Dr Ko Beauty Transformation: Dual Yellow Multi Wavelength Laser, Silicio, PDO Threadlift for Face & Nose

It has been a while since my last visit at Dr. Ko and every visit seems to be adventurous as I get to learn new procedures and explore further. This time round I will be going through a few treatment which is Dual Yellow Multi Wavelength Laser, Silicio and PDO Threadlift for face and nose.

Dr Ko - Numbing Cream

Before any procedures starts, numbing cream was applied and was left about 40 minutes. Do bare in mind the clinic gets busy during the weekend. If you are able to visit them on weekday, it will be less busy.

Dr Ko - Dual Yellow Multi Wavelength Laser Norseld Machine

First procedure was Dual Yellow Multi Wavelength Laser using Norseld machine.

“The yellow light from the Dual Yellow Laser is a painless procedure and helps to generate collagen, the essential protein for giving yous skin elasticity. This happens because the yellow light affects the collagen in a way tat promotes regrowth; it also reduces pigmentation. So your skin will appear lightened, and more youthful.

The yellow light from Dual Yellow Laser destroys the P Acne bacteria, and shrinks the sebaceous gland to reduce the production of sebum. This laser is the only tye that targets the sebaceous gland to destroy bacteria without damaging surrounding tissue.

Other treatments available : melasma, bulky lesions, vascular, skin rejuvenation, pigmentation.”

Dr Ko - Dual Yellow Multi Wavelength Laser Gel

Some faint red marks was left on my skin from my last procedure of the injections, therefore Dual Yellow Laser is recommended for me. A layer of gel is applied before the procedure starts.

Dr Ko - Dual Yellow Multi Wavelength Laser Treatment

The machine comes with a tube device where the bright yellow laser shines through it. The clinic beauticians are able to conduct such procedure. My eyes were protected and this procedure is painless, all I felt was the circular motion of the tube like how it felt when you go for facial treatments using machines. It doesn’t take too much of a time at all, approximately 5 – 10 minutes.

Dr Ko - Silicio Injection

The second procedure was Silicio injection and I did this on my last visit. Before starting on this procedure, local anesthetic was injected on both sides of my cheek where they usually make my cheeks look swollen. I was reminded by Dr Lee again where this injection could be slightly painful because of the medication. I have to admit that this injection is slightly painful for my endurance. Once the injection is done, the pain no longer stays.

Dr Ko - PDO Threadlift on Cheeks

The third procedure will be PDO threadlift for face. This was also done in my previous procedure and I could barely feel the needles which I believe the local anesthetic did it’s work. I had 30 needles (15 needles on each side) injected around my cheek area. It seems scary for the amount of needles I went through but trust me, I didn’t even know about it when Dr Lee injected it. Call me crazy but I’m always excited to see the amount of needles attached on my face which not an inch of pain. In comparison, I believe Silicio injection is much painful.

Dr Ko - PDO Threadlift Needles

PDO threadlifts are not only meant for face, they can be used to raise the height of the nose. Here is an upclose of the threads that they looked like barbed wires where sharp edges can be seen. The threads for nose is thicker and longer as compared to the ones that was inserted earlier. I will share with you how the procedure was done.

Why PDO Threadlift for nose?

I was teased before for my rounded flat nose which always made me wonder how I would look like to have higher and pointy nose bridge. I was able to imagine it with makeup by contouring my nose, it looked pretty but it is just a temporary effect. I do have issues with wearing sunglasses and they slides down easily. When I get to know PDO Threadlift could be done for nose, it got me all excited because they provide immediate effect without going under the knife. As much as I want that permanent high and pointy nose, I am not ready for plastic surgery at all.

PDO Threadlift would last to 2 -3 years depending on individuals and this last better than fillers. Fillers would last up to few months to a year depending on individuals. I have seen some results of it and they show up pretty well.

Dr Ko PDO Threadlift for Nose - Marking

Firstly, Dr Lee did the marking to indicate the center of my nose using Sharpie in order for her to insert the thread accordingly to right place.

Dr Ko PDO Threadlift for Nose - Apply Povidone Iodine

Dr Lee then applied povidone iodine under my nose in prevention of infection from the procedure.

Dr Ko PDO Threadlift for Nose - Local Anesthetic

Local anesthetic was injected under my nose.

Dr Ko PDO Threadlift for Nose - Local Anesthetic 2

A few pinches from Dr Lee for the local anesthetic to kick in.

