Finally Got My Hands On CLEO Exclusive June 2014! Have You Got Yours?

I got all excited when I saw Fiona of shared CLEO Malaysia Facebook update. I was busy for these few days at work and only had time to just glance through Facebook. Call me lucky and this is one update that got me all thrilled. Finally, we have out very own local magazine that comes with full size makeup. It’s the CLEO Exclusive June 2014!

CLEO Exclusive June 2014 with The Body Shop 4-Step Smoky Eyes Palette

CLEO Exclusive June 2014 comes with The Body Shop full size eye shadow palette. The eye shadow palette is worth MYR 99.00 and the price of the magazine is MYR 6.00. This exclusive issue is priced at MYR 30.00, it’s definitely worth the purchase. This was not available in any bookstore or newstand. If you look at their update, it is only available at selected stores.

My story…

The closest to me is Times Bookstore Pavilion and I went there on 27th May during my work lunch break to hunt it down but it wasn’t available because the stock hasn’t arrived yet. On the same day, I had the opportunity to visit KLCC and went to Kinokuniya bookstore with high hopes that I was able to get it. To my utter disappointment and could only broke down in silence, Kinokuniya was closed for stock check purposes and will only be open again the next day.

On the 28th May, I was very busy with work and didn’t have time to spot this magazine. As much as I wanted this issue, I ringed Times Bookstore Pavilion the next day. My patience is virtue, this issue was available and they allowed me to reserve them as it was very limited. When I made my collection, I saw there is one was under reservation too. Finally I get my hands on it!

CLEO Exclusive June 2014 with The Body Shop 4-Step Smoky Eyes Palette 2

The exclusive issue comes in a sturdy clear plastic box which makes it more neat and clean. I like it that way especially it remains the exclusivity and doesn’t mess up the palette. The top of the magazine is where the eye shadow palette was placed.

CLEO Exclusive June 2014 with The Body Shop 4-Step Smoky Eyes Palette Close Up

The reason for me to hunt down this magazine is The Body Shop eye shadow palette which worth every penny of the purchase.

CLEO Exclusive June 2014 with The Body Shop 4-Step Smoky Eyes Palette Smoky Plum Box

This is The Body Shop 4-Step Smoky Eyes palette in Smoky Plum and I believe there is only one shade available. There isn’t any choice to pick shades and this is only the box of the palette. I’m good with plum shades. In fact, they are not only to just create smokey eye makeup.

CLEO Exclusive June 2014 with The Body Shop 4-Step Smoky Eyes Palette Smoky Plum

In the box, there is the palette, mini eye shadow brush and mini angled brush. The case of the palette is well reserved as it was stuck with a protective plastic to prevent scratches.

CLEO Exclusive June 2014 with The Body Shop 4-Step Smoky Eyes Palette Smoky Plum Ingredients

On the back of the palette is where you could peel their description of hidden information on their ingredients listing.

CLEO Exclusive June 2014 with The Body Shop 4-Step Smoky Eyes Palette Close Up 2 A close up to the palette with 4 different of purple shades.

CLEO Exclusive June 2014 with The Body Shop 4-Step Smoky Eyes Palette Smoky Plum Swatch

Here is a swatch of the four shades, let’s begin from left to right.

  1. Pale lilac shimmer shade
  2. Light dull brown plum shade
  3. Dull brown plum shade with red undertone
  4. Matte plum shade

CLEO Exclusive June 2014 with The Body Shop 4-Step Smoky Eyes Palette Times Pavilion

This is how many stocks was left at Times Bookstore Pavilion and after I took this photo, one man took two copies of it. I reckon when I left the store, they are left with under 10 copies. If you are still hunting for them, I recommend calling the bookstore to check on CLEO Exclusive June 2014 availability. Trust me, it’s going to save tons of your time. Otherwise, you’ll end up just like me going around without the magazine. Lesson learned.

Traclyn Yeoh

Hot Specials from CLEO March 2010

Finally I get to update a little bit here…

For the CLEO March issue, featuring Rihanna. From her hairstyle, I could tell this picture has been taken long ago.


1. Revlon Color Stay Pressed Powder
2. Majorlica Majorca Lash Enamel Glamour Volume on
3. Clarins White Plus HP Intensive Whitening Smoothing Serum
4. IDI Lab 0.31[md] MultiAction Mask

5. Laneige 2010 Spring Collection
6. Rimmel London The Max Volume Flash Mascara
7. Neutrogena Hydro Boost water gel

Goodies to redeem!

