Weekend Project: Organizing Single Eye Shadows!

Over the time I have been collecting a fair bit of single eye shadows for tutorials or nabbed it from sales. I didn’t bother to put them together in a palette and still have them in their packaging. Recently, I have been going through my make-up drawers and notice that I’m getting lesser space for my make-ups. Its starting to clutter, becoming messy and unorganised. I’ll have to start with something then spring cleaning which is organizing single eye shadows!

All of these single eye shadows are from Elianto. They are really affordable and pretty pigmented, definitely a great pay-off. Whenever I need a particular shade, I never hesitate to look at Elianto. They come with shimmer, satin or matte finish. Some of them I bought them from their warehouse sales which at one point it was only MYR1.00 for 3 eye shadows.

Finally, I have decided to put them into the palette and their largest palette is a 10 eye shadow palette. I bought this for MYR19.00 and currently, there’s sales going on where second item there is 10% discount and third item there is 20% discount. Its build in with foam for you to slot in those single eye shadows and this palette doesn’t come with any mirror.

First, I have arranged them into colour category which is easier for me to decide which colour to be put together in the palette. I would also prefer to arrange the shade from light to dark in the palette. I decided to arrange the browns and yellows together.

Each colour comes with its type of eye shadow, code and shade name, therefore labelling is very important. I’m just using self-adhesive labels and drew circles using the base bottle of my Revlon foundation. You could go with any shape that you prefer.

Since this palette doesn’t come with mirror, I stuck the labels onto the cover of the palette. I labelled the eye shadows right above it when the palette is closed.

For some eye shadows that got stucked with glue, I have used alcohol prep or nail polish remover to remove it. You can also use rubbing alcohol or Zippo lighter fluid. I came to know that Zippo lighter fluid works when I was working in a bookstore many years ago. They use it to remove price tags!

This is the finish product! It looks just as professional as many other brands but most importantly its organized and the eye shadows works great. I think I’ll use these shadows more often now than before because previously it wasn’t organized and I was too lazy to reach out to open each single eye shadows to use them. There are many other ways to store single eye shadow and a while back I did a DIY Floppy Eye Shadow Palette, check it out!


Traclyn Yeoh

Review: Princess Lashes For Volume & Lengthening?

Volume and longer lashes, who doesn’t want it? This mascara is Elianto Princezna Mascara which promises to provide longer and fuller lashes and I received this through WonderBox October 2012. The packaging is very lovely, decorated with roses and butterfly prints around it.

Princezna Mascara gives even sparse, fine lashes volumn and length thanks to its unique Twist Brush for maximum coverage on each and every lash. Plus it’s enriched with vitamin E and protein rich keratin for healthier lashes. – Elianto

This are the description from the box with usage directions, the featured twist brush and ingredients listing.

The actual look of the brush which helps to coat the lashes evenly without clumping it. The formula is pretty rich and wet, I’m a little worried if it weighs down my lashes.

My bad for not curling my lashes properly and I think it’s the new lash curler that I’m using. On the single coat, it  separate lashes well and on double coat, it lift my lashes higher and starts to clump.

Test of Lasting Power

 The duration here is for approximately 9.5 hours and the mascara lasted pretty well on me. It didn’t smudge and it holds on to my lashes as how it looks like when I freshly applied them.


I think this mascara does well for volumizing lashes because my lashes look instantly darker after applying the mascara. For the lengthening is not so much for me but it does have lifting power for the illusion of longer looking lashes. When I wore this mascara, I sneezed on my way out of home and was worried that the mascara prints on my under-eye since the formula is pretty wet but it didn’t! I left my house 5 minutes after the application, so I would give credit for its quick drying.  Removing it is not a problem at all using my cleansing oil and it doesn’t dry out my lashes.

