10 Hot Summer 2013 Eye Makeup Trend

This summer eye makeup is something worth while looking. While in Malaysia we don’t get the four seasons, this eye makeup can simply be worn anytime for our tropical weather. I spotted these 10 different looks of color blocking, bright colors, soft and classic eye makeup simply to spice up your look.

Image Courtesy of Le21Eme

Color Blocking Lower Line

This was from Fendi Spring Summer 2013, is something you don’t wear daily but I find it interesting. Instead of makeup, they used thin fabric material and stuck it on the lower lash line which gives quite a strong statement.

Image Courtesy of FabFashionFix

Aquatic Blue

Lancome Aquatic Summer 2013 shares a deeper blue with gold eye shadow at the inner corners creating a sophiscated look. For the brows are on the brown hues to soften the eye makeup.

Image Courtesy of Broke Snob

Soft and Wispy

The combination of a few soft eye shadows shades makes the look colorful and the wispy lashes makes it look softer and romantic. This is from Shu Uemura Spring Summer 2013 and the colorful shadows goes along the lower lash line to and it doesn’t have to be symmetrical on both eyes.

Image Courtesy of Beautiful With Brains

Multi Cool Liners

Makeup Forever Aqua Summer 2013 introduces to us  the multi cool colors as liners. We usually get to see eye liner styles like this on neutral makeup but this they have combined softer cool shades of white, purple and green.

Image Courtesy of LOULOU

Canary Shadow

Summer is also about all the bright colors and this time Kenzo Spring Summer 2013 chose canary shade which bring the utmost of the look suitable for all skin tones.

Image Courtesy of Fashionium

Warm Colors

Mac Makeup Spring Summer 2013 brings the warmer shades and who says its only meant for fall season?  Combining bright orange and soften it at the crease then dust the middle above the crease with soft red eye shadow. No heavy eye liners and neutral lashes.

Image Courtesy of Style Juno Fashion

Mutual Color With Mascara

Just as I mentioned bright colors, in Donna Karen Spring Summer 2013, they are pairing bright eye shadows that goes all the way to the mascara. Yes, instead of the classic brown or black mascara, they use colored mascara to bring more colors to the eyes.

Image Courtesy of Makeup For Life

Mermaid Inspired

This is something outstanding and not something that we can wear daily but in Christian Dior Spring Summer 2013 is worth looking at. Its similar to mermaid and the rhinestones glams up the look, making it much more different from the others.

Image Courtesy of Makeup For Life

Platinum Eyes

On the other side, Chanel Spring Summer 2013 brings us the futuristic look by using only metallic silver eye shadow, black eye liner to define eyes and voluminous lashes. Silver eye shadow can be as versatile as neutral tones depending on how you want to wear it.

Image Courtesy of Soul Lovely Fashion

Soft Twiggy

Flash back to the 1960s, Marc Jacob Spring Summer 2013 brings us the Twiggy inspired look. Instead of having the outstanding lashes from the original, they only use black eye shadows to go on the crease line and to define eyes but with softer blend.


What’s your pick for this summer eye makeup? Share with me in the comment box below!


The Creation of Your Masterpiece Begins with Arty Professional

Arty Professional is a professional makeup artist brand that is greatly desired from Thailand by top industries artist, celebrities and beauty junkies. Just last weekend, they had an exclusive blogger event, an official launch of Arty Professional showcasing the makeup and I had the opportunity to take a look at it. Not only that, we also had the opportunity to meet the Creative Director of Arty Professional.

Arty Professional Makeup with MIVVA

Arty Professional holds a strong philosophy which I’m very much agreed to.

A flawless and radiant complexion is the perfect canvas for a beautiful makeup. All makeup will look great only if the base is perfect. – Arty Professional

In conjunction to this event, MIVVA (one of Malaysia’s beauty box subscription) had came to surprise bloggers with with MIVVA Special Edition Box with Arty Professional for one of the competition held as part of the activities of the event.

Arty Professional Makeup

The event was held at Busaba Heavenly Thai, Bangsar Shopping Center. Everyone gets to be seated and enjoy refreshments and beverage while exploring Arty Professional. Each table were placed with some of their products for the bloggers to have an up-close and personal view of the makeup.Arty Professional Makeup Range

There were displays of most of their makeup and they have a wide range of makeup to look into. There’s face primer, color corrector, foundations, shimmer compact, bronzers, eye shadows, eye liner, mascara and etc.

