June 2013 Hits & Misses

How was your June? I was enjoying June so much that I wish it didn’t have to pass that fast. I went to Bangkok, get a glimpse of Kim Jong Kook during the fan meet-up in Paradigm Mall and a few of Vanity Trove Malaysia Pink Carpet events. It was a busy month but its worth and I enjoyed very much. For last month’s hits and misses, I have something mixed that you can find locally and internationally.

June 2013 Hits & Misses - Cancer Counsil Australia Active Sunscreen SPF50

Cancer Council Australia Active Sunscreen SPF50 PA+++

I bought this when I was Bangkok especially when I know I will be walking around a lot. I think I might have used it before when I was in Melbourne during the summer carnivals. I find this not as sticky as many other sunblock, easily absorbed onto my skin and it has that mild typical sunblock scent. I usually applied once before heading out and it protected my skin so well that I didn’t get tan at all. I picked this at their Watsons for 1990 bhat which is approximately  equivalent to MYR 19.90

June 2013 Hits & Misses - Estee Lauder Nutritious Radiant Vitally Essence Oil

Estee Lauder Nutritious Radiant Vitality Essence Oil

This is one face oil I’m currently loving although I have combination skin. Oil doesn’t has to be bad for your skin, some face oil can be beneficial  and my skin has benefited from this so much that I didn’t realize how big a difference it has made for me. I have a full review of this here.

June 2013 Hits & Misses - Estee Lauder Nutritious Radiant Vitally 2 Step Treatment

Estee Lauder Nutritious Radiant Vitality 2-Step Treatment

This is another amazing mask that I came across, it has clay mask and another, I would consider it as sleeping mask. The clay mask helps in absorbing excess oil and it can never be dry. The cream stays on as cream for more than 20 minutes and the effect of the ‘sleeping mask’ makes my face brighter until the next morning! I also have a full review on this here.

June 2013 Hits & Misses - Vincci Sunglasses

Vincci Sunglasses

As I was browsing during my lunch break, I spotted this at Vincci and I vowed to wear sunnies as long as there is sun to protect my eyes. The culture for working people to wear sunnies on their way to office is not as strong here. Whenever I head back and forth to work with this on, people around me looked at me as though I’m a weirdo. I think this sunnies is pretty simple and nothing too fancy, I bought this for only MYR5.00 which is incredibly cheap!

June 2013 Hits & Misses - Jackfruit Ccracker

Jackfruit Cracker

I bought in Chatuchak Market, Bangkok and I remembered mum likes it so much but this is much more cruncy than the ones my mum brought back. Hers was from Bali which is slightly softer. I’m not sure how is this being prepared and this does has a little oil but this is very flavourful. In a way, I liked to treat this as a healthy snack since it’s coming from jackfruit. If anyone know’s where I can buy this in Kuala Lumpur, please let me know!

Have you come across any of the items above?


May 2013 Hits & Misses

Feeling a little jet-lagged as I have just return from Bangkok on Tuesday. Although I was on holiday, I woke up early (as early as 6am) everyday on my trip to catch on as much places as I can and I had loads of fun going around. I think I got a little tanner travelling around too. Finally, now I’m back on track with blogging and just want to share a little of my hits and misses for May 2013. I missed the hits and misses for April 2013 but I promise I try to keep up with this.

SilkyGirl Drink Up Lip Balm

SilkyGirl Drink Up Lip Balms

Earlier when I was sent to review this lip balm, it was just the Coffee flavor and I love how delicious it smelt. Coincidentally, on that week after I reviewed it Guardian was having big sales and since I love green tea so much, I decided to grab the green tea flavour for only MYR 6.50 but my excitement stopped right there because the green tea scent was just bland, almost smelt like a plain lip balm. I have the full review on the Coffee flavoured, here.

Lunasol Bag

Lunasol Starter Kit 2012 Bag

Since I have been travelling quite a bit lately, this has been a great companion to store my make-up. If you would like to know about this kit, find out more here.  This is a must have for me when I’m travelling so that it keeps everything together in the bag and it is less messier that way. I have also included this in one of my post of Travel Light & Smart with Your Makeups. I’m not sure if this is still available over the counter but I highly recommend this if they still have it.

Philips  Blender HR-2061

Philips Blender HR-2061

If you follow me in Instagram, you’ll see me updating fresh blend of drinks almost everyday. I’m trying to keep healthy by having my fruits and vegetables every day for my breakfast if possible. Back in a few months ago, I was scouting the right blender to purchase and little did I know, my sister in law has extra blenders and spared me one of them. This is quite a powerful blender of 600 watts and it has 5 speed dials. I normally use at 1 because while it blends, I grabbed my cup or do some cleaning and I usually blend frozen fruit or vegetables. I recommend this blender if you’re looking for one because it’s strong and also has a food processor component.

Nn Chia Seed

Chia Seeds

Since I’m into all the healthy food right now, I’m crazy over chia seeds. They are quite limited in Kuala Lumpur and I purchase mine from Cosway. This was for MYR 38.00 for member’s price which is very affordable considering it weighs at 500 grams and only to consume one tablespoon each day. The reason why I take chia seeds is because its rich in antioxidant properties, rich in Omega-3 and helps to fight free radicals. It also helps to lower blood pressure but not that I have high blood pressure, in fact I think I’m low because every time I stood up, I tend to get that blackout feeling for mere seconds.

That’s all I have in May 2013. Not many beauty related products and included other things instead. I will collect what I have in mind for this month’s thoroughly. Any of these interest you?


March 2013 Hits & Misses

I’m pretty late for finalizing the hits and misses of March 2013 because was some delays going on last week which had me not updating for a few days. I promise that this week will be loaded with updates daily again. I don’t really have a lot for March 2013 because basically, I have been using the same old things and nothing much of a new ones.

