Review: Ultimate Luxury Cream, A More Complete Regeneration with Lancome Absolue L’extrait

An exceptional elixir exists. It contains up to 2 million Lancôme Rose native cells.

Experience Lancôme’s revolutionary skincare innovation and our most powerful regenerating ingredient, Lancôme Rose Native Cells.

Extracted from the heart of the rare and resilient Lancôme Rose using an exclusive, state-of-the-art biotechnological process, these native cells are proven to extend their own exceptional properties to enhance skin’s regenerative potential*.

Each jar of Lancome Absolue L’Extrait contains up to 2 million of these precious native cells. Lancome Absolue L’Extrait helps reveal firmer, more elastic, more radiant skin for fascinating beauty.’ – Lancôme 

I was introduced with Lancôme Absolue L’Extrait early last month and have the opportunity to try this luxury cream without the petal, read more about the cream here. This cream claims to:

  • Reduce 7 signs of aging (forehead lines, frown lines, crow’s feet, under eye wrinkles, nasobial fold wrinkles around the mouth, facial slackening)
  • Adding the level of luminosity to skin (42% increase after 4 weeks, up to 55% increase after 11 weeks)
  • Evaluated facial expression to be more rested, peaceful, pleasant and beaming appearance
  • The number of dermaspheres increases by 63% after 10 days of culturing.

It comes in an iconic jar, black and gold with absolute elegance expressing the boldness and the power of this ultimate cream. It also comes with an extra lid  to preserve the purity of the cream.

I was sceptical since this cream is rich and thick in texture but I really love the scent. Since it has Lancôme Rose in it, the cream does smells like dried rose. So calming and soothing, goes well with your sleep at night.

As for me, my oily skin has transform to combination and I just need half a pea-sized of the cream for my entire face (including my eye area) plus neck. I’m using my own spatula since I don’t have the petal. After blending in, it does feel a little oily but as I go on massaging the cream onto my skin, it became less oily. Noticeable instant result is my skin has been re-hydrated by the cream.

I have used this for more than a month now and here is the progress weekly.

  • Week 1 – I only use it at night because I reckon it might be too rich for my skin. This might be exaggerating but I felt that my skin sebum production is regulated, cheeks are hydrated and t-zone not as oily.
  • Week 2 – I did get extraction at a free facial salon (it was freaking painful) and left me with noticeable red spots all over my face but I’m not keen to go for any follow up because its expensive plus the pain just makes me tearing all the way. I would say the cream is quite a healer because less sensitive around the cheek to chin area and it calms down the redness pretty fast. I started to use day and night.
  • Week 3 – Many of the red spots are much gone except for the stubborn ones on the right of my forehead. I broke out on my right in between the eye and nose area. I also notice after using this cream, my breakout is not as often any more. I used to break out every few days and now, once a week.
  • Week 4 – Even the stubborn spots are fading slowly on my right forehead. My skin seems to be much more healthier, plumped and glowing, not as dull and brighten.

Here is the close up of the 4 weeks progress. I love to see that it has significant results where my spots are much lighter gradually.

Here is a comparison before I started using and after a month of using the cream. There is no drastic change but noticeable results.


Though the texture is rich for my skin type, my skin looks well-hydrated even after I applied my mattifying sun block. I was afraid that it could cause more breakout especially the eye area but I’m surprised that it didn’t. The skin from my cheeks to chin are is rather sensitive, didn’t notice until my consultation at the facial salon. After the extraction, my skin did calm down and I think this cream has maintain the calmness of my skin because I’m no longer experiencing as much redness and itchiness on the area.


I do have slight fine lines on my under eye and I didn’t really notice much changes. I don’t have saggy or wrinkly skin but  preventing is better than cure. This cream has improved my skin glowy-ness, less dull and brighten. I’m really surprised that it helped to regulate my sebum production. Its not that my skin is no longer oily but its lesser. The best thing about the cream is the scent of Lancome Rose, I freaking ♥ it! If you’re scent-sensivite, you might want to skip this cream because my Lover could smell it when he is 3 feet away from me but he likes it too. This luxury cream is expensive but its explained with the science behind it.