Price: MYR33.00

Weight: 7g

Collection Status: Permanent

Availability: Elianto stores or Elianto Online

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  • Instant thickening lashes
  • With lifting power
  •  Quick drying
  • No smudging
  • Long lasting
  • Doesn’t dry out lashes


  • Clumps on second coat
  • Contains Paraben

My rating: 4/5


Traclyn Yeoh

Bonita – Elianto – Tiamo Warehouse Sales Hauls & Swatches!

This warehouse sales ended on Monday (12th December) and I have posted about it before it even started and after in my Facebook. I was so excited to find out about it because I know Elianto will be in such a good bargain. Their eye shadows are pretty decent and here is a show of what I have managed to grab from the sales. I spend hours going around in the same section *huge smile* .

A mixture of eye shadows and lip color were packaged together. In each package, there were two eye shadows with one lip color and some comes with three eye shadows. Each pack sold at MYR1, super bargain!

From left to right:

  • Shimmer Eye Shadow in Summer Silver (03)
  • Sparkle Shadow in Golden Yellow (01)
  • Sparkle Shadow in Classic Gold (03)
  • Shimmer Eye Shadow in Nude Pink (43)

Golden Yellow, Classic Gold and Nude Pink eye shadow are pretty limited and I was really lucky to grab them. I had to take Summer Silver just because it was packaged with the shades that I really want. Golden Yellow and Classic Gold is great for creating warm looks or even autumn inspired. Nude Pink is great for highlights and neutral look.

From left to right:

  • Shimmer Eye Shadow in Soft Purple (39)
  • Shimmer Eye Shadow in Electric Purple (40)
  • Aurora Shadow in Wine Purple (09)
  • Aurora Shadow in Clear Sky Blue (06)

The Soft Purple and Electric Purple may look the same but they are very different. Soft Purple doesn’t have much shimmer, more like a satin finish while Electric Purple has pink undertone with fine glitters. Wine Purple definitely look like wine color, almost matte but pretty washed out, not as pigmented as the others.  Clear Sky Blue is a baby blue shade but not as bright which is why I like it so much because it’s much wearable that way.

From left to right:

  • Shimmer Eye Shadow in Kiwi (27)
  • Aurora Shadow in Cloudy Blue (04)
  • Aurora Shadow in Oldee Green (10)
  • Aurora Shadow in Classic Green (11)
  • Aurora Shadow in Olive Green (12)

I noticed that there was  a lot of green shades around and the shades are quite close but though the swatch you can tell the difference.  Kiwi is just a bright lime green, Cloudy Blue is more on the green side rather than blue and it is green gold-ish glitters, Oldee Green  is more on the olive shade, Classic Green is gold-ish forest green and Olive Green looks like grass green with green gold-ish glitters.

From left to right:

  • Aura Lip Color in Hot Pink (01)
  • Aura Lip Color in Deep Pink (02)
  • Aura Lip Color in Orchid Purple (04)
  • Aura Lip Color in Chocolate Mousse (05)

I accidentally took two of Orchid Purple, I’ll put the extra as a giveaway. The lip colors are not as pigmented as it seems from the pan but it does smells good, like a candy or chocolate. I can say it is more pigmented than lip glosses.

From top to bottom:

  • Glossy Lip Pencil in Deep Pink (01)
  • Glossy Lip Pencil in Hot Pink (02)

Recently I’ve been obsessed with lip pencils, maybe because I only have two and now there’s an addition to the family, it will grow! This lip liner does finished off glossy and it has decent staying power to it. Deep Pink is more on baby pink and hot pink is a very bright pink shade.

Also, I have grabbed this denim polka dot bow hair clip which is pretty big because it’s  about 4.5 inch by length. I don’t know when I will be using this but I just love bows lately. The earring caught my attention because it is the only cream colored earrings available and I only realized that flowers are cherry blossom (my favorite!!!) after I purchased it. In the middle of each cherry blossom has rhinestones, it makes it much more elegant. I know the hair bow clip is from Bonita, not sure about the earring because it doesn’t have any label.Both are for MYR3 each.


What do you think about Elianto eye shadows? What’s your recent bargain grabs?


Traclyn Yeoh