Gold Caviar Studs & Black Nails Tutorial

Commonly known in the recent years as ‘caviars’, those tiny beads for nail decoration was made popular by Ciate. In actual fact, they have been around long time ago. For this nail design, I’m not going for those typical ‘caviar’ nail design but to go for edgy stud-like nails.

Gold Caviar Studs & Black Nails - What You'll Need

What you’ll need is

  1. Base coat
  2. Black nail polish
  3. Top coat
  4. Gold Tiny Beads
  5. Tweezer

Gold Caviar Studs & Black Nails - Apply Base Coat

First and for all, apply base coat to protect your nails from discoloration  and smoother application.

Gold Caviar Studs & Black Nails - Step Two Polish It Black

Apply black nail polish and to continue the next step quickly before the black nail polish dries.

Gold Caviar Studs & Black Nails - Step Three Stud Some Caviar

Pick the ‘caviar’ with the tweezer and align them accordingly like so. This part can be tricky that you might worry that you position it wrongly. My advice is don’t put too much pressure or strength because when you do, your hand will be shaky. These ‘caviars’ are very light, just pick and place it fast. It also better to select the ‘caviar’ that is tinier or with flat back, just so they last longer on your nails.

Gold Caviar Studs & Black Nails - Step Four Nail It

Use the back of the tweezer and hit those ‘caviars’ lightly onto your nail bed. This is to allow the ‘caviar’ to bind better with the nail polish. Do allow it to dry completely before the next step, otherwise the ‘caviar’ will have high chance of moving around.

Gold Caviar Studs & Black Nails - Step Five Seal It

The final step is to seal it with the top coat. Apply it in between the ‘caviars’, it seals the black nail polish and gives another coat to adhere the ‘caviar’. I double coat it because I know these type of full rounded ‘caviars’ would fall off easily. Allow it to dry completely and done!

Gold Caviar Studs & Black Nails 2

Its a very simple, edgy, stylish, masculine and punk design.

Gold Caviar Studs & Black Nails 3

Since my ‘caviars’ is slightly bigger and rounded, they are like 3D nail designs.

Gold Caviar Studs & Black Nails 4

I know this wouldn’t last long because those ‘caviars’ could pop out of easily off my nails but I love this design so much! I couldn’t get my eyes off this design right after I got it done. Hope you have fun with this tutorial and good luck!


Gold Dots, Black Strips On Gray Nails

Edgy nails can be worn anytime, well at least I think it is. Even now that there’s little studs as nail decos but unfortunately, I can’t find them yet. Gray nail polishes can be one of those neutral colors that can be worn anytime and easily match any outfit. Since I do like studded items, this is where my inspiration come from and adding the edginess out of the plain old gray. To create this nail design is rather simple and here’s a step by step photo tutorial for you.

Gold Dots, Black Strips On Gray Nails - What You Need

What you’ll need is,

  1. Base coat
  2. Gray nail polish
  3. Black nail polish
  4. Metallic gold marker
  5. Top coat

Gold Dots, Black Strips On Gray Nails - Step One Apply Base Coat

Apply base coat to protect your nails from discoloration and smoother application for the next step.

Gold Dots, Black Strips On Gray Nails - Step Two Apply Gray Nail Polish

Apply an even coat of gray nail polish all over your nail bed.

Gold Dots, Black Strips On Gray Nails - Step Three Create Black Strips

To create the black strips, try to scrape the front and back of the brush at the rims of the bottle then use the side of the brush to create it. This technique can be tricky as the nail polish could get thicken easily, better get this done quickly! Draw those black strips as how you want it to be, vertical, horizontal, diagonal or mixed and match the way you like it. Add as much strips as you wish.

Gold Dots, Black Strips On Gray Nails - Step Four Dotting It Gold

For this step, I use metalic gold marker to create those tiny dots but if you have a gold nail polish, you can do the same using a dotting tool. Just lightly dot over the black strips created earlier and allow it to dry completely. To allow it to dry is really important to ensure that it doesn’t smudge on the next step.

Gold Dots, Black Strips On Gray Nails - Step Five Seal It

Finish off a top coat,  it will smoothen the design and adds so much shine to it.

