Review: Pantene Pro-V Total Damage Care 10, Even The BF Thinks That I Should Keep Using It

It’s tricky when it comes to hair care. I used to have silky smooth hair when I was younger and now it’s the total opposite. It’s rough, dry and gets tangled easily after all the chemical work that was done on my hair. At most, I would do for my hair is coloring it every few months to cover grey. I was introduced to try Pantene Pro-V Total Damage Care 10 and I thought what’s new from them? They have reformulated and brings more protection to the hair.

Pantene Pro-V with Keratin Damage Blocker

‘Enter Pantene’s Keratin Damage Blocker (KDB) Technology, reformulated into the Pantene Pro-V haircare range of shampoos. KDB Technology actively targets, captures and helps to neutralize excessive oxidative minerals in hair. Instead of waiting for free radicals to be produced before attacking them, Damage Blockers actually help prevent their formation by reducing excessive levels of minerals in hair. Pantene is the first global brand designed to prevent protein erosion by minimizing mineral accumulation in hair.

With continued use, mineral-induced oxidative stress declines, hair’s protein are better preserved and hair condition can improve overtime, ultimately giving you beautiful, radiant and shiny hair. Hair health is improved with every wash with Pantene Pro-V shampoos, now with Keratin Damage Blocker Technology and invisible enemies remain invisible!’

Pantene Pro-V with Keratin Damage Blocker Shampoo

Pantene Pro-V Total Damage Care 10 Shampoo

This is how it looks like for the size 170ml and definitely there is bigger size than this. Shampoo would be my first step of my hair routine and I normally would shampoo my hair everyday. Call me crazy for doing so but I could not bear my oily hair from the humidity and hot weather in my country.

Pantene Pro-V with Keratin Damage Blocker Shampoo Texture

It comes with a flip top for this bottle size and the texture seems a little light but it could lather up easily. A little goes a long way and for this size, it could last up to a month usage for my long hair. I would wish that the flip top would be at the bottom instead because when I’m left with ¹⁄3 of the shampoo, I switch the flip top to face down for easier dispensing.

Pantene Pro-V with Keratin Damage Blocker Conditioner

Pantene Pro-V Total Damage Care 10 Conditioner

Just like the shampoo but the flip top is at the bottom which I think is perfect for conditioner because of it’s texture. A bottle of this would also last me a month for my long hair.

Pantene Pro-V with Keratin Damage Blocker Conditioner Texture

Occasionally, I would use the conditioner more for greater boost for my hair since my hair ends gets dry easily. The texture is indeed thick and a little goes a long way.

Pantene Pro-V with Keratin Damage Blocker Conditioner Before & After
Notice that I mentioned I was able to use the range for only a month? Yes, I have tested them for a month and ready to share the results! Previously my hair is lack of shine, limp and dry. After using the range for a month, my hair has greater volume, shine and less dry. It is not perfect but there is improvement.

Pantene Pro-V with Keratin Damage Blocker Conditioner Before & After Hair Ends

Let’s take a closer look to my hair ends. The hair shine definitely quite prominent and looks more healthier. Though I would still get tangles, it is much lesser as to compare than before.

Above all…

I love how my hair felt smoother from the first use! That’s because my hair was quite damaged and dry. I try to avoid doing much chemical work on my hair and the most unavoidable one would be coloring my hair. I would need to maintain it and will need to color it every few months depending on the lasting power. My hair still gets tangled but not as severe as before and there are times, I get really frustrated just to untangle my hair. After this hair care, I would still use hair oil to smoothen my combing.

I believe that Pantene has remain it’s signature scent in all of their hair products which has sweet fruity scent to it. Just from the first wash, the BF noticed the difference and the conversation went on like so.

BF: Did you switch shampoo?
Me: Yes, it’s Pantene that was provided for review. Why?
BF: Ahh…keep using it, it smells good on ya.

Even the BF likes the scent and I’m good with the scent too. I know the conversation may sound like it came off from an advert but trust me, it did happened. This is one encouragement that makes me feel that I should keep using it. Perhaps another type whereby I’m able to retain my hair color longer.

