Romantic Side Sweep Curls Hair Tutorial

To be honest, I suck at hair styling which is the reason why I have not made any hair tutorials. I thought this would be a great try and actually this hairstyle reminds me a lot of Girl’s Generation TTS Twinkle music video. If you compare both, they look very similar. This is my first official hair tutorial, all these while I have included hair tutorial along in the makeup tutorials. Please enjoy Romantic Side Sweep Curls Hair Tutorial!

This hair style might seem difficult to do but its not until you’ve watch the tutorial yea? I have fine yet heavy weighted hair, I usually need more volume on the sides.

Romantic Side Sweep Curls 2

This hairstyle embraces large soft curls portraying the elegance and feminine of the look. It goes great for dinners, gala night, proms or date night!


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Traclyn Yeoh

Review: All Time Favourite Hair Dye Kit

It’s been a while since the last time I have colored my hair, the previous shade was Medium Brown Natural Gold by Schwartzkopf Palette. My roots and greys are showing very much and Hoyu Bigen Prominous Color Milky is one of my favourite hair dye kit all time. I thought I should review it since I loved it. This was on sale at Guardian, so I quickly grab two (one for mum and one for me).

The shade that I have chosen is 6-35 Golden Copper which is the second lightest shade of this range. The kit includes a bottle of cream developer, a tube of cream colorant, comb nozzle and manual (gloves included).

What I like about this hair dye kit is that its easy to use and smells good. It contains marine collagen, eucalyptus oil, evening primrose oil and grape seed oil. Suitable for those who are looking for grey coverage.

Here are the ingredients listing of the cream colorant and developer. If you can’t see it here do click on the image to enlarge it. One box of this enough for short to medium hair length, if you have long hair its advisable to use two boxes.

Another feature I liked about this hair dye is the texture of the liquid dye. Its runny enough to glide and wrap around each hair strand but it doesn’t drip. After rinsing the dye, use conditioner which is not provided. You’ll have to use your own.

The color shows up darker than what’s from the box which is fine for me because it has gradually lighten a bit in a week.

The arrows are pointing my grey hairs and I have more hidden underneath. Here I wanted to show how much coverage I get and my roots shade are much lighter but it is still not as light as shown from the box.

Price: Retails at MYR30+ but I purchase it for MYR27+

Collection Status: Permanent

Availability: Major drugstores like Watsons, Guardian, Carings and major hyper and supermarkets.


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With the comb nozzle, its super easy to get it done myself rather than asking another person to help me with it. It has very minimal ammonia scent, more of the floral scent which is also a plus. My hair feels soft after washing, doesn’t feel damaged. Firstly the color didn’t come out so even as my roots are much lighter but after a week, its balanced.


It’s my all time FAVOURITE! The only thing is the color turn out is not as accurate (I should pick the lightest shade) and its hassle-free that it didn’t drip, otherwise it will be a mess. Some ammonia scent tend to water my eye and since this is very minimal, it didn’t do anything to my eyes.


  • Contains natural and moisturising ingredient
  • Minimal ammonia scent
  • Easy use with comb nozzle
  • Good grey coverage
  • No dripping of the liquid
  • Doesn’t dry out hair


  • Color turn out inaccurate

My rating: 4.8/5


Traclyn Yeoh

Review: Simply Colour Glow My Mane

‘Inspired by ancient tales on travellers on the Silk Road, discovering the magic of  the Orient, Mythic Oil takes you on a journey to legendary cities of the oriental world.

For centuries, oil has been revered throughout the world for their nutritive and protective properties. They have been used to promote well-being in many different ways – from aromatherapy to massage, to cosmetics and even medicine.

L’oreal Professionnel use the finest oils to create special customized blends, fusing our technical haircare expertise with the rich tradition oil use.’ – L’oreal

L’oreal Professionel Mythic Oil Colour Glow Oil comes in plastic clear deep yellow pump bottle, easily held in a palm. The description from the bottle says

‘Radiant oil for coloured-treated hair: contains a blend of linseed oil and cranberry oil. Depending on hair type, dispense 1 to 2 pumps into your hand, apply to dry or damp hair and style as usual. In case of contact with eyes, rinse them immediately.’

This hair oil offers dazzling radiance and protection. The precious ingredients gives so much more nutrient for the hair.

  • Linseed oil – high concentrations of essential  fatty acids envelope the hair fibre for added radiance, protection and shine.
  • Cranberry oil – a potent antioxidant with nourishing properties for glossy-looking glamour.

Although the bottle is in clear deep yellow, the oil is completely clear. Once dispense, the oil has a sweet fruity scent and the end scent does smells like olive oil. For my hair, I used 2 pumps from the middle towards my hair ends after showering.

