heart warming food that I get to taste. Clockwise,  Daging Rendang Utara, Sayur Campur, Ayam Kari Kapitan, Ayam Goreng Cili Lagenda and Kari Ikan Rasa Utara. My favorite is the Daging Rendang Utara because it doesn’t just taste like the ordinary beef rendang but it has an additional spice that enhance and makes the beef much more flavorful. My other favorite would be Ayam Kari Kapitan as it wasn’t as milky but maintains it’s flavor although gravy isn’t thick. It is delicious and I was fed well!

Unlock in 60 seconds campaign will be available from May 26 till September 21, 2014. This will be an unforgettable experience for Berjaya Times Square shoppers as it brings great excitement and interactions. Trust me, though this is nerve wrecking but it was fun. Don’t miss out your chance! Like Berjaya Times Square Facebook below for the latest news and events!


Traclyn Yeoh

First Ames Room in Malaysia at Berjaya Times Square!

Pronounced as ‘aim’, Ames room was introduced in 1935 by renowned German physician and physicist, Hermann Helmholtz. An optical illusion to trick your eyes where of what it seems an ordinary cubic-shaped room designed to make one to look larger than the other. Typically, one would look like a giant and another is a dwarf!

Berjaya Times Square Ames Room

This season, Berjaya Times Square brings you the first ever Ames Room in Malaysia and recently certified by the Malaysian Book of Records. The room was build at the Ground Floor Central and you could spot this attraction just as you enter by the main entrance of Berjaya Times Square.

Berjaya Times Square Ames Room 3D Art

3D art to match the surrounding of the Ames Room making it more lively than just an illusion room and this attraction corresponds with the country’s annual Malaysia Grand Prix Sale.

Berjaya Times Square Ames Room Close Up

A closer look of Ames room, this will be available from 15 March till 30 April 2014 for all shoppers of Berjaya Times Square. Of course, terms and conditions applied to redeem your shot at Ames Room.

Berjaya Times Square Ames Room Brochure

With the minimum purchase of MYR80 in a single receipt of the same day, shoppers of Berjaya Times Square will be able to redeem their chance to photograph in Ames Room. Just show your receipt by the Information Counter and you will be given the photo holder. Proceed to Ames Room and have fun! Minimum of 2 person and maximum of 6 person for the photo opportunity.

Berjaya Times Square Ames Room Photographer

Each redemption gets two shots and friendly staff members of Berjaya Times Square will assist you from the beginning till the end. You’ll able to catch an eye of the photographer by the outside of the Ames Room, he/she will also be assisting you where to stand and how to pose. Ames Room opens daily from 12PM till 30 April 2014.

Berjaya Times Square Ames Room 4

Here’s my shot with my BF! And thanks to him to entertain my silliness in the photo and for once, I look bigger than him! This is from my personal camera as I was invited to share my complimentary with my readers.

Berjaya Times Square Ames Room 3

Another one of me, looking so tiny! I always wish that I’m petite and now I could imagine how I look like one. This is also from my personal camera.

Berjaya Times Square Ames Room 2


This is the official shot and I love how did this photo turned out. Yes, I’m laughing at my BF for being tiny!

Berjaya Times Square Ames Room 1

Second official shot and oh yes, it was a payback time from the BF as I’m so much smaller! It was really fun to see these photos.

Berjaya Times Square Ames Room Redemption Period

Shoppers be able to redeem 2 of the photos immediately to attach on photo holder given earlier as a souvenir. Redemption of the photos are totally FREE and no charges applied.

Berjaya Times Square Ames Room Photo Redemption

This is how the photo collection booth looked, just by the side of the Ames Room. Shoppers are advised to queue patiently as the response for Ames Room can be overwhelming. Attach your photos onto the photo holder and voila, bring it back home with you. Do keep them because there is something exciting towards the end of this post.

Berjaya Times Square Ames Room Instagram
Berjaya Times Square also awards shoppers who uploads a photo of ‘ The First Ames Room in Malaysia’ in Instagram or Facebook with hashtags of #berjayatimessquarekl #thefirstamesroom #amesroomkl #icecreamevents .You’ll be rewarded with limited edition key chain, terms and conditions apply.

Berjaya Times Square Ames Room Facebook Pose & Win

The photos taken are not only as a souvenier but you’ll be able to use your shots to join their Pose & Win Facebook Contest. Photos taken in Ames Room will be uploaded in Berjaya Times Square Facebook and you’ll be able to download for personal use or to participate the contest. With a few simple steps of uploading your photo, adding caption and personal details, providing the serial number from the photo holder (the reason to keep it!) and submit to stand a chance to win the prizes above! Submit your photo here.

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Berjaya Times Square Big Ten-rific Bash, Celebrating Their 10th Anniversary!

A couple of weeks back, I received a call saying that I am one of the consolation prize winner for a Facebook contest that I have participated. I have forgotten about it, disbelief and feeling lucky to know that I have won something! Thanks to generous Berjaya Times Square and they have recently just celebrated their 10th year anniversary on the 29th September. All of their loyal shoppers were invited to come together to celebrate the golden moments of it.