Gold Dots, Black Strips On Gray Nails 2

This nail design is edgy, masculine and unique. Some of the gold dottings got smudged which is why I did remind to allow it to dry completely. My design is more simple and if you add more strips, you’ll get much more complicated design but it’s all up to you how you want to do it. Have fun and good luck!


Tie Dye Nails Tutorial

Summer trend is here and its all about being colorful again. Tie dye has been a hot trend lately and they are not limited to just being on the clothes. I thought they would look pretty on nails and its fun creating such pattern onto my nails. It’s really easy and here’s a short pictorial tutorial for you.

Tie Dye Nails - What You'll Need

What you’ll need is:

  1. Base coat and top coat
  2. Base color
  3. A selection of colors (minimum 3 shades)
  4. Nail polish remover with cotton
  5. Needle

Tie Dye Nails - Step One Apply Base Coat

Applying base coat is really important to strengthen your nails and prevent discoloration of your nails. Its a coat to help to protect your nail bed.

Tie Dye Nails - Step Two Apply Base Color

Before you start on any tie dye shades, you want to ensure having base color on your nails. Best to select light shades. Do allow this base color to dry completely.

Tie Dye Nails - Step Three Stripes of Colors

This is the fun part of creating the tie dye shades. I have selected five bright shades to play with and simply dab and create stripes of colors like above. You want to go quickly onto next step.

Tie Dye Nails - Step Four Stroke With Needle

Once you have the stripes of color on, you want to quickly pick up the needle and gently create strokes across it as shown above. If you’re not quick enough for this step, your nail polish will become dry and the pattern will not appear well. Once you’re done, allow this to dry completely and do clean the needle with nail polish remover, otherwise it will not go smoothly for your next nail.

Tie Dye Nails - Step Five Seal with Top Coat

Once the pattern is dry, seal your design with a top coat  and you’re done!

Tie Dye Nails 2

Here is the result of my first attempt of tie dye nails. You can try to layer different sequence of color strips to experience different mash of colors.

Tie Dye Nails 3

This is on my left hand which appears nicer since I got the hang of it. Please excuse those dry and peeling cuticles. Somehow this tie dye pattern does seems like marbling too. Different color combination will give different look and feel to it. Have fun and good luck!


How To Clean Nail Polishes Off The Edges

Having nail polish on is part of our fashion accessories and we all have been there to apply nail polish on our own. When you apply it, the nail polish shade and design is perfect but just need to clean up on the edges where you might be accidentally touched on of your skin area.  Using cotton buds can be one option to clean on large smudges but when it comes closer to the nails, it could probably clean off your nail design.

Putting on Nail Polish… Urgh! I always mess it up

Image Courtesy of TrollGag

Do we all faced the same dilemma when it comes to painting our nails? It takes practice to get the other hand to have fine painted nails, even I have the same problem but sometimes it can be because of the nail polish consistency, room temperature or the brush. I’m always skeptical on how we could get that clean perfect nails as though we got our nails done at the salon.

 photo BottleBrushbew2.jpg

Image Courtesy of The Polish Perfectionist

I always thought to get that clean painted nails will be difficult. I seek such advice from Winnie of The Average Shopaholic over our lunch together a few weeks ago and trust me,  she has better knowledge of nail polishes than I do and I love all her nail designs! Her tips on this is by using a synthetic angled brush, dip into the nail polish remover and its done!

Image Courtesy of Glamour

Alright, that’s super easy! Why didn’t that come across my mind? I believe you can also use other type of brushes depending on your preference on which suits you best. I do have a bunch of nail brushes but they have gone missing for months and I think I might have accidentally threw them away.

Another tips that was shared by a friend is to apply Vaseline petroleum jelly around the nails to avoid painting over the skin. On the other side, the petroleum jelly helps to moisturize your cuticles at the same time. She also shared on how to avoid bubbled nails is to store the nail polish into the fridge for at least 5 minutes before use. I suppose your fridge could possibly be your nail polish storage too!

Do you have any tips to ensure clean painted nails? Share it below!