Dr Ko PDO Threadlift for Nose - Apply More Iodine

Dr Lee applied more povidone iodine all around my nose.

Dr Ko PDO Threadlift for Nose - Puncture

Dr Lee punctures with a needle under my nose to allow the threads to be inserted accordingly.

Dr Ko PDO Threadlift for Nose - Insertion

To insert the thread, it requires slightly more movement within the small puncture in order thread to be placed correctly as the needle is thicker and going through under the skin. Four threads was inserted from under my nose. At the beginning of the insertion wasn’t painful until it hits towards the end which I could feel slight pain.

Dr Ko PDO Threadlift for Nose - Insertion 2

Because the threads aren’t long enough for my entire nose, second insertion was needed from my forehead in order to balance the height of my nose. Same steps from before with the local anesthetic and puncture, then insertion of the thread. For this area, there is remaining balance of the thread where Dr Lee then snipped it of. The ends of the thread will eventually remain under my skin and four threads was inserted. After the procedure was done, I was asked to sit in order for Dr Lee to check if this is the right height. I was given the option to either wait until the swell goes off or to add more threads. I chose to wait as I do not want my nose to be overly done, further more Dr Lee mentioned I could add more a month later if I wish to.

Dr Ko - Final Mask

At the very end of all procedures, they treated my face with mask. At this point of time, I was more than excited to see how my nose looks like after all the swell subsides. I was prescribed with a few medications of pain killer, reducing itchiness, anti-allergy and anti-bacterial. Let me share my progress and result.

Dr Ko - Yellow Light, PDO Threadlift, Silicio - Day 2

Obvious swelling can be seen around the nose area such as cheeks and eye area. I do realized that I looked like Avatar here. The swell is due to the trauma that my face is going through from the insertion. The swell was very noticeable when I woke up in the morning.

Dr Ko - Yellow Light, PDO Threadlift, Silicio - Day 4

Yellow patches can be seen in between my eyes and nose as well as my left under eye. This shows the signs of healing.

Dr Ko - Yellow Light, PDO Threadlift, Silicio - Day 6

The swell subsided much more, the yellow patch is still visible on both areas. It is normal to feel tensed around the nose area because of the thread.

Dr Ko - Yellow Light, PDO Threadlift, Silicio - Day 9

The swell and yellow patches is gone. Perhaps, this is not visible from my camera. I got a little bruised in the middle of my nose where I believe both thread met from both ways of insertion. I am still feeling some pain on this area. This may sound eerie but I felt the thread knocking each other on the first few days. It’s like how bones would grind each other but in a smaller scale. I have shared this with Dr Lee and she will inspect to this matter on my next visit. The puncture in between my brows are fading slowly but it is still there. Hopefully it will go off in no time.

Dr Ko PDO Threadlift for Nose - Before & After Side

Here is a comparison from the side where my nose did raised quite a bit, however it has a bump in the middle of my nose bridge which is the same area where I have shared on the bruised of where the thread meets from both ways of insertion. Also, I realized where my current nose doesn’t seem straight from the side view.

Dr Ko PDO Threadlift for Nose - Before & After Front

From the front, it doesn’t show obvious raised nose but it is noticeable that my rounded nose looked smaller now and when lights shine on my nose, the shine shows visible straight line highlighting my nose.

Dr Ko - Yellow Light, PDO Threadlift, Silicio - Before & After

My skin looked plumper and radiant than before and the red marks from the previous procedure faded. Some of my depressed scars on my cheek seems to be less hollow than before. My major concern would still be my depressed scars and next would be my nose. Can’t wait for my next appointment.

If you would like to know the price of the procedures, kindly refer below.

  • Dual Yellow Light treatment ranges from MYR400-MYR800 depending on your skin condition
  • Silicio Organico – MYR 1800
  • PDO Threadlift – MYR1800 (subject to area, to raise nose bridge starts from MYR2500 onwards)

Dr Ko Clinic is available in a few locations, you may refer here. The current clinic that I am visiting is located Cheras.


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This procedures was sponsored for review purposes, kindly refer disclaimer.

Traclyn Yeoh

Dr Ko Beauty Transformation: PDO Threadlift, Silicio, Subcission

As my beauty journey continues for non abrasive treatment, I started again with Dr Ko Clinic and I did Fractional Co2 Laser with Subcission. I continue this journey also with Dr Ko of another treatment of PDO Threadlift, Silicio and Subcission.