Arty Professional Makeup - Elaine

Elaine from Arty Professional explained the origins of Arty Professional, their philosophy, where has it been featured and etc. Love her fiery bright red lip color!

Arty Professional Makeup - Makeup Artist - P'Fee

The Creative Director of Arty Professional, P’Fee flew from Thailand and also had participated in the Thai Super Model 2012. He was explaining every product that he use in Thai but he did had a translator beside him, which helped to ease our understanding.

Arty Professional Makeup - Makeup Demo by P'Fee

Here is he again where he did a makeup demo for us by using Arty Professional. He taught us how to use the makeups and explained how these makeup can be beneficial for our skin and enhancing our feature with it. I will showcase to you some of the makeups with description.

Arty Professional Makeup Sparkling Primer

Arty Professional Sparking Primer

Glow from within. Diminish dullness with luminous dewy complexion and replace the appearance of fatique with instant vitality.

It looks like a serum with gel-cream like texture and floral scent. Easy to blend and does leave skin with shimmer that gives the glow. The shimmer lessens once liquid foundation is applied.

Arty Professional Makeup Complexion Modifier

Arty Professional Complexion Modifier

Always apply a makeup base that allows you to minimise imperfections and enhance your skin tone. The Complexion Modifier is a unique makeup enhancer for “corrective” makeup to naturally brighten, neutralise and rebalance the skin tone to put your best face forward.

This is basically your color corrector and they have 3 shades which is Lilac (great for brightening dull skin), Mint Green (great for neutralising redness) and Apricot ( to correct purple to bluish dark circles and brightens olive to dark skin tone). I find that the formula for the Mint Green is slightly thicker than the rest.

Arty Professional Makeup Touch Up Powder

Arty Professional Touch Up Powder

A new twist on powders, this multi-palette luminise, brightens and sets makeup with a radiant, satin-like finish.

This is basically the powder form of color corrector and the color available here is white, lilac, apricot, baby blue, pink and yellow. I believe this will be preferred by combination to oily skin type and this caught my attention the most.

Arty Professional Makeup Powder Blush

Arty Professional Powder Blush

Artistry is made easy with this three-in-one palette. Blush like never before and take every cheek to chic.

This blusher is more of a semi-matte finish and could always use the lightest shade to highlight. Can be use by mixing it together or separate shades with the brush provided.

Arty Professional Makeup Shimmer Compact Powder

Arty Professional Shimmer Compact

Micro-shimmering tones set off sparks of brilliance, highlighting your complexion. The ultra-fine, blendable formula virtually fuses with your skin for a sheer, radiant luminosity.

This incredibly shimmery for all of the shades and will need to use it sparingly. Great for those who are looking to have dewy and glowy finish skin.

Arty Professional Makeup Lip Balm & Lipstick

Arty Professional Lip Balm

Lips need constant moisture to stay in tip-top shape. This hydrating balm keeps your lips soft, comfortable and looking great. Contains cocoa butter, shea butter, rice bran oil, vitamin E and chamomile as an indispensable match with your favourite lipstick.

It comes in two color and if I have not mistaken it contains SPF 20 to treat and protect your lips at the same time.

Arty Professional Nudy Lip Color

The ultimate lip indulgence in a creamy texture for a contemporary natural look.

The shade that was with me is called Monaco which I believe is much more suitable for medium to tan skin tones.

Arty Professional Makeup Marvelous Lip Gloss

Arty Professional Marvelous Lip Gloss

Satisfy your craving for plump lips with glosses that come complete in fun flavours from vanilla to strawberry to keep your pout looking delicious glossy and polished

Arty Professional Nail Lacquer

Arty Professional Nail Lacquer & Crack Nail Lacquer

Their have a series of normal glossy finish nail polishes as well as the crack. I’m not too sure how many shades available but in Thailand, they have 20 shades of each.

Arty Professional can be found in several locations in Stage and Stage Asia outlets (list of outlet, here). Arty Professional price begins at MYR40+ and please do support them in their Facebook below, also to be notified with their latest buzz.


