Review: Unboxing Fabulous Finds September 2012

This month I’m getting a little busy on Halloween preparations as well as to update on WOW! Project. I almost forgotten the little surprise that came right in front of my doors. Something that I longed for to break the busyness and get indulged.  This is their third box and they have never failed to impress most of us (well that’s including me too!).

To compare with last month’s box, its lesser by quantity but there’s one huge star product that makes this box worth more than anything. One thing that I have noticed the monthly box have different brands coming in. Let’s see what’s inside of Fabulous Finds September 2012 box.

Elizabeth Arden Gold Ultra Restorative Capsules & Gold Ultra Lift and Strengthening Eye Capsules (full size 14 capsules each) worth MYR 116.20

Clairol Professional Color Radiance Shampoo 250ml worth MYR43.00

Clairol Professional Visible Repair Intensive Mask 200ml worth MYR69.00

Essence Duo Eye Shadow (full size 4.5g) worth MYR8.90

Narciso Rodriguez For Her EDT 1ml

Essence Stay With Me Long-Lasting Lip Gloss (full size 4ml) worth MYR10.90


The star product was revealed by Fabulous Finds’ hint in their Facebook update but who knows it will be a full size of  their famous Ceramide Capsules!  This is definitely a great pay off and the winner of this month’s box. The brand Essence is quite a decent make-up because I have their blusher. I love the shade of my lip gloss, its a bright pink shade and I’m wondering if everybody gets the same shade. Narciso Rodriguez For Her EDT smells lovely because it has a hint of vanilla scent to it which I love but I have too many perfumes for now. Since there is a continuous of hair products of two consecutive months, I would to love to see dry shampoo product one day and oh, maybe teeth whitening product? If you love surprises, ‘Like’ Fabulous Finds Facebook to keep yourself updated!

Price: MYR35.00

Availability: Monthly from Fabulous Finds

My rating: 5/5


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This box has been provided for review purposes, kindly refer disclaimer.

Traclyn Yeoh

Review: 1, 2 Step Hydrating Pack

This mask comes along in Fabulous Finds August 2012. It’s one of the items that made the beauty box worthwhile. Its the My Beauty Diary 2-Step African Hydrating Pack of Mango Moisturizing Mask. My Beauty Diary is a famous brand of facial mask from Taiwan.

To me, the concept of this mask is pretty new where it comes with a mask and emulsion, all in one which its why its called a 2-step mask. I wouldn’t think that this is troublesome because after you’ve removed the mask, you will still have to continue with your skincare regime. The emulsion is a bonus.

It comes with an instruction on how to use it which is apply the mask for 20 minutes on cleansed face and after removing it, massage the essence residue over the skin. For this mask, here is the description;

‘The Mango Moisturizing Mask is a highly effective moisturizer that and nourishes your skin. African mango tree seeds essence that will protect your skin against severe weather conditions and pollutants. Combined with the sea coconut essence that is unique to Africa is rich in cream fats that provide the gentlest nutrients of unprecedented quality. It injects layer upon layer of water-based energy onto your skin and keeps it energized.’ – My Beauty Diary

Here is the emulsion which is known as the Myrtle Rejuvenation Emulsion. The emulsion comes in a small sachet which is attached together with the mask sachet. Apply the emulsion evenly after the mask with an adequate amount. Here is what the emulsion does,

‘Moroccan Myrtle, also refered to as Downy Rost Myrtle. Myrtle Rejuvenation Emulsion has a delicate fragrance and astounding renewing properties. Moisturizing, brightening, and tightening pores. Nourishes your skin with milk-like nurturing agents, giving it lasting elasticity and a smooth as silk texture and suppleness that any one can wish for. Combines the essence of frankincense from Somalia, Africa to produce the most desirable effects on your skin. ‘  – My Beauty Diary

The mask is a sheet mask and it comes with protective film to avoid the sheet mask from tearing. Its soaked with the essence and has a mild fruity mango scent. There’s not much of essence leftover in the sachet.

I forgot to snap a photo of before using the mask but I promise that you can still tell the difference.

  • With mask – the size of the mask is quite large, I folded the mask at the sides of my lips to cover nicely on my chin. I snipped some slits on the mask  at the eye and nose area for it to fit accordingly to my face. The mask at the cupid’s bow area is big enough that it covers my upper lips.
  • After mask – skin feel more supple, awaken and moisturized. The excess essence absorb easily into the skin after massaging.

Time to apply the emulsion! Although in the instruction, it is mentioned that I am suppose to use an adequate amount but I use all of the emulsion at a go. The texture is like lotion and I was a little worried if it will be too rich for my skin. Oh yes, that’s my cat sleeping on my bed.

I took my own time to massage the emulsion and to my surprise, my thirsty skin absorbed it quickly. My cheek and chin area is super dry and this 2-step pack, it has help to relief the dryness. My skin has also brighten up, more even and radiant.