Berjaya Times Square Big Ten-rific Anniversary Cupcake Tower

Right before the high red curtains were the stage is hidden, stands a 10 tier tower of cupcakes made and sponsored by Berjaya University College of Hospitality.

Berjaya Times Square Big Ten-rific Anniversary Cupcakes

Each of their cupcakes are decorated with the names of location themes in Berjaya Times square such as 1st Avenue, Central Park, Tiny Taipei, Grand Musical Stairs as well as Guinnes World Record title holder for the Largest Capsule Vending Machine.

Berjaya Times Square Big Ten-rific Anniversary VIP

Upon the arrival of the VIPs, there were Ms Koh Huey Min (Executive Director of Berjaya Times Square Kuala Lumpur), Madam Loh (mother of Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Vincent Tan [Chairman & Chief Executive of Berjaya Corporation Berhad]) and Mr Tan Mun Choy (Chairman of Berjaya Times Square Joint Management Body).

Berjaya Times Square Big Ten-rific Anniversary Launch

The celebration is officiated by the VIPs and our host is no strange humorous emcee, Mr Bernard Liew. As the VIPs officiate, the high red curtain drops revealing the stage.

Berjaya Times Square Big Ten-rific Anniversary History

From the top view (which cannot be seen here), it reveals a Mickey Mouse shaped stage with three projector screens and staircase that is incorporated with the Grand Musical  Staircase. Reminiscence the past, Berjaya Times Square was opened since 2003 and I lived nearby, I have witnessed all since they were constructed. It feels nostalgic yet happy and proud that Berjaya Times Square had made this far.

Berjaya Times Square Big Ten-rific Anniversary Clown Performance

We were greeted with jolly happy and perky clowns. Clowns on stilts were making some balloons and enters to the stage area. At the same time, there are some on unicycle, juggling and another gives us a yo-yo performance.

Berjaya Times Square Big Ten-rific Anniversary  Facebook Wish & Win Contest Winners

Image Courtesy of Berjaya Times Square

The first prize giving is for Facebook Wish & Win Contest. This has started since  10th June till 13th September 2013  and participants will just have to share what they wish to spend in Berjaya Times Square and why if they were given MYR1000.  Five winners has their wish fullfilled and 10  consolation prize  worth MYR 300. Can you spot me? I’m one of them and I have won a Fujifilm Instax Mini 8!

Berjaya Times Square Big Ten-rific Anniversary Victoria Institution Band

We were then entertained with band performance by Victoria Institution. They are also representing our country to compete with other nations this year.

Berjaya Times Square Big Ten-rific Anniversary Media Draw

Media members are also showered with rewards  for their great support by having a live draw based on their name cards during registration. Prizes showered are Fujifilm Instax Mini 8, Borders gift voucher worth MYR100, spa package from Beaute A’nergy worth MYR320, 2 Days 1 Night stay in Berjaya Times Square Hotel Kuala Lumpur, 3 Days 2 Nights stay in Berjaya Langkawi Resort and 3 Days 2 Night stay in Berjaya Tioman Resort.  10 of the media members was selected and luck came by to me, I won the spa package too!

Berjaya Times Square Big Ten-rific Anniversary Magic Show

No matter how much secrets are revealed, who doesn’t enjoy magic show? This man certainly caught our attention by taking imaginary ‘pieces’ off from the forehead of audiences into a tiny box, place it on the table and floats it.  He even picks one from the crowd to join with him to witness the floating table.

Berjaya Times Square Big Ten-rific Anniversary Dance Performance

Psy Gentleman dance moves hype didn’t die off, these girls are bring them back again live! They made me feel like dancing so much!

Berjaya Times Square Big Ten-rific Anniversary Perfect 10 Winners

The moment of many shopper awaited was the live draw of  ‘The Perfect 10 Celebration’. For every MYR50 spent in unlimited receipts can redeem lucky draw tickets and all tickets are deposited in a box to be drawn live as to this celebration. 10 lucky winners was selected to walk away with packages of memorable holiday of their dreams. Each packages is worth MYR10,000 and that’s a total MYR100,00. The ticket collection has been recorded of 81,600 tickets throughout the duration of 4 months.

Berjaya Times Square Big Ten-rific Anniversary Burlesque Dance

In the mid of the live draw, we were also entertained with burlesque theme-like dance moves. You got to love them because they have never stop smilling! Plus during the live draw, there’s quite a bit shoppers missed their chance of winning the prize since they weren’t present.

Berjaya Times Square Big Ten-rific Anniversary  Perfect 10 Winners 2

Congratulations to all the ‘Perfect 10 Celebration’ winners and it ended with a huge confetti burst, flashes of camera taking their proud and happy faces.

Berjaya Times Square Big Ten-rific Anniversary Ballons

The never ending reward with balloons filled with vouchers of retailers in Berjaya Times Square was released to reward shoppers who was around with us for the celebration. Congratulations for your 10th anniversary Berjaya Times Square!

Fred not if you have missed out this celebration because Berjaya Times Square has more for you. Just like their Facebook below and you’ll be updated with latest updates daily!

