Talika Body Shaping Challenge: Weekend Fashion Of The Day

It’s been a while after I have shared on the Second Series of Talika Body Shaping Challenge and previously I did share what’s this second challenge about. Thank you so much for those who had participated in the giveaway and I will be announcing the winners soon.

Talika Body Shaping Challenge - Zero Stretch Mark & Zero Stretch Mark - Traclyn's Fashion Coordinate

Since last month till last weekend, I was occupied with errands every week. Busy but I’m liking and prefer what I do on weekends more. I have noticed that I love sharing my FOTD (fashion of the day) recently in my Instagram and if you yet to follow me, please do! I’m a very shy person to do my selfie but I feel confident to snap on my own FOTD recently as my body seems to be much more toned. I got to admit that my hips are quite big but they felt smoother and slightly less bulgy. I would say the Shaping Serum doesn’t give dramatic result as it has to work with the harmony of my body.  With the Zero Stretch Mark, I have yet to see any results but hopefully it shows something in a week or two! Please stay tuned!


Traclyn Yeoh

Get That Ageless Body & Freeze Those Fats Away!

Don’t we love to have that ageless body where no matter what we do or eat, our body will not store those nasty fats? Just last weekend, I have joined Mediviron UOA Aesthetics Clinic on their Ageless Body event. It was open to public and I have also shared with everyone about it in my Facebook. Please do follow me in my Facebook for tons more beauty and events update!

Get That Ageless Body & Freeze Those Fats Away!  Dr Lasheela

Dr Lashela, who has more than 7 years of experience in medicine practice and has great experience in aesthetics medicine as well as treating dermatological diseases. In Ageless Body, we were introduced to a machine that helps to reduce stubborn fat on targeted areas with less fuss.

Get That Ageless Body & Freeze Those Fats Away! Cool Sculpting Info

The machine that Dr Lashela speak of is Cool Sculpting, a non-invasive fat busting treatment and results can be seen as early as 3 weeks of 20 – 25% fat reduction. No anaesthesia or incisions used, no downtime and great alternative for liposuction. Using Crylipolysis, which is a cooling technology to eliminate fat without damaging other parts of the body internally.

Get That Ageless Body & Freeze Those Fats Away! Ageless Body

Cool Sculpting can be used on areas such as flanks, stomach, upper back, lower back and inner thighs, these are the problematic areas where stubborn fat stays. Suitable candidates for such treatment will be those who has stubborn fat, wants to achieve well-toned body and to lose love handles, flabby tummy, wobbly thighs and arms. If  you are the one with high muscle mass, you’re not suitable for this.

Get That Ageless Body & Freeze Those Fats Away!  Cool Fit Hand Piece

Here is how the applicator looks and this machine is developed by Harvard University scientist, Dieter Manstein, MD, PhD and R. Rox Anderson, MD. This technology was born after the observation of some children who gets their dimples from eating popsicles and this is licensed by Massachuettes General Hospital, a teaching affiliate of Harvard Medical School.

Get That Ageless Body & Freeze Those Fats Away!  Treatment Room

We were also brought to tour around the clinic for their different aesthetics treatment rooms and this will be the room for doing Cool Sculpting treatment.

Get That Ageless Body & Freeze Those Fats Away!  Demo

Dr Lashela performed a 10-minute demonstration to share with us how it looks to undergo this treatment.

  1. Use the Cool Sculpting template to mark on the areas at the peak of the bulges.
  2. Apply gel pad over the marked area and this is to protect the skin as well as to retain moisture.
  3. Covering lining for the applicator.
  4. With one hand supporting the arm and another hand holds the applicator. Place the applicator to the treatment area, leave on for an hour for each targeted area. Patients will be supported comfortably with pillows and towels.
  5. Once it’s timed, remove the applicator and massage the treatment area for 2 mins. Clean and pat dry.

What happened while having the Cool Sculpting applicator on is, it uses a controlled cooling to crystallize fat cells on the area, fat cells will gradually die then will be eliminated through your lymphatic system.

Get That Ageless Body & Freeze Those Fats Away!  Demo 2

Patients will usually feel numb, deep pulling/pinching/stinging during the treatment. After the treatment, there will be some redness and mild swelling. Since the treatment need an hour of each area, patients can always listen to music, watch movies, read, work on laptops or even sleep.

Get That Ageless Body & Freeze Those Fats Away!  Participants

Mediviron UOA couldn’t leave us with empty hand at the end of the session and each of us get a variety of prizes from voucher, skin cares and more! We are also allowed to do skin analysis and BMI test after the session.

Mediviron UOA Aesthetics - Visia Complexion Analysis Facial Assessment Report

This was my skin analysis result using Visia Complexion Analysis  which surprised me because my skin condition hasn’t been in positive for most of my skin analysis and this has brighten up my day. The percentage showing is what I have and I will need to improve the missing percentage. What I have to improve the most from the missing percentage is spots (31%), texture (25%) and wrinkles (22%). It seems that I have protected my skin very well on UV spots as what I have is 99%, thank you to my daily SPF50 sun block!

For my BMI test, I’m healthy and the numbers are showing well although the overall results states that I’m underweight.

  • Weight: 48.8kg
  • Height: 165cm
  • Overall fat: 23.3%
  • Metabolic Age: 19 years old
  • BMI: 17.9
  • Calories Intake per day: 1124 kcal
  • Viceral Fat: 1

Through Ageless Body, I learned another new machine that helps to bust fat effortlessly and I really enjoy finding out more about how it works as well as the technology behind it. It was a great session!