I would say that my cheek and chin area dryness has been relieved up to 60% but it didn’t last very long because the next day it feels dry again except for the t-zone. I love the instant effect and I only have one pack, maybe there is a need of a few pack to maintain the effectiveness. Plus, the emulsion is not oily and its a great bonus combination with the mask. I would say this mask is very handy when it comes to travelling, you could cut down on the amount of skincare products that you should be carrying since it comes with emulsion.

Price: MYR49.90 (box of 8), MYR6.50 (1 pack)

Collection Status: Permanent

Availability: BeautyMall2u / Watsons


  • Instant suppleness, moisture, awaken and brightening
  • Bonus product = emulsion
  • Easy for skin to absorb
  • Emulsion is non-oily
  • Travel friendly


  • Moisture effect doesn’t last on super dry skin
  • No slits around eye area of the mask

My rating: 4.8/5


Traclyn Yeoh

Giveaway: Every Month Is A Fabulous Finds!

As much as I love surprises, Fabulous Finds August 2012 did surprised me. Amazed by not only how affordable these beauty box is but the worth of the products that came with the box.  These beauty box subscription are for MYR35.00 and it becomes part of the income of women with disadvantages.

Fabulous Finds was very generous to giveaway 3 of their boxes for my readers! It will be the September 2012 box, which I don’t even know what’s inside. The hint? There’s skincare, makeup and haircare. I’m not going to make this giveaway difficult because the duration of this giveaway is short.

STEP ONE: Like My Facebook 

STEP TWO: Like Fabulous Finds Facebook

STEP THREE: Comment below, why do you love surprises?

Terms and Conditions:

  • Only three (3) winner will be selected via Fruit Machine and will update this post to announce the lucky winners.
  • Winners will be contacted via email and will have to respond in 48 hours with their details
  • Participants must complete all steps in order to qualify for the giveaway
  • Giveaway ends at 3:00pm (GMT +08:00) of 14 September 2012 and be announced on the same date.
  • Open to Malaysia residents only
  • Gift will be posted together with Fabulous Finds shipping day, which will be announced in their Facebook
  • Strictly NO SPAMMING, one entry per participant


Thank you so much for your participation and I love reading your comments. It shows how much you appreciate surprises in any way of life. I really appreciate your entries to this giveaway, there are 62 comments for the giveaway and it meant a lot to me as well as for Fabulous Finds. Not to drag any further, here are the winners (in highlights)!


I will contact you via email soon, please do respond to the time frame provided. Don’t fret if your name is not selected, there will be more giveaways to come. Your support means a lot to me, thank you so much for your participation.

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Traclyn Yeoh

Unboxing Fabulous Finds August 2012

Time passes so quickly and here comes Fabulous Finds of August 2012! Almost coming to a month since their launch, if you don’t know what’s beauty box is all about you could check here and Fabulous Finds July 2012 box here.  My box arrived safely to my hands at approximately 4:00pm yesterday. Initially I wanted to open it at home  because I was in my office but it feels like the box is calling me to open it and I DID!

I did peak at the sides to see what’s inside before untying the ribbon but I just couldn’t resist anymore and had to rummage into it. Tadah! Let’s see what’s inside for this month

There will always a message card from Hui Ling, CEO/Founder of Fabulous Finds updating about the specials in the box with the list of items at the back of the card.

 Wella SP Personalised Hair Care Guide

Beaubelle Product Cash Voucher of MYR10.00 amd Jurlique 50% off voucher for facial treatments.

Skinz Infinite Youth Recall Serum 30ml (full size) worth MYR59.90

Empro Brown & Black Mascara (full size) worth MYR58.80

Wella SP Repair Shampoo 30ml 

Wella SP Repair Mask 30ml

Jurlique Balancing Day Care Cream 0.5oz/15ml

Olive Hand Moisturising Cream 10ml/0.34oz

Jeanne Lanvin Couture Eau De Parfum 0.2ml/0.07oz

My Beauty Diary Mango Moisturizing Mask 1 pack


I’m impressed and I love it! I was not expecting any full size product and they gave two? *round applause* The two full size product are my MUST HAVES in skin care and makeup. May I suggest something for eye brows for the upcoming box? I’ll be travelling for a bit by end of the month and I’m bringing the Wella SP with me. I would also consider My Beauty Diary mask as a full size because we could always purchase the individual sachets from Watsons too. If you missed out this months, fred not! You could always subscribe for the upcoming month, don’t forget to keep yourself updated with the latest scoop from them by liking their Facebook below.

Price: MYR35.00

Availability: Monthly from Fabulous Finds

My rating: 5/5


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This beauty box has been provided for review purposes, please refer disclaimer.

Traclyn Yeoh