Price: From MYR 9.90 onwards

Availability: all leading retailers nationwide


  • Helps to improve hair condition from the first use
  • Long term result of shinier, smoother and volume hair
  • Less tangles
  • Affordable
  • Sweet attractive fruity scent


  • Does not entirely replenish hair condition

My Rating: 4.9/5


~ ♦ ~

This range was provided by Pantene for review purposes, kindly refer disclaimer.

Traclyn Yeoh

Understand Our Hair and How Invati System Works At StreetLove x Aveda Exclusive Event

‘Our mission at Aveda is to care for the world we live in , from the products we make to the ways in which we give back to society. At Aveda, we strive to set an example for environmental leadership and responsibility, not just the world of beauty, but around the world.’

That is Aveda’s mission pledged strongly by them on what they believed in. I have participate this exclusive event knowing that StreetLove is collaborating with them to share about a pampering hair session with Aveda. Not only that I wanted to learn more of Aveda, I’m also there to support StreetLove.

Understand Our Hair and How Invati Solutions Works At StreetLove x Aveda Exclusive Event - Ritual Stations

They have ritual stations with neck, hand and scalp massage, its really pampering. I particularly like the blue oil where it is applied during the neck massage where it doesn’t only smell good but it has gentle cooling sensation right after.

Understand Our Hair and How Invati Solutions Works At StreetLove x Aveda Exclusive Event - Fiona

Dressed in royal blue, there is Fiona of StreetLove catching up with her readers before the event starts.

Understand Our Hair and How Invati Solutions Works At StreetLove x Aveda Exclusive Event - Linda General Manager

Linda, the General Manager of Aveda began the event introducing to us about Aveda. The word ‘Aveda’ is not an English language but adapted from Sanskrit. They have products from skin care, body care to hair care and styling. One of the Aveda outlet in Japan has their very own salon, spa and cafe all together in one, how awesome is that? In 2013, Aveda has already won 11 awards locally from various media publication such as Harper’s Bazaar, Women’s Weekly, Cleo and more.

Understand Our Hair and How Invati Solutions Works At StreetLove x Aveda Exclusive Event - Adrian Sin, Trainer

Adrian Sin, one of the trainer for Aveda helps us to understand about our hair structure and different types of hair concern.  Little did I know that it is common that we shed 150-200 strands of hair daily and I freaked out for no reason for my hair that shed  approximately less than 50 strands daily from shampooing, combing, styling and some were found on my bed.

Understand Our Hair and How Invati Solutions Works At StreetLove x Aveda Exclusive Event - Invati Solutions

He then introduces Invati solution for such hair loss problems. Invati means invigorate in Sanskrit and this solution has proven to reduce hair loss using unique blends of herbs from Ayurveda theraphy, a tradition from India of 5,000 years ago.

  • Invati Exfoliating Shampoo – helps to clean the scalp removing product build-up and sebum with wintergreen-derived salicylic acid where it helps to unclog pores.
  • Invati Thickening Conditioner – helps to thicken and strengthen each hair strand with arginine derived from sugar beets and soy protein, hence it reduces the chances of hair breakage. This conditioner is applied towards the scalp onwards.
  • Invati Scalp Revitalizer – is a tonic to be applied after towel-dried hair. It helps to revitalise and rehabilitate the scalp around the hair follicles with turmeric and ginseng, creating the best environment for healthy hair.

Understand Our Hair and How Invati Solutions Works At StreetLove x Aveda Exclusive Event - Smooth Infusion Style-Prep Smoother, Be Curly Style-Prep

Along with the event, we had a fun contest to play with. Before we start on it, Adrian explained that we have two choices to style our hair to straight or curly and the right products to use and steps to follow before and after styling our hair. We are reminded to use the correct steps in order to pass the test.

Understand Our Hair and How Invati Solutions Works At StreetLove x Aveda Exclusive Event -Smooth Infusion Style-Prep Smoother, Be Curly Style-Prep 2

These are the products to use. Let me brief you through for both styles on the right product to use.