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The Season To Dazzle at 1st Avenue, The Beauty Zone

Berjaya Times Square have delighted us with the launch of Beauty Zone in 1st Avenue with a collective of beauty brands to serve you with their flagship products and services. New and existing brands worldwide comes together to form Beauty Zone for you to discover skin care to make-up

With this launch, we get to attend the special effect make-up course by SUB International which is located at Lot 08-55, No.08-63, Level 8.

SUB International School of Beauty & Make-up offers more than 20 professional courses and is well equipped with the latest technology, teaching skills and materials. All classes are guided by qualified tutors and our goal is to train SUB’s students according to international standards and trends of the beauty industry. – SUB Beauty International

Other than offering courses, they do have their very own brand of skin care, make-up line, make-up brushes, makeup sponges & puffs, train case, scented candle and many more. Support SUB International by liking their Facebook below!

This special effect make-up course was conducted by Miyuki Ng who is a Make-up Tutor for SUB International with 10 years experience in this industry. Her work has been shown in numerous makeup shows as well as iFeel magazine. She is also the Branch Manager for SUB International School located in Sunway.

Here’s the list of what we’ve learned from the special effect make-up course where Miyuki have enlighten most of us that to create special effect, we don’t have to purchase make-up or products that are specially made for special effects. We could just get DIY with simple ingredients from the kitchen. Below is some interesting gory effects.

By mixing water, tapioca flour and red food colouring powder in a mixing bowl, she has created fake blood. Tapioca flour acts as a thickening agent and the red food colouring powder adds colour to the mixture replicating the colour of blood. Heating up the mixture in low heat could also help to thicken it more. Red food colouring liquid can be used and may not need water in this case.

Apply some glue and add bits of cotton over it then layer on with the fake blood that was made earlier. Use the spatula to push around the cotton and add more food colouring powder if needed to add the colour intensity to the effect. This creates an effect of burned skin.

To create heavily burned skin, repeat the same steps as how to create burned skin but this time, just use more cotton. Prick the cotton upright to create an illusion of badly charred skin.

I never thought it could be this easy to create a bullet hole. Repeat the same steps for burned skin effect but this time, shaped the cotton into an ‘O’.  Carefully adjust the shape with the spatula as you go on and there it is, a bullet hole! I accidentally deleted the photo of all three effects but I do hope you get the idea of how it looks like.

To create slit wrist effect, just roll up two thin cottons and repeat the steps on how to create burned skin. Super easy to fake a slit wrist huh?

After the course, we had our break at Starbucks with their muffins, croissants and sandwiches in 1st Avenue. Everyone were treated with a makeover session by SUB International and I was very lucky to have Miyuki to get my hair done!

Beauty Zone in 1st Avenue is filled with these brands!

  • MaskSlim – a concept store with tons of variety masks for skin and slimming products. Their beauty specialist will guide you through what type of mask will suit you best.
  • AGift with Care – a corporate social responsibility project which aims to create personal care series product and fragrances that provides employment for the special people/
  • Savee – comes from Singapore, earns their reputation locally and internationally including Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, Malaysia and Paraguay for its ‘Go Green’ outlook and quality in their skin care and makeup. They are giving away complimentary makeup vouchers, collagen cream or charcoal mask to reward shoppers for every MYR20 spent at this kiosk in Berjaya Times Square.

  • Mozz Perfume Collection – carries a range of premium quality fragrances from all over Europe. Gift sets are priced from MYR99.00 onwards.
  • Holika Holika – Korea’s number one cosmetic brand famous for its Magic Pole Mascara. Many types of gift hampers available priced from MYR100.00 – MYR180.00.
  • Whitney International Academy – founded by Dr. Zhou Lihui, a member of Malaysia World Chinese Business Women’s Association. This brand aims to provide professional make-up courses to contribute towards internalization of Malaysia’s make-up artists.
  • Flormar – make-up manufactured in Turkey with Halal certification and was established in Milan in 1970s.  There are 200 outlets available in more than 60 countries across 4 continents. Current promotion of MYR1 Flormar nail polishes (limited to 1 unit er shopper per day on first come first serve basis) and for above MYR80.00 purchases, you’ll receive additional products!

1st Avenue is the official host for this season’s redemption and Berjaya Times Square wants you to give you more as you shop.

  • *A Whiff of Enhancement – Spend a minimum of MYR250.00 in no more than 2 same day receipts and redeem a limited edition aromatherapy gift set.
  • *Be the Fairest of Them All – Spend a minimum of MYR100.00 in no more than 2 same day receipt and receive a free makeover by SUB International

*Limited redemption are available at the Information Counter 1st Avenue on a first come first serve basis, while stocks last. For complete terms and conditions, please refer to the Info Board or visit Berjaya Times Square website.

  • Dazzle & Win – Pose and snap a photo right after your makeover with SUB International at their photo booth in 1st Avenue to win professional makeup courses, prizes from Whitney International Academy,  AGift With Care and  Etude House exceeding MYR35,000.00.  Share your photo on Berjaya Times Square website or their Facebook to be the lucky ones!

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