NEW! Revlon ColorStay ShadowLinks™ Click-In To Customize Your Very Own Palette

We have seen a lot of single eye shadows out there, we got all excited and bought all the pretty colors that we want. It will come to a one point that there will be a lot of single eye shadows laying in your drawer and there is a need to figure how to organize them. The backlash of single eye shadow is that it could get messy and some brands do offer palette that is sold separately that definitely could cost you more. Revlon ColorStay ShadowLinks™ brings you the new era of single eye shadows where you can customize it anyhow you want it, anytime and anywhere.

Revlon ColorStay ShadowLinks 2

‘Mix. Match. Click. With new Revlon ColorStay ShadowLinks™, now you can create your own customized palette of possibilities. Each individual eye shadow easily snaps together to create your own unique combination every time. Choose from an array of 30 shades with rich color pay-off, in a variety of finishes from soft matte to satin to high sparkle. The Revlon ColorStay ShadowLinks™ shade range includes Neutrals, Pinks/Plums, Blues/Grays,  reens/Golds and Browns/Blacks. Revlon suggests starting your custom palette by picking your favorite color, adding a light shade to highlight and finishing with a deeper shade to define. Create a neutral and pink palette for day, then click-in a fun green or gold for night – whatever you choose, it’s yours – now you can change your look. In a click.’ – Revlon

Each of the eye shadows comes in a very cute rectangular tablet. They are labeled by names and be able to look for it behind of the eye shadow. I have 6 shades to be shared with you!

Revlon ColorStay ShadowLinks Sand

Revlon ColorStay ShadowLinks™ in Sand

Sand is on the third lightest neutral shade where it is more towards the light shimmery beige shade with fine glitters.

Revlon ColorStay ShadowLinks Perwinkle

Revlon ColorStay ShadowLinks™in Periwinkle

Periwinkle is light shimmery royal blue with glitters. This shade appear less opaque but it is definitely buildable depending on how prominent you want the shade to be.

Revlon ColorStay ShadowLinks Peacock

Revlon ColorStay ShadowLinks™ in Peacock

Peacock is a medium turquoise with gold undertone. This finishes shimmery and it is less opaque but buildable. It is a very beautiful shade, one of my favorite.

Revlon ColorStay ShadowLinks Onyx

Revlon ColorStay ShadowLinks™ in Onyx

Onyx is a black matte shade with glitters. For this shade, the glitters appear more prominent from the contrasting black shade.

Revlon ColorStay ShadowLinks Lilac

Revlon ColorStay ShadowLinks™in Lilac

Lilac is basically a faint purple shade where it has both shimmery and glitter finish. From the swatch above, you might notice it but I do think that it has a hint of pink undertone for this.

Revlon ColorStay ShadowLinks Candy

Revlon ColorStay ShadowLinks™ in Candy

Candy is just like it’s name, a very sweet medium pink shimmery eye shadow with glitters.

Revlon ColorStay ShadowLinks Close Up

Each of the eye shadow has a tab and sliding panel at their sides which allows them to be click-in to combine the shades you want. Be creative and it’s up to your preference to mix and match. I have created two simple look with a few of the eye shadows.

Revlon ColorStay ShadowLinks Look 1 How To
Look 1

  1. Use an eye shadow brush and apply Candy on the eyelid.
  2. Apply Lilac over the crease line to blend in with Candy using blending brush.
  3. Also, apply on the same shade on the middle of the lower lash line.
  4. Using the same brush, dip into Periwinkle and apply at the outer corner of the eyes.
  5. Brighten the inner corners with Peacock and apply it using a precise brush.

Just finish up with eye liner, mascara on top and lower lashes. False lashes is definitely optional.

Revlon ColorStay ShadowLinks Look 1 Eyes
The look is very sweet as though you are in a cotton candy land.

Revlon ColorStay ShadowLinks Look 1
It’s a very soft look yet colorful, suitable as a day makeup.

Revlon ColorStay ShadowLinks Look 2 How To
Look 2

  1. Use an eye shadow brush to apply Candy over the eyelid.
  2. Apply Periwinkle on the outer corner of the eyes with a blending brush.
  3. Highlight over the inner corners using Sand with a precise brush.
  4. Apply white eyeliner on the water line and lower lash line. Try to get it over the lashes for a bit too.
  5. With an angled brush, top it over the white eyeliner with Peacock.