All these treatments may sound scary, let me just enlighten you with the definitions. Subcission is an injection where I have explained in previous post.

PDO Threadlift

PDO thread lift is one of the most safe and effective methods to do so, non-surgically. This procedure is most commonly done for the face, while it is also extremely effective in breast and neck lifting and firming, as well as arms, thighs, tummy, calves and buttock tightening and elevation.


Silicio is an organic silicon which is water soluble. It increases the synthesis of collagen and elastic fibres, therefore helps with regeneration of epidermis and dermic cells.

Dr Ko Threadlift, Silicio, Subcission Local Anesthetic

About a month ago, I have undergone this treatment and my previous doctor has been transferred. My current doctor would be Dr Lee Yan Han. Before starting on the treatment, numbing cream was applied for 40 minutes. Local anesthetic was injected on the middle of both of my cheeks. I definitely could feel the immediate swell where the medication goes under my skin and you could witness it through the series of my photos in this post.

Dr Ko Threadlift, Silicio, Subcission Left Cheek

First procedure would be PDO threadlift. Honestly speaking, I could not feel a single thing not even for the threadlift to go under my skin at all. The local anesthetic definitely did it’s job. Dr Lee did show me  those the unopened sterile pack of needles before  proceeding to the procedure. How it works is where Dr Lee injects onto my skin and gently remove it. There is a white tab over the needle that puts a stop for the thread while removing the needle for it to stay under the skin.

Dr Ko Threadlift, Silicio, Subcission Right Cheek

Dr Lee was very attentive to keep checking with me from time to time if I’m doing good. My face was so numb that I could not feel my nose, I was indeed worrying if I am breathing where I chose to breathe from my mouth in the next procedure. Threadlift could also be use to raise nose bridge which I get to know on the day itself which I am pretty much interested with it.

Dr Ko Threadlift, Silicio, Subcission Subcission

Here is the subcission where Dr Lee is injecting directly to my depressed scars most of the time. Subcission helps to assist to reduce the depth of the scars.

Dr Ko Threadlift, Silicio, Subcission Silicio

At the very end, I had undergone silicio where Dr Lee reminded this injection could be painful. She kid me not about this because it was quite painful that I kept questioning myself when Dr Lee would stop injecting anymore. The needle is slightly thicker and medication gives a light tingling sensation. It may sound like I had so many injections and I am fine, my face was a little swollen.

Dr Ko Threadlift, Silicio, Subcission Before & After 1 Month

Here is a comparison before undergoing this procedures and a month later. I love how the threadlift gives the volume over my face which is something I would normally look for. My skin look much more radiant and rosy than before. As for the scars, they are slightly less visible as to compare but they are not entirely gone yet.

Dr Ko Threadlift, Silicio, Subcission Before & After 2 Months

After 2 months, my skin has remained smooth and radiant but seem to loose its plumpness as it can be seen from the sides of my nose.

Unfortunately, I believe one of the injections left me some red mark scars over my cheeks and I have shared this with Dr Lee. She called me immediately the next day to seek for photos and to check on my skin condition severity. Additional cream and medication was sent to me in order to improve my skin. She also shared this may be caused by my skin dryness which I do face it most of the time after my laser. Kudos for your prompt action Dr Lee and team.

Just to share with you, the prices of the procedures I have done.

  • Fractional CO2 & Subcision – MYR1800
  • PDO Thread lift – MYR1800 (subject to area, to raise nose bridge, starts from RM2500 onwards)
  • Silicio Organico – MYR1800

I will continue my beauty adventure with Dr. Ko and please stay tuned as I have more to share of my next treatment. Meanwhile, do share your support to Dr. Ko Skin Specialist Centre by liking their Facebook below.


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Beauty Transformation @ Dr. Ko : Fractional CO2 Laser + Subcision

Continuing  my journey for non-invasive treatments for better skin and the last time I did Fractional CO2 Laser was in  December 2013. There was improvement however it was insufficient to properly resurface my depressed scars.

Dr Ko Skin Specialist Centre

I was given the opportunity to reclaim my beauty at Dr. Ko and would normally visit the clinic based in Cheras to undergo my treatment. My first visit was consulted by Dr. Loh Yun Ming, a very beautiful doctor who also had the same opinion as I do where my depressed scars needs to be treated as well as my troubled skin. Therefore, she had recommended for me to undergo Fractional CO2 Laser.

