Review: Biore T-Zone Cleansing Strip Pore Pack, I Tried Hard Not to Laugh At How I Look

This is something new that I have spotted when I made my purchase from Watsons and also shared on using it on the day I bought it in my Instagram. It is Biore T-Zone Cleansing Strip Pore Pack.

Biore T-Zone Cleansing Strip Pore Pack
It looks like the usual pore strips and printed with ‘NEW! T-ZONE’ that clearly attracted my attention. This pore strips comes for areas of forehead and chin.

Biore T-Zone Cleansing Strip Pore Pack Description

Basically the pore strips helps to extract blackheads and this is formulated with astringent which I believe Witch Hazel extract is doing the wonders. Biore Pore Pack Strips has been one of my favourites and I usually have them on my chin area too which is why I am so attracted to this.

Biore T-Zone Cleansing Strip Pore Pack How To Use

Using it is simply the same. As for me, I normally like to use it before cleansing my face. The reason being is because the next step I would do is to cleanse my skin and my cleanser would be able to cleanse deeper and minimize the open pores from the extraction.

Biore T-Zone Cleansing Strip Pore Pack Opening Tab

The box comes with a tab to open where the normal ones doesn’t have. Little did I know, I noticed that there’s Japanese language printed on the box and removes the box sleeve.

Biore T-Zone Cleansing Strip Pore Pack Japanese

It reveals that this box is originally printed in Japanese. It should be the same description and the one with the sleeves printed in English is an ease for any customers to understand what it does.

Biore T-Zone Cleansing Strip Pore Packs

In the box, it contains 5 nose strips and 5 forehead and chin strips. Just like the usual, they come in separated foil packs.

Biore T-Zone Cleansing Strip Pore Pack Manual 2

Also in the box, it comes with a manual which entirely in Japanese that I could hardly understand. From the pictures, I could tell it is showing how to use the pore strip and how it helps to remove the blackheads.

Biore T-Zone Cleansing Strip Pore Pack Close Up

Here is how the strips look like. As for the forehead and chin, it comes with 2 triangular strips. I’m not sure if I could still call it strips because of it’s shape or better to call as patch? There isn’t any indication which should go on the forehead or chin area.

Biore T-Zone Cleansing Strip Pore Pack How To

I would use saline solution as my ex-colleague once shared, it effectively cleanses wound and I do find it using this it is much effective to remove my blackheads. You could use water if you don’t have saline solution. I would peel the strip off from the film, place it inside out and pour a sufficient amount of saline solution. Quickly I touch the tip of the solution to distribute it evenly on the strip with my finger.

  1. First goes on to my nose.
  2. Second goes on my forehead.
  3. Third goes on my chin.
  4. Last step is to have a facial cotton sufficiently soaked with the saline solution, press firmly onto the strips to remove air bubbles. This step also ensures that the strip adheres firmly without excessive liquid.

Leave it on until it dries off firmly, the strip will harden and when this happen, it is the best time to remove it slowly and carefully as you will be able to witness the blackheads being removed.

Biore T-Zone Cleansing Strip Pore Pack On Face

This is how it looks like to have the strip on and my friend was telling me I looked like the character in Avatar: The Last Airbender.  My brother and sister in law came by when I have this on and they definitely had a great laugh over my look. I wasn’t even offended at all and I laughed so hard with them.

Biore T-Zone Cleansing Strip Pore Pack After Forehead

Time is up and removed it. This is the result from forehead, I do not expect much removal from this area because I don’t really have much blackheads.

Biore T-Zone Cleansing Strip Pore Pack After Chin

This is from the chin and I actually wished that the strip could be longer because I do have blackheads at the sides of my lips. The removal is not as much as I expected.

Biore T-Zone Cleansing Strip Pore Pack After  Nose

This is from the nose and this strip removes better just like they usually do. Though they did not remove all of my blackheads but at least it shows some results.

Above all…

It didn’t help as much as how their usual pore strips are. Normally, I would use two strips (one for nose, one for chin) and they remove as effective as how this nose pore strip do. I think I would go back to the usual pore strips for their size, effectiveness and in terms of price comparison, it is the same.