Finish off with eye liner and mascara only on the top lashes. Again, add false lashes if you want to.

Revlon ColorStay ShadowLinks Look 2 Eyes
This look is very similar with the first look but this has a bold lower lash line which adds more attention to the eyes.

Revlon ColorStay ShadowLinks Look 2
The bold lower lash line brighten up the eyes, making it look bigger and attracts attention.

Revlon ColorStay ShadowLinks 3
These eye shadows are only exclusively available at Watsons for MYR 13.90 each and they are already available over the shelves this month! Hop over to your nearest Watsons to check out on all the shades and have fun!


This eye shadows was provided by Revlon, kindly refer disclaimer.

Traclyn Yeoh

Review: Revlon PhotoReady Primer + Shadow Gets You Shine & Sparkle

Don’t we just love anything that comes all in one? This includes makeup and I’m here to share with you Revlon Photoready Primer + Shadow that are available on the shelves quite a while ago. An eye shadow palette that comes with primer and top coat is very much interesting isn’t it?

Revlon PhotoReady Primer + Shadow

‘Easily create limitless looks with one palette.
Each palette features a primer, 3 highly pigmented shadows, and a sparkle top coat. Use wet for more color intensity. Add sparkle top coat for a multi-dimensional, intensely shimmering effect. ‘ – Revlon

I liked how they are packaged handily and easily being held in a palm without being bulky. The eye shadows can be easily seen through the clear lid of the palette. The eye shadow pans are shaped like our eyes if you notice and I do think that there is a purpose that Revlon decided to design it this way.

Revlon PhotoReady Primer + Shadow Seal

Upon opening the palette, it comes with a safety seal to ensure that the palette has yet to be opened by anyone. Rest assured the palette is only by you. I have received two palettes to have my opinion on which is Bohemian and Renaissance.

Revlon PhotoReady Primer + Shadow - Bohemian & Swatch

First palette is Bohemian where colors are bright and colorful.  At the back of the palette, there is instruction on how to use the eye shadow. You can always use the eye shadows as how you wanted it to be, the instruction provided is merely a basic guide. The instruction is printed on a peel off sticker where it discloses the list of ingredients underneath. Basically they are all shimmer based and only 2,3 and 4 is the eye shadow.

  1. Base  – light gold shimmer
  2. Turquoise shimmer with fine blue glitters
  3. Dark brown with fine silver and gold glitters
  4. Peach shimmer with fine gold glitters
  5. Top coat – gold with fine gold glitters

Revlon PhotoReady Primer + Shadow Bohemian How To

Here is a simple tutorial just as how it is printed on the instruction.

  1. Apply the base coat all over the eyelid up to the brow bone.
  2. Using the turquoise shimmer and apply on the eye lid.
  3. Use to dark brown to apply it on the crease blending in with the turquoise.
  4. Highlight brow bone with peach shimmer.
  5. Apply the gold top coat to add warmer tone and sparkles.

Revlon PhotoReady Primer + Shadow - Bohemian Eyes

Simply finish off with your favorite eye liner and mascara, and we are done with Bohemian. Remember how I said that the eye shadows are designed like so with purpose? I believe that they are also a guide on where the shadows should be applied as 2 goes onto the eye lid, 3 goes onto the crease and 4 goes onto the brow bone.  I have also used the top coat on my inner corners and lower lash line to bright more light onto my eyes.

Revlon PhotoReady Primer + Shadow Bohemian Look

This is how it looks like on me. I’m wearing Revlon ColorStay Whipped Creme in Medium Beige and Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm in Showy Flamboyante. The Bohemian palette brings the fun colors in me and wearing the turquoise eye shadow doesn’t seem overwhelming.

Revlon PhotoReady Primer + Shadow - Renaissance

The next palette is Renaissance where it brings more darker shades and I’m expecting some smokey eye look with it. Just like Bohemian, it comes with a peel-off sticker instruction and ingredients listing. Both palettes are very pigmented. These palettes comes with two dual ended sponge applicators.

