Talika Body Shaping Challenge: Weekend Fashion Of The Day

It’s been a while after I have shared on the Second Series of Talika Body Shaping Challenge and previously I did share what’s this second challenge about. Thank you so much for those who had participated in the giveaway and I will be announcing the winners soon.

Talika Body Shaping Challenge - Zero Stretch Mark & Zero Stretch Mark - Traclyn's Fashion Coordinate

Since last month till last weekend, I was occupied with errands every week. Busy but I’m liking and prefer what I do on weekends more. I have noticed that I love sharing my FOTD (fashion of the day) recently in my Instagram and if you yet to follow me, please do! I’m a very shy person to do my selfie but I feel confident to snap on my own FOTD recently as my body seems to be much more toned. I got to admit that my hips are quite big but they felt smoother and slightly less bulgy. I would say the Shaping Serum doesn’t give dramatic result as it has to work with the harmony of my body.  With the Zero Stretch Mark, I have yet to see any results but hopefully it shows something in a week or two! Please stay tuned!


Traclyn Yeoh

Little Rocker

Last Saturday went to a Handmade Etsy Market in Empire Shopping Gallery Subang with the main initiative to visit Patty from Lulla Belle and put up a mild rocker style. I finally get to meet her after knowing her years from online.  I bought some lip balms from her and she’s too kind! She gave a free gift along with my purchase.

  • Top: Black t-shirt with lots of stars
  • Bottom: Denim shorts
  • Hand wrist: Zig zag black stack bangles
  • Waist: Studded belt
  • Bag: Black Swiss Polo
  • Footwear: Studded diamond-shaped pointy black flats

Close up for the studded belt.  Very simple but statement varies.

Close up for the studded diamond-shaped pointy black flats. It’s funny how these flats actually fit nicely onto my feet when I bought them and I left them about a month later to wear it, it turn out to be tight fitting now. I need to enlarge it.

Traclyn Yeoh

Pop Art Photo Shoot

I have planned to join Tongue in Chic‘s You Style it Contest. The theme that they have chosen for this time is Pop Art. Therefore, it sounds a little bit interesting. Contest details here. So I sort of did everything myself. From make-up, dressing up, posing and taking picture, all by myself. It’s pretty tiring. I have chose to join this contest is not because of the prize but because of the theme. I think that I do have the clothing to suit this theme. Well I have already submitted my photo. Hopefully that’s a good one. Let’s me show you how the photo shoot went.

Let’s begin!

Alright, I have forgotten to put turn on the timer. Move on!

I send these pictures to Jowie first, I always needed his opinion. Guess what, we picked on the picture that we both like, which is…

This ONE!

We love this picture. I like the pose because it looks different from the other poses. In Jowie’s opinion, he likes the color, subtle and not flashy. Thank you darling.

Clothing details:
T-shirt and Geek Sunnies from 6th Floor, Sg Wang.
Blue pants from Cotton On, Australia.
Colorful scarf (wrap around my waist) from Girlfriend Magazine, Australia.
Red pump from Sunshine Girl, Australia.

Traclyn Yeoh