Sleek and ELF Hauls!

It’s been a while since the last haul because I ordered these and it took a while to arrive. My birthday month was last month and I thought its not too bad to treat myself with some birthday gift of my choice! I’ve been hearing positive feedbacks of Sleek Makeup but never had the chance to try it. I pre-ordered all of these from Dew Desire, I will explain further for ordering and shipping details at the end of the post.

1. Sleek Makeup i-Divine Palette in Acid, MYR 47.00 from Sleek Makeup

I wanted something bright and neon eye shadows. It comes in a beautiful matte black palette, comes with dual sponge applicator, large mirror and the eye shadows are a mix of matte and shimmer.

2. Sleek Makeup Blush by 3 in Lace, MYR71.00 from Sleek Makeup

I’m also all about blusher lately and Blush by 3 is great to go. The shade from the photo is a little wash out, it should be 3 tones more intense. It matte black palette casing with large mirror and combination of shimmer and matte finish blush.

3. Sleek Makeup Blush in Pixie Pink, MYR31.50 from Sleek Makeup

I was looking for purplish pink blusher and from the virtual image provided look like what I wanted but this is more of medium pink with cool undertone. This single blusher is slightly larger than one pan of Blush by 3. The shade is also washed out from this photo, its about 2 shades more intense. It comes with matte black palette casing and mirror.

4. ELF Powder Brush, MYR16.30 from

I wanted to try ELF flat top brush and this particular brush for the longest time. I know I’m outdated to only be able to try this brush after it came out long ago. The bristles are super soft!

5. ELF Blush Brush, MYR16.30 from

My current blush brush is scratchy and I often use face brush to apply blush instead but at times I wasn’t aware that I had blusher on the brush , I ended applying blusher all over my face. The size of the bristles are smaller than I expected and a little flat like a foundation brush but fluffier. Its all good because I think I could work things out with it and the bristles are super soft too.

I ordered these items on 18th April and it arrived 24th May, took more than a month to arrive. Dew Desire did kept me updated with the ordering status, Sleek order was placed on 22nd April and arrived on 5th May, ELF brushes order was placed on 25th April and arrived on 21st May. Dew Desire shipped all of my items on 23rd May and arrived to me on 24th May. The processing through took quite a while but Dew Desire did apologize for the delay. I’m happy and satisfied that all the items that I’ve ordered came in beautifully with no damage, just a little disappointed for the long wait.


Have you tried Sleek Makeup or ELF Brushes? Share with me in the comment section below!


Traclyn Yeoh

Life & Companion Crease Brush VS ELF Professional Blending Eye Brush

This time is a comparison of brush between Life & Companion Crease Brush and ELF Blending Eye Brush. I’ve already reviewed, the ELF Blending Eye Brush. Maybe not many of us are aware of the brush Life & Companion Crease Brush. This brush can be found in Carrefour Malaysia and they have quite a range of brushes but crease and eye shadow brush stands out the most. I already have a few eyeshadow brush so I opted only for the crease brush. Please bare in mind these brush are not available in all Carrefours. The one located in Jalan Peel, Cheras doesn’t have these brushes. I found them in Carrefour Subang Jaya and they have heaps of it there.

Life & Companion Crease Brush was priced at only RM8+. It’s short handled and suitable for traveling because it’s no bigger than a palm size unless you have a tiny pair of hand. The bristles are soft and gentle just like the ELF. As you can see in the picture, it’s tapered but the shape is not as tapered as ELF’s. ELF’s seems much more pointy while Life & Companion’s look much more rounded. However ELF brush makes a greater blending because of the density. Life & Companion’s may be able to still blend provided you know which edge of the brush use and because of it’s shape almost flat, it also could be eyeshadow flat top brush where you may stipple some eyeshadow.

Life & Companion Crease Brush picks up eyeshadow easily but during the application the eyeshadow outcome is much sheer than it suppose to be. Maybe because the brush is not dense enough and the eyeshadow application is not being concentrated but I guess that it’s suitable for those who wants washout  and lighter eyeshadow.

My verdict:
I would say that the ELF Blending Eye Brush is much better for blending and packing loads of eyeshadow but that doesn’t mean that I hate Life & Companion’s brush. I still like it because at times I may not want to have the eyeshadow intensity but just a sheer color for simple look. I guess it depends on what you’re looking for. Most of the time I use ELF’s because I could use only that brush for my whole eye makeup from packing and blending to highlighting brows. It just saves time when your time is limited.