  1. Base – pearl shimmer
  2. Black shimmer with fine gold pigment
  3. Dark plum shimmer with fine iridescent pigment
  4. Pale pearl pink with fine silver glitters
  5. Top coat – pale yellow with fine iridescent glitters

Revlon PhotoReady Primer + Shadow Renaissance How To

Another simple tutorial to create that smokey eyes using Renaissance palette.

  1. Apply the base all over the eye lid up to the brow bone.
  2. Use the black shimmer and apply on the eye lid.
  3. Apply dark plum shade and blend it till it becomes hazy.
  4. Highlight brow bone with pale pearl pink.
  5. Apply top coat to give extra dimension to the eyes.


Revlon PhotoReady Primer + Shadow - Renaissance Eyes

Finish off with your favorite eye liner and mascara. I chose to arch my brow higher and draw it look slightly skinnier to match this look. Also, I have applied top coat at the inner corners and lower lash line plus applying brown eye liner on the waterline.

Revlon PhotoReady Primer + Shadow Renaissance Look 2

This smokey eyes brings plum hue to the eyes, making it slightly different from the typical smokey eyes. It’s sexy and intriguing.

Revlon PhotoReady Primer + Shadow Renaissance Look

Here is one look without any lip color. Easily pair this with any nude or pale pink lip color to make the eyes stands out more.

Revlon PhotoReady Primer + Shadow Renaissance  + Lacquer Balm Coy Timide Look

Or if you would like to have that strong character, go with bold lips. I’m wearing Revlon ColorBurst Lacquer Balm in Coy Timide. Both look suits very well with this palette.

Revlon PhotoReady Primer + Shadow Review

Above all…

I think this is quite a versatile palette in a way, given the selection of colors that is pigmented yet not too overwhelming. I do find that there is fall outs especially from the top coat as there are more glitters. It’s pretty common for glitter eye shadows.  The eye shadow is very pigmented as you can tell from my swatches and blends in easily. If you have oily eye lids, I would still recommend to use your very own eye primer as the primer from this palettes gives a light control of creasing and prep to create a greater shimmer base. I think it is slightly pricey for an eye shadow palette, I would suggest to spot for their promos! The only thing that I wish that is to have mirror in this palette. It was a little difficult having to use a separate mirror especially if you don’t have a table in front of you.

Retail Price: MYR45.90

Weight: 2.8grams / 0.1oz.

Availability: Leading pharmacies and departmental stores


  • Comes in a decent size held in a palm
  • Clear cover to show the eye shadows
  • Pigmented shadows
  • Easily to be blend
  • Versatile palette


  • Light crease control
  • Slightly pricey
  • No mirror

My Rating: 4.3/5


~ ♦ ~

This palette was sent by Revlon for review purposes, kindly refer disclaimer.

Traclyn Yeoh

Weekend Project: Organizing Single Eye Shadows!

Over the time I have been collecting a fair bit of single eye shadows for tutorials or nabbed it from sales. I didn’t bother to put them together in a palette and still have them in their packaging. Recently, I have been going through my make-up drawers and notice that I’m getting lesser space for my make-ups. Its starting to clutter, becoming messy and unorganised. I’ll have to start with something then spring cleaning which is organizing single eye shadows!

All of these single eye shadows are from Elianto. They are really affordable and pretty pigmented, definitely a great pay-off. Whenever I need a particular shade, I never hesitate to look at Elianto. They come with shimmer, satin or matte finish. Some of them I bought them from their warehouse sales which at one point it was only MYR1.00 for 3 eye shadows.

Finally, I have decided to put them into the palette and their largest palette is a 10 eye shadow palette. I bought this for MYR19.00 and currently, there’s sales going on where second item there is 10% discount and third item there is 20% discount. Its build in with foam for you to slot in those single eye shadows and this palette doesn’t come with any mirror.

First, I have arranged them into colour category which is easier for me to decide which colour to be put together in the palette. I would also prefer to arrange the shade from light to dark in the palette. I decided to arrange the browns and yellows together.

