Secret to Beautiful Korean Skin

Many of us envy of how beautifully flawless of most Korean skin is and that is including me. My journey in taking care of skin have ever stop especially when I have combination and acne-prone skin. I’m always curious thinking that it could be the four seasons weather that helped to maintain their skin beauty. Probably that’s why we are lacking in that section since I’m in a tropical country? A while ago, I have just found out one of their secret shared from a friend, her interning colleagues are Koreans. I have noticed their skin (almost poreless!) and asked if my friend knows their secret. Here it is!


Image Courtesy of I Love

It’s KIMCHI! If you haven’t know what’s kimchi, its basically a traditional fermented Korean dish using different types of vegetables with variety of seasoning and the most common vegetable that they use is Napa cabbage or also known as Chinese cabbage. They are served in most of their meals as a side dish or as the main ingredient for main dishes like kimchi pancakes, kimchi stew and kimchi fried rice. It has that spicy and sour flavor to it. Kimchi also have different grades to it depending on how long it has been fermented, the longer the better. Kim chi also has been rated one of the top five of World Healthiest Food.

Kimchi is a lacto-fermented product that is a good source of probiotics. The procedure of adding salt at the very beginning deactivates the bacteria so it can be stored for a longer period of time. While the salt acts as natural preservative, the lactic acid is produced during the maturing process which suppresses the growth of harmful bacteria. –

Korean Kimchi

Image Courtesy of 21 Food

Here we can see a variety of Kimchi using different vegetables. There’s Napa/Chinese cabbage, raddish, siu pok choy, scallion and cucumber. I have been watching a Korean variety show called Family Outing and indeed, most of the time when they are eating, there’s always kimchi. I love Korean food way back and the kimchi that I like the most is from Ko Hyang. For skin benefit purposes, this makes me love Korean food more! I will try to incorporate kimchi into my meal and will see if there’s improvement.

Bare in mind that consuming kimchi does not give you that immediate effect. Koreans have grown with kimchi and it’s going to take some time for our body to absorb the benefits of kimchi as they are not only beneficial for skin but health too!

Stay away from plastic surgery, eat more kimchi!  A group of researchers at Pusan National University discovered that fermented kimchi contains lots of antioxidants that helps slow down skin aging. By eating kimchi, you also get a good dose of vitamin C and beta carotene, both of which are  good for keeping skin healthy and elastic. – Advance Technology Korea 


Do you like kimchi and will you incorporate it to your meals?


Traclyn Yeoh

Ko Hyang Korean Country Delights, Ma Sit Sso Yo!

I started to hunt Korean food ever since watching Korean dramas. You might think that I’m a fanatic for all the Korean fever but I started watching the dramas since 2005. Not very extreme, back then I was studying and I only watch when I have time for it. Each of their drama will have some mouthwatering dishes, let’s see some of it.

  • Goong – Spicy Rice Cakes, known as Dduk Bokki
  • Fashion 70s – Midnight snack where they mixed all the dinner left overs in a big bowl
  • My Lovely Sam Soon – Spicy Korean Soft Tofu Stew, known as Soon Du Bu

I even have Korean pair of chopsticks and spoon and always love to have Korean food if I have bumped any. If you’re wondering what’s Ma Sit Sso Yo from the title above, it means ‘it’s delicious’ in Korean. My Korean fever now is the game show called Running Man (must watch, freaking hilarious) and a drama called Nice Guy.

Ko Hyang Korean Country Delights was establish in 2008 at The Gardens Mid Valley and later on expanded to Sunway Pyramid in 2012. Ko Hyang is managed by Ms Chung Hee Jung and her parents whom are Koreans that have planned to be in Malaysia for good. The first time I found out of Ko Hyang was with my Lover from The Gardens Mid Valley (especially that the price is very affordable) and recently, discovered another at One Utama which I couldn’t resist.

Bi Bim Bab

Rice mixed with minced beef/chicken, shredded sautéed vegetables of cucumbers, carrots, mushroom, seaweed, radish and topped with bull’s eye egg with some sesame seeds and Korean chilli paste.

It comes with a bowl of soup and side dishes. The soup tasted like radish soup with bean sprout and has very nice sweetness from the vegetables. The side dishes was Kim Chi, anchovies, bean sprout. I’m not really a fan of anchovies, I have skipped it and the Kim Chi is the best I ever had. It’s spicy and not as sour, it was served not too cold. Unlike some Kim Chi I had, they served it cold directly from the fridge.

Bi Bim Bap always reminds me of their mid night snack. My choice of meat was beef and this dish tasted like spicy salad rice because of the loads of sautéed vegetables in there. It doesn’t taste too raw since the vegetables are sautéed, its still crunchy and it has a hint of nutty flavour at the end taste. The egg yolk makes the dish creamy and moist, nothing too spicy at all.

Price: MYR16.90 

The week after I have begged my Lover to go for Ko Hyang and the nearest to us is at Viva Homes. We have not dine together at Ko Hyang althought we found it in The Gardens Mid Valley. The outlet is slightly bigger than the one at One Utama and there’s an outdoor dining too. They also have set lunch available which I did not see it at One Utama, the sets are very affordable too.

 Tuk Man Du Guk

Home made chicken dumpling with shredded fried egg and seaweed in rice cake soup with minced beef /chicken.

It sounds like a simple dish but this is definitely quite a big portion. The soup tasted like chicken based, served 4-5 dumplings with lots of eggs. The rice cake sunk all the way at the base of the bowl and I almost didn’t notice it. Rice cake is my all time favourite and they are chewy and smooth. My choice of meat is beef and it adds a subtle flavour to the soup which is delicious! The minced chicken from the dumpling was too soft and the spring onion was a little too much that I almost couldn’t tell that it was chicken meat.

Price: MYR15.90

Soon Do Bu Ji Gae

Spicy soft tofu stew with seafood/chicken/beef and served with rice

Lover chose beef for the meat option and the meat is tender and juicy. The soup was not really spicy for the first few mouth but as you go on, you’ll definitely feel the burn. I don’t fancy tofu but their tofu is incredible smooth and soft! The rice was well cooked, not mushy at all.

Price: MYR15.90

I almost forgot to include the side dishes and it’s refillable! The Kim Chi tasted the same as how I remembered from the one I had in One Utama, I tried the anchovies this time, it tasted sweet and doesn’t smell as fishy. There’s seasoned bean sprout, spinach and cucumber. The seasoned cucumber was special because it was still still crunchy.

I would say Ko Hyang served most affordable Korean dishes and it tasted far better than I expected. Dining in are subjected to 6% service charge and it’s pork free. Recommended to try and support them by liking their Facebook below or you could check out more info in!


Traclyn Yeoh

NEW! It’s Skin Store

It’s Skin store is now opened in Sungai Wang! It’s skin comes from Korea with a range of many beauty products of skin care,body care, hair care, makeup and etc. I found out just today when I went for lunch. They were giving out gifts for their opening.

They are generous isn’t it? I passed by their store quickly without knowing there is a new store there and the lady who gave me the mask insist me on having it since its their store opening. For their opening event they are giving out mask on purchase!

  • Purchase over MYR40.00 and will receive Hand Cream
  • Purchase over MYR80.00 and will receive Vita Program
  • Purchase Over MYR150.00 and will receive all gift of Hand Cream, Vita Program and Mask Sheet.
I have not check what they have in their store yet, meanwhile you may look out from their website, It’s skin. The store is located in Sungai Wang, Kuala Lumpur. You may find it on Lower Ground floor, just by the main entrance.
Traclyn Yeoh