Essence Cosmetics Circus Circus - My Sparkling Acrobat

Essence Cosmetics Circus Circus – My Sparkling Acrobat

I discovered the new range from Essence Cosmetics which is Circus Circus and what attracted me the most is their nail polishes. They come with dual sided and those chunky glitters are beautiful! This is one of the shade that I have picked which is called My Sparkling Acrobat, where it comes with a black nail polish and the other is gold chunky glitters.  This was for MYR 13.90.

Essence Cosmetics Nail Colour 3 - Midnight Date

Essence Cosmetics Nail Colour 3 – Midnight Date

Along with the Circus Circus range, I saw this nail polish too. It also comes with two nail polish and look how beautiful the chunky glitter is!  Its blue and shines green.  I have also noticed that these nail polish dries pretty quick on my nails and did my Sparkling City That Never Sleeps nails using this and the My Sparking Acrobat.

Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Quick Powder Eye Brow

Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Quick Powder Eyebrow in 02

I love how easy to use this, the sponge applicator is soft against my skin. I don’t use it on my brows but to contour my nose and because it is so easy to use, I hardly miss this steps daily. I have sparse brows and I needed to use pencil to draw the shape of desired brows. I have a full review on this too.

Kiss Me Heroine Make Lasting Mineral BB Cream

Kiss Me Heroine Make Lasting Mineral BB Cream

I’m really fussy on BB creams and this goes on well for me as it is lightweight and helps to control oil sebum.  The texture is not creamy but not thick and the coverage is natural, almost like a tinted moisturizer. It doesn’t give me any white cast but it does oxidize.

USB Card Reader

USB Card Reader

This is one non-beauty related but it’s blogging related. Sometimes I do forgot to transfer photos into my thumb drive and I do bring my camera with me. Card reader like this comes in handy and I purchase this from Super Save for only MYR 4.90. Cheap and usable! Its really handy for me that I can transfer my photos to my thumb drive at any computer. I use SD card all the time but this card reader do come with many other card options.


February 2013 Hits & Misses

Spending the days in February is wonderful with CNY holiday where I enjoyed travelling and eating out. Kid you not, I love my food and you can check them in my Instagram! I update it almost everyday. Not only that, the opportunity to meet interesting people that I should learn more from them and discovering new foods! How was your February?

For last month’s hits and misses, its almost an even number of beauty and non-beauty product. Some are old traditional skincare that I have only discovered the benefit and of course, there are some new products.

The Body Shop Lily Cole Radiant Blusher

The Body Shop Puff On Radiance

Since I have combination skin, its hard for me to love shimmery highlighters. The Body Shop Puff On Radiance comes in a very cute packaging. The shape does reminds me of a Pokemon ball, comes with a fluffy puff and the highlighters in tiny cute balls. I know that could sound so wrong but it literally does look like it. The shimmer is not too shiny, I have never like highlighters this much before. It goes give the glow but its not overpowering, looking like a disco ball.

Vaseline Healthy White SPF24

Vaseline Healthy White SPF24

Vaseline has been one of my favourite body lotion and I love them even more since they came out with UV Lightening body lotion which does help to lighten my skin tone. In the mid last year, they are producing even more under the range of healthy white and I was eager to try this but all disappointed. I can understand since this has SPF, it does smells like any typical sunblock but it doesn’t really help in lightening my skin tone and provide moisture. The texture is very thick, doesn’t blend well on the skin and the white cast transfers to my darker clothings. Worse that I have notice one spot of my office desk where I place my arm most of the time gotten white. I have never experience such with other body lotion.

Artline Metallic Gold

Artline Marker

Inspired by how nail enthusiast uses Sharpie markers to create easy nail designs without nail polish, I have used Artline marker to create simple nail designs like Gold Glitter & Studs and Midnight Affair Studded. It makes everything so easy without dotting tool. The cons of using this is that its quite difficult to remove it with nail polish remover. I needed to scrape a bit to remove it. I might consider looking out for more of these markers.

Cooling Powder - Bedak Sejuk

Cooling Powder

This is one of the traditional method of taking care oily and acne prone skin. Even my late grandma uses this method and I remember my dad always remind me to use this but I was really lazy back then until recently I have decided to give this  for another go. This is one of my wise move and I freaking love this. This cooling powder is made out of rice which is great in absorbing oil and calms down acne. I use this religiously every night on the last step of my skin care routine. If you’re wondering how to use this, just take a few pebbles of these ( I use 4 pebbles) and mix it with water ( I use saline solution). It will soften, crush it with your fingers and mix it with the water then apply. My skin has calm down so much from acne and blackheads are so much more reduced. The cons for this is that it does leave my pillow powdery.

Loreal Super Liner Black Lacquer

L’oreal Super Liner Black Lacquer

One of my favourite eyeliner last month till now for its comparable with Lancome Artliner which I did and the review is here. I tend to grab on liquid liners instead of pencil but also it depends on occasion.

Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede Thumb Drive

Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede Thumb Drive

This is the cutest gadget I received so far and its so beauty related. I received this in attending the launch of Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede Lipstick. Its a 2gig thumb drive and I have yet to use it. I’m planning to puncture a tiny hole at the bottom and add a jumper ring into it for easier to loop with my other thumb drives.

Revlon Nail Polish Midnight Affair

Revlon Nail Polish in Midnight Affair

I have also received this complimentary from the launch and I was so eager to try it that I have created Midnight Affair Studded which I think its a very clean and simple design that gives a strong statement. I have never tried Revlon nail polishes before, I think I like it because its easy to apply and dries up much more faster.

Which of these catches your eye?


Traclyn Yeoh