8. Free Normaderm Refine trial size upon skin diagnosis
9. Free Trial pack on minimum purchase of RM50 on selected outlets only
10. Free Protex Icy Cool 10ml Sample sachet

Good reads~

11. Worse date ever (mainly from real life experience, some are ridiculous but some were hilarious!)
12. 20 reasons to be glad you are a woman in 2010 ( I appreciate myself so much after reading this)

13. The Lancome Legacy (its interesting to know from their perfume, makeup, skincare)
14. Summer Spring 2010 Guide (everything from fashion, trends to makeup)

I hope this would be a good start on blogging. I wish that I could prepare one video each month (or at least) and maintain for all the good quality of my editing as time is very limited for me. Thank you for your patience!

Traclyn Yeoh

The Great Goddess of Women & What Men Hate About It

I figured this would be an interesting topic. I laughed at some of it, some is so-not-me and definitely my Jowie won’t see me that way.

Extracted from Malaysia CLEO December 2008 Issue No.158.


you’re ill. Their firm belief that all men are hypochondriacs and oversensitive to pain makes for an indifferent bedside manner. Instead of tea and sympathy, you get two aspirin (no water) and a lecture about how painful menstrual cramps are. If a man wants proper nursing from a woman then, as with many other things, he has to pay a complete stranger.


everywhere. While this is a fact of life that most men accept, it is a source of endless annoyance to us that your regular copious hair loss doesn’t result in a corresponding bald patch. It’s just isn’t fair.


about things that make men squeamish: blood, baby sick, mouldy bread. Most of the time this is a good thing – they can remove dead mice from traps and cut babies’ fingernails without fainting.

4 WOMEN CONTINUE to require men to give them back massages as part of foreplay, even though it usually just puts them to sleep. Even the most naively compliant of us men, however, eventually see through this ruse.


Experimentation goes, women generally run through their repertoire once with a new boyfriend, like it’s a driving test, and then after a month settle back to counting the ceiling tiles. There are exceptions to this rule, of course, but we can’t get any of them to return our phone calls.


Sitting next to a woman at work can be a shaming experience. While female co-workers can sometimes be drawn into idle chat or cajoled into slopping off early, it usually turns out they’ve finished all their work anyway.


I don’t mind” is not a comforting thing to say to a man suffering from a bout impotence. It just implies you didn’t want to do it anyways. Granted, “I’m really disappointed” doesn’t sound much better, but at least it doesn’t suggest a narrow escape. Offer him a face-saving way out; ask for a back massage and then start snoring after a few minutes.

8 THERE’S NO CORRECT ANSWER to the question. “Do you think I’m fat?” when it’s ask by a woman. “No” means “yes” and even “it doesn’t matter”, surprisingly enough seems to mean “yes”.


seems to have any statute of limitations on revenge. It doesn’t seem odd to a women to fling a glass of wine into a man’s face for something he said six weeks ago. Women are proud of this faculty, but shouldn’t be surprised if the results are disappointing. Men are like dogs; they have to have their noses rubbed in something pretty much straight away to get any reaction other than bewildered whimpering.

10 WOMEN FEEL FREE to use hormones as an excuse for almost any mood or behavior: weeping when watching The Notebook, not being to paralel -park properly…


To know exactly, which men are gay and which men aren’t. But, if truth be told, they haven’t actually got a clue who is and who isn’t. Most women have said, “I always knew you were gay” to every single one of their boyfriends – except the one who really was gay.


of every women to replace all of her boyfriend’s friends with all her friends’ boyfriends. Women are so territorial about friends that it’s safe for a man to assume that she will hate any friend of his that he didn’t meet through her.


with each other’s personal lives in a highly cavalier manner: matchmaking incompatible couples, giving disastrous advice to friends who are having affairs and reporting all confidential information directly to the person who isn’t suppose to know. The result havoc is then consumed as dinner-party conversation. In this dangerous game, men are but prawns.

14 WOMEN USE gift-giving occasions to test a man’s taste and judgement, to see if he will once again hand over a hideous dress, vulgar jewellery or a nasty perfume. He will, so stop testing him exactly what to get – and where to get it from.


she’s tired of being your mother when you leave a towel on the floor, but she’s perfectly happy to be your mother when it comes to criticizing your haircut, making you feel guilty for buying you dodgy jumpers.