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3 Looks In A Go: Purple & Gold Makeup Tutorial

It’s been a while since the last transformation makeup tutorial. From one look to another goes great especially if you have multiple events running on the same day. By transforming, you’ll create different moods catering to the events that you’re going. This time I’m playing around with purple and tan gold eye shadows, combination of cool and warm tone that goes great for every skin color. Please enjoy 3 Looks In A Go: Purple & Gold Makeup Tutorial!


3 Looks On The Go - Purple & Tan Gold - Light & Easy

Light & Easy is like your classic smokey eyes where you’ll go really light on the lip color, allowing the eye makeup to stand out more on the overall look.

3 Looks On The Go - Purple & Tan Gold - Sweetheart Darling

Sweetheart Darling, a mauve lip color was chosen to balance out the entire look without looking too overly done. The more opaque the lip color, the thicker your lips would appear. At the same time it doesn’t look too dramatic, great for a date night.

3 Looks On The Go - Purple & Tan Gold - Romantic Glamour

Romantic Glamour is where everything goes much more heavier and dramatic. Darken up the eyes, adds on false lashes and more contoured face is a way to go for night events. At the same time, this look is very elegant and glam.

What do you think about these transformation? Which look do you like? If you have any other color combination that you would like me to make it as a tutorial, don’t forget to leave your comment below!


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Guerlain 2012 Christmas Collection

One of the biggest festive season of the year is not too far away and Guerlain is in the mood for Christmas. This luxury brand is sharing with us Guerlain 2012 Christmas Collection of fragrances and makeup ideal for filling up the Christmas stocking for your loved ones.

Habit Rouge Travel Edition

Habit Rouge for him has embodied the equestrian world and the spirit of horsemanship since 1965. After setting off at a furious gallop, the citrus top notes give way to a ore languid, warm vanilla-laden heart. A spicy, leathery trail adds to its charisma. For the Travel Edition, the celebrated, clean-lined glass bottle is sheathed in a topstitched travelling coat reminiscent of a saddlecloth, elegantly set off with a leather label. A sophisticated case that Habit Rouge devotees can easily transfer to subsequent bottles before taking to the road. – Guerlain

Price: MYR271.00

Shalimar Ode A La Vanille

The lure of travel, a passion for vanilla, daring excess…
In 2012, Guerlain perfumer Thierry Wasser is paying tribute to the iconic fragrance. “There’s no doubt that Venus would be vanilla”, he enthuses. An explorer of scents always in search of exceptional raw materials, he joyfully invites us to discover the most exquisite vanilla pods. In pursuit of the “Great Queen of the Orient”, he brings back the finest pods carefully protected in his luggage. He then majestically weaves their bewitching scent into an enhanced concentration that takes Shalimar to new heights.This first stage of the journey pays homage to Sambava vanilla from Madagascar. It takes up to 18 months’ preparation to bring out the full delicacy of the aromas contained within the fruit of the Sambava vanilla orchid. This “black gold” is born out of the encounter between the sun-drenched land and time-honoured know-how that brings out its sweet, woody scent. The Sambava vanilla is skilfully made into a tincture using an exclusive Guerlain technique – an essential element of the House signature – whereby it is infused for a month until it acquires all its deep, mysterious facets. The new version of Shalimar is like a vanilla overdose while the leather notes are toned down. The exceptionally high concentration of raw materials makes it more ambery, gourmand, intense and sensual than ever.
For the occasion, the legendary bottle with its sapphire stopper and sensual curves is enveloped in a case decorated with mysterious interlacing arabesques. Everything, from the fragrance to the fluted bottle, evokes an oriental theme… – Guerlain

Price: MYR330.00

La Petite Robe Noire Extrait

La Petite Robe Noire Extract comes in a bottle made famous by its distinguished older sisters, from L’Heure Bleue to Mitsouko. A silhouette of the little black dress, designed by Serge Mansau, is glimpsed through the crystalline transparency of the bottle with its curved shoulders and inverted heart stopper. Guerlain Extracts are the product of celebrated, time-honoured know-how. The nimblefingered Dames de Table skilfully tie the powder pink silk tassel involving more than 20 different knots before slipping on the silver double G pendant. The folding box is also illustrated with the velvet little black dress, the ultimate exquisite feminine detail. – Guerlain