Each colour comes with its type of eye shadow, code and shade name, therefore labelling is very important. I’m just using self-adhesive labels and drew circles using the base bottle of my Revlon foundation. You could go with any shape that you prefer.

Since this palette doesn’t come with mirror, I stuck the labels onto the cover of the palette. I labelled the eye shadows right above it when the palette is closed.

For some eye shadows that got stucked with glue, I have used alcohol prep or nail polish remover to remove it. You can also use rubbing alcohol or Zippo lighter fluid. I came to know that Zippo lighter fluid works when I was working in a bookstore many years ago. They use it to remove price tags!

This is the finish product! It looks just as professional as many other brands but most importantly its organized and the eye shadows works great. I think I’ll use these shadows more often now than before because previously it wasn’t organized and I was too lazy to reach out to open each single eye shadows to use them. There are many other ways to store single eye shadow and a while back I did a DIY Floppy Eye Shadow Palette, check it out!


Traclyn Yeoh

Authentic vs Replica Urban Decay Naked 2, Spot The Differences

Its almost a year since Urban Decay Naked 2 was  launched in Malaysia for MYR179.00 and about more than a month ago, some discount sites were putting up promotions on the palette selling at about MYR70.00 – MYR80.00. It sounds like a great deal and its more than half price cheaper than what we could get from Sephora. My sister in law bought me one from Living Social without knowing that I actually have one . I received it from her last week and instantly knew that its not the authentic palette. Let’s see how different can they be.

The top palette is authentic and bottom palette is replica. Authentic palette comes with transparent box and foam holder to hold the palette and lip gloss. The replica only comes with cardboard box without the lip gloss. 

The authentic palette has a code printed nearby its bar code which the replica doesn’t have.

Both are tin casing and the authentic palette is slightly heavier than the replica. The colour of the label for the authentic palette is tan gold whilst the replica is black. The raised alphabets on the brand name, Urban Decay on authentic palette is more evident than the replica and the label print on the same area of the replica doesn’t coordinate with the raised alphabets.

On the back of the authentic palette is stuck with the code that was found on the box earlier which the replica doesn’t have.

The workmanship of the replica palette is very poor. On the back of the replica palette, there are gaps and glue stain plus it doesn’t adhere the tin casing nicely hence you could see how I can easily push it upright.

Both palettes comes with 12 eye shadows, full length mirror and the Good Karma brush.

The tab to snap lock the palette on the replica has the lines which authentic palette doesn’t have. The replica palette has a tiny dot between the mirror and the eye shadows which also the authentic palette doesn’t have.

Even the brush has a little difference whereby the types of brush got mixed up. The middle of the replica brush has different colour and the label is not printed nicely. You could see some part of the font on the replica brush is bold.

Pardon me with my dirty brush, I have not wash them yet. The replica eye shadow brush is not shaped nicely and the crease brush is shorter and stiffer than the authentic brush. The replica brush bristles sticks out and uneven.

Both eye shadows look extremely similar but the authentic eye shadows has more texture especially on Half Baked, Chopper, Pistol, Verve, YDK and Busted. If you look closely, the shade of Chopper, Tease, Snakebite and Blackout looked different. Some of the replica eye shadows are not pressed nicely. I accidentally chipped on Verve on the authentic palette.

The font size of the authentic palette is smaller than the replica and notice Half Baked on the replica palette  is out of alignment.

From the swatch, it’s also extremely similar but the authentic palette blends more smoothly, greater shimmer effect and pigmented. There are slight shade difference for Half Baked (authentic=gold, replica=peach), Bootycall (authentic=beige, replica=off white), Tease (authentic=medium taupe, replica=light taupe) and Busted (authentic=dark brown, replica=gunmetal brown).

The replica has lots of back-fall on its quality from the packaging, palette, brush and eye shadows. Although the authentic palette is far more pricey but the quality is there and ingredients are rest assured. There’s nothing wrong in purchasing the replica but you’ll be purchasing it with your own risk and Urban Decay will not be responsible if anything goes wrong. I just wanted to expose that the replica palette does exist and is going around online (discounts sites, ebay). The authentic Urban Decay Naked 2 can be found only at Sephora stores, Sephora’s website or Urban Decay’s website.


Traclyn Yeoh