Price: MYR10.99

Availability: Watsons


  • Accommodate other areas than nose
  • Affordable


  • Not as effective as compare to the usual
  • Strip size for forehead and chin is small

My Rating: 3.5/5


Traclyn Yeoh

Review: Biore Mild Cleansing Liquid Gives The Convenience But Isn’t Perfect

Finally, I was able to use this after storing it for sometime after receiving it as Mivva Christmas 2013 Beauty Box which I received early this year. I definitely need to use my products faster in order to clear all the skincare from my storage. Since I started using Biore Mild Cleansing Liquid, I got addicted and it is very easy and convenient to use.

Biore Mild Cleansing Liquid

‘Water-based makeup remover, quick and gentle to remove even waterproof makeup.

  • Gently dissolves and removes all makeup including waterproof mascara and foundation.
  • 1/3 Beauty Moisture Essence leaves skin soft and smooth.’

Biore Mild Cleansing Liquid 2

It comes in a soft pink pump bottle shaped like a tear drop. The original label for this makeup remover is in Japanese but for the label at the back of the product was stuck over with the English label.

Biore Mild Cleansing Liquid Pump

The pump comes with a protective cap which is very useful especially when I was travelling because it helped to lock and prevent it to pump any product out while it was in my bag.

Biore Mild Cleansing Liquid Texture

Though it is said that it is liquid, the consistency is like a diluted gel texture because it has certain thickness. It has tingling sweet fresh scent to it.

Biore Mild Cleansing Liquid Ingredients

Understand from the ingredient that it contains alcohol but I believe it should be in a small percentage since it is listed almost the the end from the listing. The recommended is to dispense the product and massage onto face  to dissolve makeup and yes, normally I do as per instructed. When it comes to massaging around the eye area, the product does irritate my eyes and I usually rinse right after I think that I have massage enough. Frankly speaking, I was massaging with my eyes closed most of the time.

Biore Mild Cleansing Liquid Before & After

This is how well it as removed and you can see clearly my imperfections from here. Yup, my skin isn’t behaving very well lately, getting breakouts here and there.  There are times that the makeup remover wasn’t able to completely remove my mascara or eye liner.

Above all…

I wanted to love this makeup remover until recently it wasn’t able to completely remove my mascara or eye liner and it left a patch that was very stubborn to remove no matter how much pressure I applied massaging the makeup remover in. I had to scrape it with my nails at the end which it is not advisable at all.

There was no clear instruction if I should use a cleanser after this makeup remover. Most of the time I use only the makeup remover and occasionally, I would use cleanser after when I felt like my skin needs deeper cleansing. It could be this reason that I’m getting breakouts.

I couldn’t deny how easy to use this whereby with a few pumps, I’ll be able to remove my makeup and other impurities without drying my skin. Call me lazy but this is useful when I come home and gotten tired after the long day. If you have acne-prone or sensitive skin, I wouldn’t recommend this. I’m just worried that you may breakout just like I did.

Price: tbc

Weight: 230ml

Availability: All nationwide leading pharmacies, super and hypermarkets


  • Easy and convenient
  • Travel friendly protective cap
  • Doesn’t dry out skin
  • Gentle on skin


  • Irritates eyes
  • Broke me out

My Rating: 4/5


Traclyn Yeoh

Review: Refresh My Body Anytime & Anywhere, No More Feeling Sticky with Biore Body Powder Wipes!

With the heat and humidity level in Malaysia, its hard to stay fresh all day unless you’re in the air conditioning all the time. When you sweat, that’s where all the trouble comes. You’ll start to feel sticky, uneasy and worry if your body odour is going to bother anyone. Biore introduce the new, Body Powder Wipes an on-the-go wipes that you could bring to you anywhere you want and use it anytime.

Biore Body Powder Wipes that not only instantly refresh but also remove all odour, perspiration and stickiness with just one wipe!
Unlike common wet wipes that tend to leave a sticky feeling, Biore Body Powder wipes are formulated with superfine, translucent powder that leaves your skin smooth, soft and comfortable. Leaves no white residue.
Comes in a handy pack that allows one to freshen up anytime, anywhere. Available in Fresh Soap and Fresh Citrus fragrance.’ – Biore

These wipes promises to leave skin feeling smooth and powdery with the ability to remove odour and sticky feeling. It can be use on any part of the body or sweaty areas such as underarms, chest, back, neck and legs. Because these wipes contains alcohol, it is not recommended for babies and for sensitive skin. I have been waiting for wipes like this to come because I could use it after my sports or outing.

Once you’ve unpack from its packaging, they are in packets with peel back adhesive strip. Just like many travel wet wipes pack, those peel back adhesive strip helps to retain moisturise of the wipes. At the back of the pack, its all printed with Japanese which I have no idea what its says because I can’t read Japanese. 