My rating:
Life & Companion Crease Brush – 3.8/5
ELF’s Blending Eye Brush – 4.5/5


Traclyn Yeoh

ELF All Over Color Stick Review

Photo Courtesy from

Being in a very cute form and multi-purpose makes me want to explore more of ELF All Over Color Stick. Let’s see what ELF’s got to claim for this:

‘3 in 1 color for your eyes, lips, and or face! Get the color that illuminates for a healthy glow, and instantly soothes and conditions the skin for fresh and natural color all day long.’ –

I have two shades, pink lemonade and lilac petal. The shape looks exactly like how it does from the web picture, however the actual shades are in shimmer. The content is very little compared from what you see from the web pic. It’s only half of the whole stick. It comes with a twist up form and my lilac petal looked a little wracked because there’s once I twisted the stick all the way up and it could not twist back in. That’s one thing I hate about this product, thank God I actually figured how to fix it back.

Now you get what I mean when I say shimmery? Look at how flashy it look like even without flash? The lilac petal shades comes out like a frosty light pink and pink lemonade comes out dark pink with a little purple undertone with it.

Although water is the first ingredient that is listed, I don’t think the product is moist enough for lips. It goes on feeling very dry but the product is very oily for face. The moist and oil is total different thing, don’t get it mixed up okay? I didn’t have any irritations from it so  the ingredients are fine with me.

My verdict:
I would say this product is not really suitable for oily skin types because it can be too oily and with the shimmer, it seems like the ‘oiliness’ that you don’t want to have. With this, I can’t even dare myself to apply the product on my eyelid. I only tried it for cheeks and lips. The shimmer is too much that doesn’t really gives you the glow. The stick is pigmented but physically its quite stiff, I had to use my finger to rub on top of the stick a few times to get the product and it doesn’t blend easily. The color doesn’t last on my face, maybe about 2-3 the maximum? The packaging is small and handy but the content is just too little.


  • Pigmented
  • Cheap and affordable
  • Small and handy
  • Non-irritant


  • Content is too little
  • Shimmery
  • Oily
  • Doesn’t last
  • Stiff
  • Not moisturizing enough
  • Twist-up function error when it comes to the end

My rating: 2/5


Traclyn Yeoh

ELF Duo Eyeshadow Cream Review

Photo Courtesy from

I only have three of ELF Duo Eyeshadow Cream shades which is in Black Licorice, Sugar Cookie and Butter Pecan. Let’s see what they claim.

‘Express yourse.l.f. with the easy to blend, crease resistant, creamy duo eye shadow colors. Each gorgeous shade can be worn alone or together for a dramatic effect. The soft-blending formula can also be layered under powder eye shadow to set the color in and keep it lasting vibrant all day.’-

The actual product does looks like what it looks like from the web.Only the Black Licorice looks a little darker that it seems from the web. It comes with a screw -on lid which makes opening it easy.

As you can see from the swatches it looks quite pigmented and it’s non-matte, totally metallic. It may look pigmented from the swatches but the color build-up took some time, therefore it could look pretty sheer.

This is the ingredient listing for it. I didn’t have any irritation from it but this comes handy as always to anyone that has sensitive skin.

My verdict:
It creases when using it alone because the cream eyeshadow doesn’t finish off dry. It stays creamy but I like to use it as a base because it enhances the next eyeshadow shade to be used. With this technique, it just doesn’t crease. Just to be on the safe side, please use eye primer. Using finger to do the color build up maybe poor but using synthetic brush does the job better. Blending can still be done, not too difficult at all. My Butter Pecan somehow smelt like ‘old cosmetic’ but the rest doesn’t smell at all. That’s just weird isn’t it? I still think that it’s a good grab depending on how you want to use it.

These are not available in Malaysia. You may purchase them at or sprees that being held at It’s only for USD1.


  • Good eyeshadow base
  • Good blending
  • Cheap and affordable


  • Creases when wear it alone
  • One of it smelt like ‘old cosmetic’
  • Not available in Malaysia

My rating: 4/5


Traclyn Yeoh