Mediviron UOA Aesthetics Clinic will be having events occasionally and to keep yourself updated with their latest don’t forget to like their Facebook below!

Traclyn Yeoh

Liposonix, One Treatment, One Hour & One Size Smaller Without Surgery

Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre shares with us their latest  beauty treatment available just last weekend. They are a beauty medical center specialized in cosmetic surgery, hair transplant, aesthetic medicine (non-surgical and laser treatments) and healthy aging (wellness and cell therapy).

Beverly Wilshire Liposonix, One Treatment, One Hour & One Size Smaller Without Surgery - Dr Karen

Dr Karen Po,  who is the Consultant Aesthetic Physician of Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre who is very passionate on aesthetic medicine especially after her eldest daughter was born with cafe-au-lait birthmark on her face. She also shared with us treatments such as Thermage Total Tip 3.0, Fraxel DUAL 1550/1927 and Liposonix.

  • Thermage Total Tip 3.0

Thermage treatment has been around for quite a while and this treatment has been improved to be highly effective for face, neck and body for smoother, tighter and redefined skin also softening the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It uses radiofrequency technology that delivers safe heat deep into our skin to stimulate collagen.

  • Fraxel DUAL 1550/1927

Its a laser treatment to resurface skin targeted on skin surface and deeper layers. It is recommended for age spots, sun spots, freckles, acne cars, pigmentation and wrinkles. The numbers are two unique codes, 1550 helps to penetrate deep into the skin and 1927 targets to tone and other signs of aging.

  • Liposonix

A non-surgical fat reduction procedure targeting around your waistline with little to no downtime or aftercare. It uses high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) energy to bust stubborn fats that stays on even after the effort of dieting and exercising. Let’s get deeper into this!

Beverly Wilshire Liposonix, One Treatment, One Hour & One Size Smaller Without Surgery -  Crystal

Liposonix system helps to breakdown fat cells under our skin, as deep as 1.3cm. Above is the crystal that shows the depth of the system when the treatment is done. Once the fat breaks up, it will be flushed out through our body lymphatic system. However, do not mistaken that Liposonix can be replace as a liposuction or surgical treatment but it is a quick, easy and safe treatment to lose that last inch to achieve the body shape that you always long for.

Beverly Wilshire Liposonix, One Treatment, One Hour & One Size Smaller Without Surgery - Demo

The ideal candidate for Liposonix must be able to ‘pinch-an-inch’ on targeted area, have a body mass index (BMI) equal or less than 30, healthy and have realistic expectation on the results. As seen above, Dr Karen demonstrates to us ‘pinch-an-inch’ has to be done with patient standing straight, then she does marking  on the targeted area as a guide during the treatment. Water is sprayed on the skin to be the conductor of the treatment. Once the device is removed, patients will feel mild swelling, redness and discomfort.

Beverly Wilshire Liposonix, One Treatment, One Hour & One Size Smaller Without Surgery - Machine

Here is how the Liposonix machine looks like and uses the handpiece device to place and treat targeted areas. Results can be vary depending on individuals, it can be seen within 8 to 12 weeks and on average, an hour duration of treatment shows the result of waist reduction of 1 inch, about one size smaller.

Beverly Wilshire Liposonix, One Treatment, One Hour & One Size Smaller Without Surgery -Trial

Everybody gets to feel the treatment and I never miss that chance. Dr Karen mentioned I didn’t qualify for the ‘pinch-an-inch’ but it still can be done on my back upper hip. Dr Karen and the nurses had to pinch and push my fats together before placing the handpiece. I could instantly feel a significant prickling effect and the pain is bearable. However, the level of pain is depends on individual’s endurance. For me, the pain didn’t last once I have exited from the treatment room.

If you’re interested to find out more these treatments, you could contact them by telephone or email. Currently, they have two centres and you could find their contacts according to your preferred centre through their website, Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre. If you wish to be updated with their latest news on Facebook, don’t forget to give them a like below!

Traclyn Yeoh

Talika Body Shaping Challenge: Meet The Challengers

When most people was either tucking- in at home or celebrated our Independence Day last weekend, I was almost late for an important brunch at Acme Bar & Cafe. Finally, I get to meet everyone who is participating Talika Body Shaping Challenge.

Talika Body Shaping Challenge - Brunch

It has been four weeks of the challenge and its time to sit back, get ourselves ready for the second part of this challenge. It was a fulfilling brunch, I have ordered the Farmer’s Breakfast Hash and Hot Chocolate. They taste better than I have remembered from the last time I visited Acme.

Talika Body Shaping Challenge - Brunch 2

Rebeccah (standing left) and Cindy (standing right) from Talika Malaysia shared with us what will be our next challenge. There are two products introduced to us for our continuation of this challenge and I will reveal it soon which products are they and what do they do for our body.

Talika Body Shaping Challenge - Brunch 3

Standing (left to right): Me, Ivy, Wendy, Diana, Rebeccah, Cindy, Swee San, Evelyn

Seated (left to right) Sharon, Carmen, Cindy

I would say it was an awesome brunch where we did not only speak of the challenge, many random chats as well as beauty tips from head to toe. Besides of sharing what we products introduced to us, I will have a giveaway running soon to get you on the board for the feel of this challenge. Please stay tuned! Meanwhile, you can always follow me in any of the social media to keep youself updated.


Traclyn Yeoh