Price: MYR1,500.00

Weight: 50ml

Collection Status: Permanent

Availability: Across Lancôme counters throughout Malaysia


  • Regulates sebum production
  • Instantly hydrates skin
  • Calms and sooth skin
  • Calming scent of Lancôme Rose
  • Less breakout
  • Healthier, plumped glowing skin


  • Maybe too rich for oily skin types
  • Very expensive

My rating: 4.5/5


Traclyn Yeoh

Lancôme Absolue L’Extrait

‘Lancôme from the heart of science, to the hearts of women’ – Youcef Nabi, President of Lancôme International

Introducing the newest premium cream, Lancôme Absolue L’Extrait. The ultimate elixir of regeneration, a concentrated unique cream that is extremely exclusive with stem cells of Lancôme Rose. It is the most effective cream that has ever been developed by their researchers.

Stem cell research has been on going for more than 50 years ago and they are in fact sources of new life, lying at the heart of the regenerative process which renews cells and tissues. Lancôme researchers explored into dermal stem cells, found in the deepest layers of the skin which plays an important role in renewing the layers of dermis.  Dermal skin cells has a unique potential for self-regeneration and Lancôme has perfected this cream targeting dermal skin cells to achieve profound and global cutaneous regeneration.

I was very lucky to be part of this exclusive Lancôme Absolue L’Extrait preview. What makes it so exclusive and precious is the science behind it and the ultimate key ingredient in creating this cream.

Lancôme Absolue L’Extrait comes in a box designated with colors of gold and black. The jar is called the Nutrix jar which was the first repairing cream jar created by Armand Petitjean in 1936 and now is in a modern reinterpretation of the avant-garde codes of this iconic jar. It also comes with an exclusive massage petal designed to obtain the maximum benefit during the application of Lancôme Absolue L’Extrait.

Alan Lim, Trainer for Lancôme and Andrea Wong, Product Executive for Lancome Skincare explained to us the science behind the cream and how this cream to work skin deep.

Stem Cells of Lancôme Rose

This rose is not any ordinary rose, it is a chosen rose out of 20,000 varieties of rose created by one of the world’s most prestigious rose specialist, the Georges Delbard nurseries in 1973 after a major competition. The beauty of the rose is not only mesmerizing but  it has exceptional qualities of liveliness and resistance which only blooms once a year. It begins with plant regeneration mechanism  to work with the tissues extracted from the rose and successfully cultured under special conditions in dedifferentiate cells will form.  Theses are then kept to multiply through a unique biltechnologial procedure, Fermogenesis.

Fermogenesis, a unique & unrivalled global technique

Fermogenesis is a biotechnology cocooning procedure developed by Lancôme research laboratory. It allows the stem cell to grow by its own pace with an unstressed growth environment while preserving all its regenerative potentials. The details are to the extend where Lancôme biologist team watches day and night over the growth of the stem cells and after at least 10 weeks, they are able to harvest the quintessence and the living strength of the Lancôme rose.

A made-to-measure FORMULA for a deeper & more complete regeneration

A jar of Lancôme Absolue L’Extrait consist of 2 million cells enough to bring the power of life-regenerating to reactivate the visible signs of youth.  This cream offers dual properties which is dermal regeneration where it penetrates into skin deep for better and effective way to stimulate cell regeneration and the most complete regeneration achievement where the cream is included with active ingredients creating synergy with Lancôme rose stem cells.

There was a demo on how to use this cream, just apply it as your moisturizer for day and night. If you have combination to oily skin, it is recommended to use only at night.  The massage petal can be use on warm or cold where if you want it warm, just dip into warm water a few minutes before using and just dip into cold or ice water if you want it cold.  When its warm it helps for blood circulation and relaxes the muscles. Skin becomes more radiant and toned for cold effects of the petal. Alan helped me with the application on my hand and I was amazed how fast the cream been absorb to my skin leaving it smooth, non-oily with amazing scent of the Lancôme rose. The scent is very calming and soothing.

Lancôme counters has been upgraded with Absolue bar featuring Julia Roberts as an icon of the values of Absolue and  Lancôme Absolue L’Extrait has its own mini screen for customers to preview its video. Lancôme Absolue L’Extrait is available over Lancôme counters for MYR1,500.00, I know its expensive but its a luxury cream with great science and technology behind it.

I am extremely lucky to be able to try the full size jar of Lancôme Absolue L’Extrait and please give me some time to test it out before reviewing it. If you want to keep yourself updated with the latest news of Lancôme Malaysia, don’t forget to ‘Like’ on their facebook below.

Traclyn Yeoh