The size of the wipe is approximately half size smaller than my wet wipes (I’m using Guardian  Baby Wipes) but its far thicker. It has 4 ply which something I wasn’t expecting. The wipes also embedded with Biore name over it and it feels soft on my body.

Here is a before and after which doesn’t show a big difference but my skin does look slightly brighter after using it. It does leave my skin feeling smooth without any white cast of the powder. Sara sara powder is what makes my skin feels smooth after using this wipes.


The Fresh Soap scent has great alcohol scent as to compare with Fresh Citrus, however the alcohol doesn’t stay. I would still prefer Fresh Citrus because its more on the lemony scent and refreshing. These wipes are smaller in size compared to the ordinary wet wipes but they are much thicker which is a plus point because it doesn’t tear easily. Though the alcohol content is the second in the ingredients listing, I have no trouble with it on my skin. It helps to clean my skin too because there are traces of crumbled dirts coming off when I used it (probably my body lotion) but the wipe doesn’t trap the dirt, I have to sweep it off my body.


When I go for sports especially cycling, I usually head out to get going for the rest of the other day without showering but I do change clothing and try clean myself as much as I can but the ordinary wet wipes still leaves sticky feeling which still makes me uncomfortable. This is a winner because it leaves my skin feeling smooth although I expected the powdery function could be better. I would recommend this for those who sweat easily or active in sports no matter men or women, it can be easily fit into the bag because its so travel savvy. Its great to use it even to just cool yourself.

Price: MYR 7.90

Weight: 10 wipes/45ml

Collection Status: Permanent

Availability: 27 August 2012 at Watsons

Find out more Biore Malaysia updates by liking their Facebook below!



  • Easy to travel with
  • 4 ply for each wipe
  • No sticky feeling
  • Helps to clean skin


  • Fresh Soap scent has more alcohol scent
  • Doesn’t trap dirt

My rating: 4.6/5


~ ♦ ~

These wipes has been provided for review purposes, please refer disclaimer.

Traclyn Yeoh

May 2012 Hits and Misses

Let’s recap! May is quite an eventful month especially I was featured in Lancome’s Rouge In Love Lipstick tutorial. Lancome Rouge In Love is now available over the counters and I have the swatches if you’re interested on the lipstick. For my Youtube updates are not as much as April because I’ve gotten a little lazy on certain weekends and was away for a short vacation. Only three videos which is Mysterious Out Look, Removing Contact Lens with Q-tips and Girls’ Generation-TTS- Twinkle Tiffany Inspired. Oh H&M is coming soon on September and let’s see what do I have for the hits and misses last month.

1. Lancôme Teint Miracle Instant Retouch Pen in 03

I love that this is salmon based which works great for dark circles. Its a click pen which is very easy to use, just press on the end and the concealer comes out on the other end which has synthetic brush on it. The coverage is sheer to medium, great to go for daily use because of its light texture.  This also can be used as eye shadow base. Its available at Lancôme counters for MYR95.00.

2. Naruko Narcissus Defense BB Sunscreen SPF50

Basically this is like a tinted sunscreen and purchased this in March. I’m trying so hard to love this sunscreen but I can’t. My skin is combination skin and this didn’t have oil controlling properties in it. My face get extremely greasy within 3 hours although I tried setting it with powder. I wouldn’t recommend this if you have combination to oily skin types. I purchased this for MYR75.00 along with a makeup remover, you might want to check on it here.

3. Bioré Cleansing Oil-In Cotton Wipes

I almost forgot how handy this is until recently I went for my short vacation. These wipes are soaked with the cleansing oil and what makes it travel friend is, they come in little packets. They remove makeup easily without me to carry the full size makeup remover with me and you can find them at Watsons, Guardian, major supermarkets and etc. They are not very expensive but I couldn’t remember the exact price, maybe MYR6.00+ ?

4. The Face Shop Nail Color in OR205

Its all about summer now, kind of makes not much of the difference in Malaysia (we have sun all around the year!) but just want to hype up the season. Summer is all about the bright colors and currently, this bright orange nail polish is the winner. I purchased this a while back and never used it at all and The Face Shop has changed their nail polish bottle design, it no longer looked like this. Its not very opaque, I layer it twice on my nails and they were MYR5.90.


What are your must haves currently?


Traclyn Yeoh