Dr Ko Skin Specialist Centre Fractional CO2 - Numbing Cream

I was pretty much ready for the laser since I have went through 3 sessions before and I do know what to expect while I am undergoing the procedure. First step, the beautician helped to apply numbing cream all over my face and the cream has to stay for at least 20 minutes for it to take effect.

Dr Ko Skin Specialist Centre Fractional CO2 - Remove Numbing Cream

I believed I had the numbing cream left for 40 minutes or slightly lesser. Once it is timed, the beautician helped to cleanse my skin and prep me ready for the laser.

Dr Ko Skin Specialist Centre Fractional CO2 - Subcission

Before proceeding to laser, subcision was done in order to work along with the laser for the treatment to work much more effectively. Subcision is also an acne scar treatment for deep scars and it an injection inserted right under the scar in and out to break out the scar tissue. As for me, Dr. Loh has injected hyaluronic acid and it will help to decrease the depth of my depressed scars.

Dr Ko Skin Specialist Centre Fractional CO2 - Subcission Close Up

Here is a closer look, it may seem scary and it is slightly painful yet bearable. As the laser helps to promote new skin growth, subcision will assist to provide greater and comparable result. I would be able to say that Dr. Loh is very careful and attentive as she will always inform me for every step she will take when she is doing the treatment to ensure my readiness.

Dr Ko Skin Specialist Centre Fractional CO2

After a few injections, Dr. Loh proceeded with Fractional CO2 laser and the feeling is exactly the same as before. The moment the laser hits onto my skin, I could literally smell the burn and it is very normal. I could not feel much pain because of the numbing cream, however when Dr. Loh hits the mark at the outline of my face, I could feel the real pain of the laser. I believe the numbing cream wasn’t applied much around the outline.

Dr Ko Skin Specialist Centre Fractional CO2 - Mask Treatment

This is right after the laser and not much of a redness at first. In fact, you could see a whitish layer over my skin which was the result from the laser. The prominent redness is coming from the subcision earlier. The laser leaves matrix dots in squares and this time the laser setting was made for the matrix dots to be much close together. When it is closer together, the squares are much smaller. After the laser, a layer of thick mask was applied to sooth, reduce redness and cools down my skin.

Dr Ko Skin Specialist Centre Skincare

I was recommended to use these skincare and they have been treating my skin very well as I noticed my skin is much more less troubled (lesser pimples and blackheads) and less oily. Always follow the advice provided by the beautician when they handover the skincare especially for the directions to use. Speaking from experience because I have used the Dermax Bio Exfoliating Acne Complex 13A around my nose when I just need to dab onto my acne and I ended up with peeling skin after a few days. So, it is very important to follow the instructions given.

  1. Dermax Bio Perform Cleanser 1A (RM139 West Msia)
  2. Dermax Bio Exfoliating Acne Complex 13A (RM120 West Msia)
  3. Ko Dermacare Vitality Purifying Essence 1 (RM120 West Msia)
  4. Ko Dermacare Aqua Moisturizer 1 (RM280 West Msia)
  5. Ko Series Multi-Protection SPF41PA++ (RM120 West Msia)

I will have to bare with a week of downtime and as the scabs where falling off, I could see the new skin growth is very smooth and soft. I did it over the weekend and I was protecting my skin not only with the sun block that they have provided but a facial mask. I was wearing it when I was working in my office.

Dr Ko Skin Specialist Centre Fractional CO2 - Before & After Front

Here is a comparison of before and after. It doesn’t show dramatic results as it has to follow the nature of my skin to heal and repair. Indeed I do notice that my skin is much smoother, even toned and glowing. Do bare in mind that after the laser, my skin was really dry hence how my skin looks on the after. I was getting compliments from my colleagues and BF’s uncle.

Dr Ko Skin Specialist Centre Fractional CO2 - Before & After Side

This would be the comparison of side by side. My skin definitely became much fairer from the laser as well. Definitely need to work further for the depressed scars.

Fractional CO2 Laser is priced at MYR1800 per session at Dr.Ko and this would differ from promotional or offer packages. Normally subcision will be given complimentary if you sign up for the package. For more information, you could visit KoSkinSpecialist.com or call in to the nearest clinic near you. I will continue my beauty adventure with Dr. Ko and please stay tuned as I have more to share of my next treatment. Meanwhile, do share your support to Dr. Ko Skin Specialist Centre by liking their Facebook below.


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