  • Straight hair
  1. Prep hair with Smooth Infusion Style-Prep Smoother
  2. Apply Smooth Infusion Glossing Straightener before styling hair
  3. Once finish styling with hair tools, set the hair with Light Elements Smoothing Fluid
  • Curly hair
  1. Prep hair with Be Curly Style-Prep
  2. Apply Be Curly Curl Enhancer before styling hair
  3. Once finish styling with hair tools, set the hair with Be Curly Curl Enhancing Hair Spray

 Understand Our Hair and How Invati Solutions Works At StreetLove x Aveda Exclusive Event -Smooth Infusion Style-Prep Smoother, Be Curly Style-Prep 3

These are the hot tools given to style our hair. I have chosen to curl my hair but because the curling tongs are limited, I have used hair straightener to curl my hair instead. My bad for not capturing before and after, but I’m happy with how I did my hair. You can see how it turn out for me in my Instagram, here. We were given 45 minutes to get our hair done and had the opportunity for our photos to be taken.

Understand Our Hair and How Invati Solutions Works At StreetLove x Aveda Exclusive Event - Offer of the Day

Aveda team has given us special offer exclusively just for this event with two different types of promotion.

Understand Our Hair and How Invati Solutions Works At StreetLove x Aveda Exclusive Event - Winner of The Day

For the contest, these are the winners! Congratulations and winners are chosen based on the correct products that they have used and hairstyle that matches to Aveda concept. Winners hairstyles are simple, neat and well-defined. I really enjoyed myself learning about Aveda and facts about hair that I didn’t come across. Thank you Aveda and StreetLove!

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Traclyn Yeoh

Review: Simply Colour Glow My Mane

‘Inspired by ancient tales on travellers on the Silk Road, discovering the magic of  the Orient, Mythic Oil takes you on a journey to legendary cities of the oriental world.

For centuries, oil has been revered throughout the world for their nutritive and protective properties. They have been used to promote well-being in many different ways – from aromatherapy to massage, to cosmetics and even medicine.

L’oreal Professionnel use the finest oils to create special customized blends, fusing our technical haircare expertise with the rich tradition oil use.’ – L’oreal

L’oreal Professionel Mythic Oil Colour Glow Oil comes in plastic clear deep yellow pump bottle, easily held in a palm. The description from the bottle says

‘Radiant oil for coloured-treated hair: contains a blend of linseed oil and cranberry oil. Depending on hair type, dispense 1 to 2 pumps into your hand, apply to dry or damp hair and style as usual. In case of contact with eyes, rinse them immediately.’

This hair oil offers dazzling radiance and protection. The precious ingredients gives so much more nutrient for the hair.

  • Linseed oil – high concentrations of essential  fatty acids envelope the hair fibre for added radiance, protection and shine.
  • Cranberry oil – a potent antioxidant with nourishing properties for glossy-looking glamour.

Although the bottle is in clear deep yellow, the oil is completely clear. Once dispense, the oil has a sweet fruity scent and the end scent does smells like olive oil. For my hair, I used 2 pumps from the middle towards my hair ends after showering.

I have used this continuously for two weeks and here’s a comparison of my hair. On the first week, I have colored my hair with Schwartzkopf Palette Intensive Color Creme and on early of second week, I did trim my hair for a bit approximately half an inch. As you  can see, there is slight change of colour and hair style. My hair is also a little frizzy.

Here is a close-up of my hair texture. There isn’t dramatic change but there is improvement, I could tell because I hadn’t use hair serums for a month or two and the chemical work done on my hair is pretty damaging.

The hair doesn’t only contain linseed and cranberry oil but there is also avocado and grape seed oil. However, it does contain alcohol and fragrance for those who have concern on such ingredients.


This hair oil texture is light and I have no trouble on the scent, in fact I love it. I apply this hair oil right after I shower every evening on my damp hair and it doesn’t feel like my hair absorb the oil. My hair is all roughen from the hair colouring but as I go on using this, I find that my hair is less tangled hence easier combing. I usually leave my hair to air dry and it doesn’t feel oily when my hair is dried.

On the second week, I went for a vacation where my hair gets in contact with sea and chlorine water continuously for 2 days and I missed out on using this oil too. When I’m back on my routine, I used an extra pump which means three pumps in total. The oil did help to restore my hair texture, previously it was so tangled and rough from my vacation.


