Halloween Series: Corpse Bride with DIY Hairband & Veil

Emily from Corpse Bride is one of the most popular looks for Halloween. I have this on my list once it was requested and gathered the props to complete the look but everything was delayed because of the face paint. I was struggling to look for the right face paint and I did rant about Which Is A Better Face Paint. The last face paint that I purchased is not the best but still does the job, well at least it’s pigmented. This look is not the best look since it does appear blotchy on some areas and I tried the best that I could. Please enjoy the tutorial!


This is her signature pose. I know I couldn’t replicate her eyes entirely because my veins are showing! It shows that I’m alive not dead ūüėõ For the hair, it appears so shiny because its synthetic wig and it doesn’t appear as natural.

I like the exposed teeth part. Its so easy that I didn’t expect that using lash glue would work.

Hope you enjoy this Halloween look. I know it’s past Halloween but ¬†this can still be a future reference. Maybe next time I should try getting props from 2 to 3 months earlier just to get everything right in time!


Happy Halloween!


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Traclyn Yeoh

Halloween Series: Bleach Ichigo Hollow

This look was totally not in my plan for Halloween but I gave a thought that it could be interesting since I have well pigmented white face paint. There’s a lot of detailing but simple ones, nothing too difficult to achieve. Hollow is a dark character of Ichigo in the anime, Bleach. Its perfect for Halloween and you don’t have to conceal your entire face with face paint. If you notice, I only use a few products and the main colors for this look is white, red and black. Please enjoy the tutorial!


The contact lens does the job so well. Although originally, it should be sclera lens of black and yellow but I don’t have any of it. This white contact lens fit nicely to the look too.

This look can be fierce, creepy and haunting. If you watch Bleach, you’ll get what I mean.

Notice how it looks like I’m wearing a mask? It’s all about shading and blending it, I promise that I did not touch up on the look at all but only adding vignetting effect. I believe some of you attended Halloween party last week but I think there will be some this week too. Great excuse to give this a try!


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Traclyn Yeoh

Halloween Series: Scaly Mermaid

Mermaid is a beautiful legendary creature that most of us would like to believe that it exist. It has also become one of the favourite looks for Halloween and there are so many different versions of how to portray the mermaid look. To me at least, the scales are one of the crucial elements.

Unless you have a full costume, there’s no need to use to create as much scales as this. Its really difficult to find a proper costume for mermaid because I’m sure that you’ll be walking around a lot during the Halloween. Maybe a sequin maxi skirt would do. Creating the scales aren’t too difficult, so please enjoy the tutorial!


Close up for the eye makeup, there’s a lot of glitter and shine going on. The fancy lashes just give a beautiful boost for it. I wanted to keep the eye makeup simple yet glam because the scales are getting so much attention.

It goes really well on photos with flash and the scales looks almost real. The bits of scale on the neck and décolletage shows like an exposed scales.

Without flash, it looks refreshing. I know, its quite a cheeky smile that I have pulled off.

Trying another angle by back lighting half way and the mermaid makeup does look sophiscated.


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Traclyn Yeoh

Which Is A Better Face Paint?

Halloween is coming in about 2 weeks and believe it or not, I have been struggling to look for right white face paint for over a month. Finding the right and decent quality face paint is tricky. Party or costume stores are scarce in Kuala Lumpur and if you found any, it could also be pricey. I have a few tutorials involving the use of white face paint. Although it took a few tries for me to get the right one, I actually learned to find out what’s a better quality of face paint. I also included swatches of the face paints that I have gone through.

Cream Make-up in White

This cream makeup is commonly found in many party or costume stores. This was found in Sungei Wang and I think the store is call Amani (behind Sinma) on the lower ground floor. They have tons of costume including wigs, colored hair spray, masks, falsies and many other accessories but I don’t think they are renting the costumes out, only selling it. This cream makeup comes in blister packaging and there are a variety of shades available. This was sold for MYR8.00. It was a good deal but the texture feels like lotion, not pigmented and takes forever to dry.

Qi Yi Artists’ Colours in Titaium White

I found this at Sungei Wang as well of the store named Amazon Beauty Supply, located at the second floor. I have swatch it before I purchase it and it look really promising. Incredibly pigmented, matte finish and dries really quicky. According to the staff there, this can be use on face, body and nails. They were having buy 1 free 1 promotion and one tube is for MYR20.00. I was so happy when I got my hands on this thinking that “Yes, I finally found it!” but no until I filmed my tutorial. This paint is buildable up to the coverage that my brow hairs are totally sealed but on selected areas like my neck and eye where it creases, it started to peel. What happened is when the paint touches each other, it sticks and peels. I looked shiny like a plastic with the paint on.

Mehron FantasyFX in White

I was recommended to go for Party @ World located in IPC Shopping Center. The store has great variety of Halloween accessories like liquid latex, spirit gum, costumes, hand gloves, face paint, tons of variety interesting candies and party favors. When I saw Mehron and again, I was so happy. Mehron is made in the US and I think I saw reviews that this face paint isn’t too bad. I was skeptical that it looked yellow when its stated on the blister packaging white (can be seen on the top left corner) and I asked the staff there that they are convinced that the tube is yellow. So I bought this for MYR16.00 each because I do need quite a bit considering I need to paint some part of my body. It does look have a tinge of yellow and when I mixed it with blue face paint, it turn out looking like cyan color. It was also during filming the tutorial and it appears pretty blotchy. I have uploaded a photo in my Facebook right after filming and you could see it here.

Tag Body Art in Regular White 

Tag is originated from Australia and I found it available locally from Allyson’s Face Painting after much consideration looking at videos and reviews. This is the closest I could get for a white face paint and I ordered the one in 32grams which is for MYR31.00. I was charged shipping fee of MYR7.00 but they didn’t take into account to ship immediately after they received the payment. I was told that they would ship it the next day after receiving payment, they did but they sent it after the postal cut off time. After the cut off time, the submission is considered as the next day. I wasn’t happy with it because I have estimated when I should be receiving it in order for me to do the filming. I only have time to film during the weekends and this face paint only arrived to me on Monday the week after. After all the worries, this is something far better than the rest although it is pricier. Its water activated, pigmented, matte finish and very white. It’s not the best but best among what I have gone through.

Here’s a swatch of it with natural light and flash.

  1. Cream Make-up in White
  2. Qi Yi Artists’ Colour in Titaium White
  3. Mehron FantasyFX in White
  4. Tag Body Art in Regular White

I¬†apologize¬†for the lack of video tutorials after failing in numerous times for the face paint ¬†and I’m trying my best to film the most that I can before Halloween comes *fingers crossed*.


Traclyn Yeoh