I have used this continuously for two weeks and here’s a comparison of my hair. On the first week, I have colored my hair with Schwartzkopf Palette Intensive Color Creme and on early of second week, I did trim my hair for a bit approximately half an inch. As you  can see, there is slight change of colour and hair style. My hair is also a little frizzy.

Here is a close-up of my hair texture. There isn’t dramatic change but there is improvement, I could tell because I hadn’t use hair serums for a month or two and the chemical work done on my hair is pretty damaging.

The hair doesn’t only contain linseed and cranberry oil but there is also avocado and grape seed oil. However, it does contain alcohol and fragrance for those who have concern on such ingredients.


This hair oil texture is light and I have no trouble on the scent, in fact I love it. I apply this hair oil right after I shower every evening on my damp hair and it doesn’t feel like my hair absorb the oil. My hair is all roughen from the hair colouring but as I go on using this, I find that my hair is less tangled hence easier combing. I usually leave my hair to air dry and it doesn’t feel oily when my hair is dried.

On the second week, I went for a vacation where my hair gets in contact with sea and chlorine water continuously for 2 days and I missed out on using this oil too. When I’m back on my routine, I used an extra pump which means three pumps in total. The oil did help to restore my hair texture, previously it was so tangled and rough from my vacation.


I’m very reluctant when it comes to oil-based product, enough with me having oily combination skin and I didn’t want to add more ‘oily’ feature to myself. I gave this hair oil a chance since I needed something to replenish my hair and never regret it. I felt my hair is so much more healthier and it does help to pro-long my hair color. Best thing is it doesn’t leave my hair feeling icky oily. It did on my first few use because I applied too much and very close to my hair roots. Another attractive feature for this hair oil as a keeper is that it has UV filter, which helps to protect my hair from sun damaging.

How much and where to purchase?

L’oreal Professionnel Mythic Hair Oil Colour Glow Oil can be found in L’oreal Professionel salons at MYR75.00. Price may differ from respective salon’s promotion, offer or discounts.


  • Light
  • Very Nourishing
  • Hair less tangled, easy to comp
  • Healthier hair
  • Prolong hair color
  • UV filter


  • Too oily if too much
  • Limited to hair salons

My rating: 4.8/5


~ ♦ ~

Credits to Fatin for providing this product for review purposes and kindly refer to disclaimer.

Traclyn Yeoh

Review: Transform My Mane to Medium Brown Natural Gold

‘Enjoy colorful moments with Palette Intensive Color Crème! Palette’s first caring color crème enriched with natural Gelée Royale for a fascinating color sensation that fulfills all your needs:
– Intensive, extra long-lasting colors
– Nourished hair, even when coloring regularly
– Vivid shine
– Perfect grey coverage*
Together with the vast choice in colors – cool to warm blond tones, discreet or intense red tones, natural or golden browns and black – Palette Intensive Color Crème is the color that is faithful to me.’ – Schwarzkopf

I wanted to try this ever since I saw it in Guardian’s Sale catalogue and I find this very affordable. The size of this box is half of the size of what we usually get from the normal hair dye kit. The shade that I have chosen is medium brown natural gold. I was tempted to go for blonde shades but I didn’t want to take the risk that the shade didn’t turn out what I really wanted.

It comes with

  • Color creme
  • Developer emulsion
  • Conditioner
  • A pair of gloves
  • Manual

Doesn’t seem to be any much different from the normal hair dye kit.

On the before was the shade from Wella Decore in Mocha and it has gone lighter now. I’m surprised that the camera captured the same shade as before I color my hair in fact, it was one shade darker.


 Like how I colored my hair using Wella Decore in Mocha, I applied the same technique for this too but the liquid for this hair dye is too runny. It spills everywhere around me, on my thigh, table and floor. The smell of the ammonia is pretty strong that when I color up until my crown, it stings my eye although there wasn’t any direct contact.

Rinsing off doesn’t clear off as much because it stained my towel for a bit but the conditioner does reminded me of Wella Decore’s, not as sweet though. The next day my scalp did felt a little itchy.


I love that its affordable and the color turn out but with the mess, it’s too much trouble. I would rather pay a little more for better quality like Decore or Bigen. The shade was almost exactly like how it was shown on the box with a tinge of gold finish.

How much and where to purchase?

It was on sale for MYR17.90 when I purchase this at Guardian One Utama. This kit pretty limited on selected Guardian because it was unavailable in BB Plaza and Times Square outlet.


  • Accurate shade


  • Strong ammonia reaction
  • Too runny, create mess
  • Stains towel
  • Itchy scalp

My rating: 2.5/5


Traclyn Yeoh