There’s a smug, built-in biological swagger in the way women carry around the extra 10-odd years which life has dealt them. It gives them a knowing that they’ll eventually have the last laugh when they’re still around to unplug your life-supporting machine.


the proper method or purpose of TV channel-surfing. That’s why men are reluctant to allow them access to the remote control. It’s not a power thing. It’s just that when women channel-surf they stop dead every time they see a picture of koala chewing some leaves. If you’ve got cable TV, you’ll know that there is always a koala eating leaves somewhere.


and make men to look for them. Men lose things too but don’t have the time to look for them. They’re busy fishing under the fridge  for your earrings yu left in the shop. Here are a few tips, your sunglasses are on your head and your keys are probably still in the door

19 MEN OFTEN REGARD WOMEN as having the most terrible taste in music. This is an old stereotype, but it holds up pretty well. A man can usually flip casually through his new girlfriend’s CD collection and immediately pick out the ones which her previous boyfriend gave her in desperate attempt to improve her taste. Men still hold womankind directly responsible for the Hanson brothers.

Is this really you? Do men felt threaten by women this way?

Traclyn Yeoh

Sneak-A-Peak on CLEO Fashion Rave

Well, I have been excited and waited for a very long for this fashion rave. Jowie, Fyda and I have been waiting since 5 p.m. to queue for the goodie bag. The events starts at 7 p.m. and waiting in the queue is really tiring. While waiting in the line, there’s two girls wearing CLEO Fashion Rave Tag approached me. They have picked me to be the candidate of Luscious Hair Award. Haha! I was very excited and they took down some basic details of mine. They told me to register at the VIP counter at 7:30 p.m. I was really happy as I was looking forward for award but I never thought it could be that fast. I was really excited!!!

Fyda, touch-up on her make-up

The time has tick to 7 p.m. and the barriers has not been removed. No one has yet to receive any goodie bag. Waiting in the line was already tiring and now they are late? They have started giving goodie bags at around 7:30 p.m. and that’s almost half and hour late.Since I have to register myself at the VIP counter, I was entitled to get VIP seats. WOW! But what about Fyda? I don’t want to leave her behind. I have been bothering those girls to get passes for Fyda too but they wouldn’t allow at all. After much pondering around figuring to get Fyda in, we are clueless. Later, there was a uncle approach asking us for ways to get in when he was invited to go to the event. Jowie politely how to get to the counter. Later, we all decided that I should enter the premise. Suddenly I saw Fyda came in not long after. I was like,’how did you get in???’. She told me that the uncle that approach us earlier had only three person but they have four passes. So now, Fyda gets in!!! Thank you Uncle! At least, I don’t need to feel bad about leaving her behind. I was pretty sad that Jowie had to leave for family dinner after taking the goodie bag. I thank him to for being nice to the uncle, if not Fyda probably be standing at Coffee Bean Cafe because there’s no seatings at all. Thank you so much sweetheart!!! You deserve my warm kisses afterall.

Our CLEO VIP passes

Fyda and I at the VIP premise

The show goes on starting with performance. What I find annoying is the artist keep going around the models and its so difficult to see and snap shots of the model only. Moreover, the models pose for not long at all. One thing unique is the fashion uses solid bright colors, that’s my liking! They then move on with lcuky draws, I was wishing and telling Fyda that she’ll never know if she wins. I keep repeating her name and she was telling if its really her, she is not going up at the stage at all. Then for this one last time, I have repeated her full name. It echoed at those big speakers. She really did won a lucky draw she was so lucky!!! I’m so happy for her!!! However, the sad thing is she didn’t have to go up the stage. I find this is ridiculous as they are picking lucky draw winners and winners didn’t get to go up the stage? Winners have to go to the counter where all the line started earlier. What was that? Anyway, my dear bestie won a Cash Prize RM100 Maybelline. At first I thought it was a voucher, later on she told me that she has to go to CLEO’s office to redeem the hamper. I was like WHAT? Why can’t they brought it over to the event? Wouldn’t that be a little more easier? Anyways, I can’t wait to see what’s in the hamper. So that we are able to do reviews on it!

As for me, I wasn’t as lucky as her. I didn’t win anything at all. They said that they did the judging by looking at pictures, but I think they are lieing. I was nominated but nobody actually took my picture  when I was approach by the CLEO girls. I’m sorry to say but the winner for Luscious Hair Award, her hair looks a little bit damage than the lady emcee. I was thinking that the event ran out of schedule, therefore time was running out and simply randomly pick a winner. After the was event over, they gave out more goodie bag when everyone is leaving. Only first 1000 readers presents their ticket, then they are entitled to get a goodie bag but it looks like that number can’t be reach. Another thing I find it dissapointing is, although readers brought their ticket, the ticket only gives them to get a goodie bag but a place upclose in the event than the publics? They didn’t have it afterall. I think those readers who came out with the tickets deserves a zone for themselves rather than scatteredly standing outside the VIP premise. Some were just standing and sitting at the stairs. They paid to purchase CLEO magazine at RM5.90 and I think they should deserve more than just sitting and standing all over. Don’t you?

Traclyn Yeoh