Win! China Glaze Holiday Giveaway!

Season of giving hasn’t stop yet and this time, I’m looking out for all you nail lovers to show off your nail designs to me! Incollaboration with China Glaze Malaysia, here’s a giveaway for specially for you!

China Glaze Holiday Giveaway

Aren’t those prizes attractive? China Glaze is so generous with their prizes even I would like to have it too. To participate this giveaway is easy!

Step One: Like My Facebook and China Glaze Malaysia below and share this post to Facebook/ Instagram/ Tumblr/ Blog/ Pinterest

Step Two: Submit your best holiday nails for this year to this album. Just ‘Add Photo’ to the album and include your details of name, email address and describe your holiday nails. Follow the format below:


Step Three: Gather as much ‘like’ as you can to your nail design submission.

Wish all the best to all of you and good luck! If you have any problems with adding the photo to the album, you can always drop me an email with your details to


Terms & conditions

  • Open to Malaysia residents only
  • Giveaway ends on 5 January 2014
  • Only one photo per person to participate
  • Winner will be based on the number of ‘likes’ gathered
  • China Glaze Malaysia will send the prize personally to the winners.


Traclyn Yeoh

Fall Fashion Pairing with China Glaze Autumn Nights Collection

Summer has long gone and fall is where everything starts to be chilly all over. That doesn’t prohibit any fashionista to flaunt their pairings of their outfit to fit this season and at the same time to keep that inspiration coming in.

China Glaze Autumn Night Fall Fashion Pairing Banner

China Glaze Malaysia brings us their new Fall collection named Autumn Nights. This range is rich with colors, luxurious and elegant, great to go for any fashionista to complete their pairings. These are great to go with evening outs, cocktail parties, dinner functions with the girls laughing and flirting around the people they meet.

China Glaze Autumn Night Fall Fashion Pairing

This collection comes in 12 shades where they are not just your standard fall colors but inclusive of metallic gold an silver for that glamorous and luxurious feel. They are formulated to quick dry and last for a week without chipping, best to go with a layer of top coat to make it last even longer.

In collaboration with China Glaze Malaysia, I came out with my very own Fall fashion pairings incorporating each of the Autumn Nights shades. It took me quite a while to gather the right fashion to complete each look and they are whimsical, elegant, glam, edgy and chic. Let’s get into it!

Fall 2013 Fashion Pairing With China Glaze Autumn Night - Gossip Over Gimlets

Gossip Over Gimlet is a platinum shimmer nail polish which gives a very whimsical feel. I pair it with this grey dress patterned with maple leaf around it, matches with Fall season perfectly and the leaf necklace just adds more accent to it. The cream knitted cardigan adds more softness to the look with cream ribbon pumps. The ash grey handbag with gold chain matches the leaf necklace to compliments further for any cocktail party.

Fall 2013 Fashion Pairing With China Glaze Autumn Night - Goldie But Goodie

This look is glam and soft as to portray Goldie But Goodie which is a rust gold shimmer nail polish. I have combined cream fish tail dress with gold prints,  gold chunky leaf necklace and to warm up the look with large collared long sleeve beige coat. The gold accent never stops here but to carry a beige clutch with gold trims and fish clasp, heart bangles and gold glitter peep toe pumps.

Fall 2013 Fashion Pairing With China Glaze Autumn Night - Strike Up A Cosmo

Rose gold is a very popular color for Fall and Strike Up A Cosmo reminds me to bring the full on glamour to every cocktail party. This pairing portrays a strong character wearing rose gold sequinned peplum top with bodycon soft pink skirt. The burgundy asymmetrical peplum blazer will allow the sequinned peplum top peek through. Carry a matching rose gold winged tote and walk with strappy rose gold heels fit perfectly also for a girls night out.