Price: MYR390.00

LIU, Perfume Shimmer Powder Face, Body and Hair

A lingering scent and radiance! The conductor of this collection, the magical light-as-air loose powder swathes the skin and hair in a silky halo with iridescent golden glints. The sensual universal shade softly illuminates the face, hair and exposed parts of the body from the curve of the shoulder to the top of the décolleté. A mere press of the bulb releases the powder, leaving Liu’s fascinating aromas in its wake, at a sensuous, subtle and voluptuous tempo. A scintillating breath exudes luminous aldehydes, a sensual armful of roses and a caressing base of vanilla, iris and woody notes. Fragrance and light pulse in harmony to captivate all of the senses. They glow in unison with a mysterious, festive and refined air. – Guerlain

Price: MYR260.00

Eye & Lip Calligraphy Palette

Another icon, the collector’s palette draws its inspiration from the art of calligraphy and Asian beauty rituals. This ingeniously designed palette combines sophisticated make-up essentials to set off the expression of the lips and eyes to perfection. Two fatal shades for the lips, carmine and blue-toned red, and three eyeshadows with an iridescent powder texture that plays on every tone of gold – bronze, copper and white. A matte black powder liner that can be used wet or dry is the ultimate accessory for an unforgettable gaze. – Guerlain

Price: MYR239.00

Meteorites Perles Du Dragon, Illuminating Powder – Pure Radiance

…expresses a harmony of six shades of beads in an intense, iridescent monochrome palette that is perfectly tailored to the holiday season. Like nighttime jewels, it cloaks the face in incredible radiance: pale pink and beige to even out the complexion, white and gold to illuminate, plum and rosewood to brighten areas of shadow and erase fatigue as the night goes on. Its famous metal case, also embossed in black, is stamped with a golden rosette on its lid and bears the Guerlain signature. – Guerlain


Guerlain Meteorites Wulong

…travel pressed powder also combines six shades to ensure a pure, flawless and luminous complexion irrespective of skin tone. Matte shades – three light, medium and
golden beiges to even out the complexion, and a pink to refresh and revive – are paired with two white and gold illuminating shades that enter the scene to add subtle radiance.

Like a jewel from the roaring twenties, the delicate black metal powder compact is sculpted with a gold mother-of-pearl rosette. A black suedette pouch bordered with red stitching allows it to be slipped into a pocket or bag. – Guerlain

Price: MYR489.00

Ecrin 4 Coulers in Les Ombres Turandot

This precious quartet, 500 Les Ombres Turandot, showcases a subtle monochrome palette for vibrant and refined eye make-up. The interplay of textures and colours allows you to effortlessly adapt the make-up result, from a radiant morning to enigmatic nights. Two matte – Rose Satiné and Prune Aubergine – and two iridescent – Doré Clair and Beige Mordoré – textures are combined to perfection. They swathe the eyes in soft, provocative veils of universally flattering colour. Refined down to the slightest detail, the elegant golden case travels in a black suedette pouch with red topstitching, a homage to Liu’s extreme oriental ambience. – Guerlain

Price: MYR193.00

Shine Automatique

In a dramatic flick of a single hand, the golden case reveals its vibrant and luminous colour. The two exclusive shades sing with brio of a confident and assured femininity. Seduction comes to life in every tone. 700 Altoum, a gold adorned with beautiful tone-on-tone sparkle that is worn on bare lips to illuminate them with a sophisticated nude veil, as a top coat over another shade to add a precious glow, or dabbed on the centre of the mouth for daring plump lips. 760 Lou-Ling, an enchanting plum set off with a golden sparkle for an even more fiery effect. – Guerlain

Price: MYR118.00

Vernis á Ongles

Dare to display ultimate sophistication down to your fingertips with limited-edition nail polishes in the same jewel tones 03 Altoum, a gleaming gold for a precious glow, 04 Lou-Ling, a stunning plum for spellbinding nails. – Guerlain

Price: MYR77.00


Collection Status: Seasonal

Availability: Guerlain counters over the major departmental stores throughout Malaysia


Which will you be interested to have it as a gift for the people around you?


Traclyn Yeoh