I’m very reluctant when it comes to oil-based product, enough with me having oily combination skin and I didn’t want to add more ‘oily’ feature to myself. I gave this hair oil a chance since I needed something to replenish my hair and never regret it. I felt my hair is so much more healthier and it does help to pro-long my hair color. Best thing is it doesn’t leave my hair feeling icky oily. It did on my first few use because I applied too much and very close to my hair roots. Another attractive feature for this hair oil as a keeper is that it has UV filter, which helps to protect my hair from sun damaging.

How much and where to purchase?

L’oreal Professionnel Mythic Hair Oil Colour Glow Oil can be found in L’oreal Professionel salons at MYR75.00. Price may differ from respective salon’s promotion, offer or discounts.


  • Light
  • Very Nourishing
  • Hair less tangled, easy to comp
  • Healthier hair
  • Prolong hair color
  • UV filter


  • Too oily if too much
  • Limited to hair salons

My rating: 4.8/5


~ ♦ ~

Credits to Fatin for providing this product for review purposes and kindly refer to disclaimer.

Traclyn Yeoh

My Mane Woe~!

Guess what this is all about? Are we getting a hair cut?

Himalaya Herbals are one of the well known brand for its natural ingredients in skin and hair care. This workshop is to reintroduce the Protein Hair Care range, the repackage design gives a fresh look to the range. There are five new ranges:

  • Anti Dandruff Range
  • Anti Hair Fall Range
  • Protein Conditioner Range
  • Protein Shampoo Range
  • Protein Shampoo (2 in 1)

First start with my hair analysis by Yvonne, a nutritionist from Himalaya Herbals. My overall scalp is very healthy except that there is a minor hair fall that could possibly form a M-shape (the scalp sides above forehead). Normal healthy hair follicle would have at least 2-3 strands of hair but the areas of my hair fall  only have one strand on each follicle and some follicle has closed.  It is advisable to take care of it now to prevent future balding. With the analysis, I was also provided Himalaya Herbal hair care products accordingly and proceed to try the products.

Step 1 – Pre Wash Nourishment

Product: Revitalizing Hair Oil

Ever wonder to use oil on your scalp? My hair could go really oily by the end of the day and this is definitely my first time hearing using such method. This oil will give proper nutrition to the hair and scalp to promote hair growth. Massaging scalp with the hair oil helps to increase blood circulation for better absorption and strengthen the hair root.

It was uncomfortable to have more oil despite of my oily scalp but if this method works, I would keep up with such routine.  I love the massage, it was awesome. I never had such a great massage and its coming from a hairstylist. The massage did not just concentrate on the scalp but it went all the way to my neck and upper back. So relaxing!

Step 2 – Cleanse

Product: Anti Hair Fall Shampoo

After massaging for about 15 minutes, it’s time to shampoo off the oil.  I love this part since I’m uncomfortable with the oil. The shampoo has quite a strong herbal scent but not too overwhelming. The shampoo is suppose to provide nourishment, strengthen weaken hair and improves hair texture to reduce hair fall.

Step 3 – Conditoner

Product: Protein Conditioner Color Protect

I was given this conditioner because I told Yvonne I frequently color my hair. I will need to color my hair again as soon as I get another hair cut. I hadn’t been cutting my hair since last December :O . However, many conditioner in the market doesn’t do well to moisturize my hair after my last hair chemical and I had to use richer formula like hair mask as a replacement.

This conditioner is suppose to provide nourishment, protect my hair color and giving it it’s true color stays longer. It also helps to soften, smoothen and repair hair.

Step 4 – All Day Leave on Protection

Product: Protein Hair Cream

I only apply hair serums after washing my hair but this tub of cream makes me more skeptical, fearing it that it would be too oily for my hair. This is suppose to accelerate hair growth, strengthen hair root and prevent hair fall.

This is the finishing results! Nicely tamed and shiny hair. I hardly blow my hair with hair dryer unless I have a heat protectant with me. I still prefer to air dry it.

The student hairstylist who does the job is Elaine, I recommend for her great massage! I actually asked her if I can get a haircut but too bad for me, they can’t do it. Academy students service are allowed for weekdays and I can’t make it on weekdays.

Here is some services of what the academy provides. Very affordable!

Thanks to Himalaya Herbals for having me for this workshop! Oh and answering so many of my questions too 😛 .

* This is just an overall experience for the workshop, will review the products later on.


Traclyn Yeoh