Fall 2013 Fashion Pairing With China Glaze Autumn Night - Rendezvous With You

Your evening night out will not be ever boring with this flirty and elegant pairing. Rendezvous With You is a purple shimmer nail polish which shows edginess and elegance. I have combined one shoulder purple laced dress with long gold necklace. Get cozy with the black asymmetrical blazer and accessorize with gold diamond bangles and black rhinestones with gold frame clutch. To compliment the blazer and clutch, I have picked black strappy suede heels to walk on.

Fall 2013 Fashion Pairing With China Glaze Autumn Night - Public Relations

Public Relations is a violet gunmetal shimmer nail polish and by the name of it, we know that this carries a strong and detailed character.  I have selected a dark grey with white laced bodycon dress pairing it with a simple black blazer. To create an even stronger look, I have also selected a black statement necklace with a matching statement ring and a sleek grey watch. Busy characters always carry quite a bit of things with them where I have included a winged black and white handbag and not to miss, the black patent pump heels.

Fall 2013 Fashion Pairing With China Glaze Autumn Night - Kiss My Glass

This look is an inspiration from Carrie (Sex and The City) where she glams up incredibly well especially on night outs and dinner. This soft grey dress comes with many details of shiny sequins and beads, and accessorize it with simple heart swarovski necklace and bracelet. To match the swarovski, I have also selected a silver strappy heels with beads and rhinestones details to it.  The glam continues on with a darker grey coat with black faux fur and carry a vintage chunky clutch.

Fall 2013 Fashion Pairing With China Glaze Autumn Night - Tongue Chic

Who says that you can’t wear bright during Fall? Tongue Chic is a emerald shimmer nail polish where I have combined it with cream and white for this pairing. First to go with the turquoise ombre maxi dress and cream blazer with black ribbon. Fill the neck line with a cream statement necklace and a pair of white pump heels. The white and gold clutch allows the nail shade to show better as it contrasts.

Fall 2013 Fashion Pairing With China Glaze Autumn Night - Scandalous Shenanigans

Scandalous Shenanigans is a rich blue shimmer nail polish where rich colors are being brought in. This is more down to earth chic look where I have selected a dress with top white, blue pleated bottom with beads detailing on the waist.  To add softness to the look, I have pair it with brown leather jacker and brown knee length heeled boots. There are days where it maybe a little colder, I have add a light blue scarf and match the rich blue with  the edgy blue clutch.

Fall 2013 Fashion Pairing With China Glaze Autumn Night - QueenB

Queen B is a purple blue crème nail polish and I have came to do a conservative yet trendy look for this. This blue turtle necked bodycon dress doesn’t reveal much skin but it is very stylish and accentuates figure. Pair it with a deep blue faux two -piece blazer and glam up with matching gold chain necklace and bracelet as well as a gold statement ring. The conservativeness continues with a matching black  tote bag and patent pointy heels of black and gold.

Fall 2013 Fashion Pairing With China Glaze Autumn Night - Charmed Im Sure

Charmed I’m Sure is a purple creme nail polish which screams so much elegance to it. I picked a simple deep purple cross front long dress and pair it with body chain  which effortlessly gives so much details to the look. To compliment with the elegance and glam, I have paired it with black diamonte clutch, bracelet and heels. Rest assured to keep warm with a long black trench coat especially at night.

Fall 2013 Fashion Pairing With China Glaze Autumn Night - Don't Make Me Wine

This look is much edgy because Don’t Make Me Wine is a red violet shimmer nail polish, very rich yet dark. I have picked a tube dress where the top is black  and the bottom is bright magenta ruffled. Pair it with black leather jacket and contrast it with pink statement necklace and magenta rhinestone bangle. To compliment the black, I have also selected the black ringed clutch, statement ring and ankle heeled boots. Fall 2013 Fashion Pairing With China Glaze Autumn Night - Red-y Willing

Red-Y Willing is a red shimmer nail polish that could possibly portray elegance. I have selected this red chiffon dress with black lace prints on it.  It’s conservative yet soft for its texture, I have selected matching lace clutch and heels. To accentuate the waist further, I have picked a thin gold belt to contrast the dress.  The black  military-inspired trench coat will help to keep you warm from the cold weather.

