DIY Floral Twine

Floral twine is a very common accessory in fashion especially during spring, where all the flowers are blooming. I searched and found little stall in Sungei Wang selling ready made ones. I’m not kidding you but it was expensive. It was approximately 40cm,  it cost MYR10 and two for MYR15.  I opted to find materials to make them myself and here is a DIY tutorial. Please enjoy!

Its so easy and simple right? All the items from Daiso for MYR5 each. I bought the roll of twine and two packets of flowers. All sums up to MYR15 and after the tutorial above, I still extras which I could make more. Its definitely better than purchasing ready made ones!

I wore this for my Pastel Spring Makeup and if you haven’t seen it, please do here. You could wear it anyhow you want on your hair, neck,wrist or even as a belt depending on the length that you made. Its very feminine, cute and chic. What’s spring without flowers right?


Traclyn Yeoh

Miko Hair Show for Breast Cancer Awareness

In supporting of Breast Cancer Awareness last month, Miko Galleré has come together for hair show in collaboration with PJCAD. It was held in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.

Astonishing hair do and fashion, attires are from PJ CAD made out of recycled items. Look at the vibrant colors and creativity! It’s not ordinary designer clothing you may see but it’s some shapes and attire you might not came across.

I can’t help to notice that there are a few medusa-like hair do and most hairs are all done up and big. The designs are edgy and bulky yet stylish.

The show then ends with Mr Miko Au with two awesome-sauce creation. I think these two models stands out the moment throughout the show.

Last but not least the models are presented along with their hairstylist and designer.

I got to give credits for this waiter as he served very well. Refreshments are served from the beginning till the end. Love those mini tarts! I also bought a pink ribbon brooch and wore it throughout October.


Did you support Pink October? How did you show your support? 


Traclyn Yeoh

Tuesday November 18, 2008

Shorty? Sorry I have not been short yet by height, it’s my hair!  Last Thursday, went to the Tropicana Academy for haircut with Fyda. I have decided to be the daring me to try short haircuts again. The last time was cutting Aeon Flux’s hair, something out of ordinary. Not every girls could do it, they’ll probably cry for the time that they have spent to keep their long beautiful hair. As for me, long hairstyle is not suitable for me as my face shape is long. I either keep it short or medium length. This time I cut it SHORT!

From this…

I went to this short hairstyle

It suppose to look like this

Well I’m happy anyways because I think it looks fabulous. Any comments on my new hairstyle? I know I needed more volume, I have already bought volume leave-on conditioner. Fyda suppose to go for short hairstyle too, but her mum won’t allow her. Therefore, she got to back out at the very last minute. That’s fine, her new haircut looks cute on her! Why did I went for short hairstyle? Hrmph, I guess I’m inspired by Rihanna’s and Agyness Deyn’s hairstyles. They still look gorgeous!!!

Sadly, I’ve got symptoms of falling sick on Friday night. On Saturday, it gotten worse and I crashed on Sunday. Fell sick with fever, cold shivers, migraine and a little neck swolen. I’m getting better. Jowie, my dearest, thank you for paying me a visit yesterday although you didn’t have your sleep and you brought me a bottle of barley drink made by your mum. Thank you so much, I needed you so much! Hope you like the fried rice that I have cooked for you though it’s a little spicy.

Now, I’m caught with running nose. I have no idea what’s wrong with me. I didn’t want to go to the doctor, have those bitter medicines. YUCKS!

Traclyn Yeoh