These are the 12 pairings complimenting each other with China Glaze Autumn Night Collection. The nail polishes are available for MYR 42.00 at Isetan One Utama and KLCC. I know its a little difficult especially in Malaysia to wear jackets and coats but I think skipping them would allow you to be elegant, glamorous and edgy, just like how I did for all the pairings.  Do share with me which pairing do you like and I’ll be happy to hear from you! Give a ‘Like’ on their China Glaze Malaysia Facebook below to keep yourself updated with their latest!


Traclyn Yeoh

China Glaze Summer Fling 2013, Introducing Hologlam & Avant Garden Collection

Last week, China Glaze launched two new collection with the theme Summer Fling 2013 bringing to you fresh, vibrant and glamorous nail polish shades. Thanks to Fiona of that I was able to participate the launch along with a few bloggers to know further about the collection.

China Glaze Summer Fling 2

China Glaze has been highly raved especially in the US for its quality and opacity. To go along with summer vibe, most of us were dressed in bright and floral fashion.

China Glaze Summer Fling - Hologram

China Glaze Hologlam

This collection shades are very futuristic, galactic, luminous and glamorous. What’s so special about these shades is that it’s not only finish off shiny but it has hologram effect to it. Just like how the stars in the galaxy when you see their details up-close. They are retailing at MYR 45.00 each.

Image Courtesy of Chalkboard Nails

For this collection, there are 12 shades to choose from and these aren’t my nails but I have included it just so you get the right picture of how the shades might turn out on the nails.

China Glaze Summer Fling - Avant Garden

China Glaze Avant Garden

This collection brings you all the playful vibrant colors. Inspired by the beautiful floral colours, there are 12 shades to choose from. These colours are not only bright but brings you the Spring vibe as to be cheerful and merry. They are retailing at MYR 42.00 each.

Image Courtesy of Phoenix Beauty Lounge

Here’s a show of how the nail polishes could turn out on your nails and they are mostly pastel shades. You cannot go wrong with it for any Spring.

China Glaze Summer Fling - Seche Collage

Along with this, they also carry Seche Vite and I love Seche Vite for it’s top coat!  They have just released limited edition new Seche Collage where it has different types of glitter shapes in it.  You can apply it on specific areas or the entire nail. This is retailing at MYR 45.00.

China Glaze Summer Fling - Matte Magic

Also another new product introduced by China Glaze is their Matte Magic Flat Finish Top Coat. It transform any type of nail polish into matte finish and I can’t remember exactly how much they are but I’m pretty sure that they are below MYR 50.00.

China Glaze Summer Fling - Bloggers

Each of us gets a chance to try these nail polish and yes, a manicure session of your choice of colors and combination. While some of us were miggling around, Agnes from China Glaze Malaysia shared with us China Glaze App where you can download it for free to your iPhones or iPad (coming soon for Androids). This app helps you to search for the right China Glaze nail polish of what fashion you’re wearing.

China Glaze Summer Fling - Keep Calm, Paint On & Winter Holy

I chose a mint green as its now my favourite colour. The mint green shade is called Keep Calm, Paint On from Avant Garden Collection and my ring finger was purely glitters with Winter Holly from their Christmas Collection. Also, top it off with China Glaze Matte Magic but I thought this design was too simple and added Seche Collage to bling my nails up. I posted up my final nail design in my Instagram, here. Let me know what you think.

China Glaze Summer Fling - Bloggers 2

Here we are all the cheerful bloggers bringing all the summer vibe celebrating this launch with China Glaze!

China Glaze Summer Fling Hot Perks

Don’t miss out the Summer Fling promotion at Isetan One Utama till 23 May 2013 and do share some love by liking China Glaze Malaysia on their Facebook below!